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If you suffer from back pain, this might help you:
1.) get your atlas fixed (most important step), also see
2.) buy a good inversion table
Make sure you buy a high quality, stable one to make sure that there is no risk involved.
Inform yourself about possible contraindications (there are a few) BEFORE you buy an inversion table! For example: obesity, glaucoma, retinal detachment, conjunctivitis, pregnancy, spinal injury, cerebral sclerosis, swollen joints, middle ear infection, high blood pressure, hypertension, recent stroke, TIA, heart or circulatory disorders, hiatus hernia, ventral hernia, bone weakness, use of anti-coagulants including aspirin.
also watch

Start SLOWLY, gradually increase the inclination!
3.) Get the rene quinton seawater ampullas, the ISOtonic version, for example from the french pharmacy at [] or search for the cheapest source for your location!
These ampullas are said to be able to refill the liquid inside your intervertebral discs (which is something medicine "officially" CANNOT do as far as I heard) by simply drinking them, therefore "automatically" reducing back pain! I have a few german articles about this, no english ones, sorry, for the german articles see my german health tips, "Tipps gegen Rückenschmerzen", here:
The method is called "Mesotherapie" in german ("mesotherapy" in english) or another english term is "NCP-therapy" ("Nutrition-Circulation-Plasma-therapy" ). I heard that people pay a lot of money to drive to doctors who then administer these ampullas by infusion, but I heard that this is not necessary regarding the rehydration of the vertebral discs, drinking the content of the ampullas should be sufficient to refill the discs, I guess these doctors do not want their patients to know that 😉
4.) try a kneeling chair, for example "varier balans". And/or get a high table so that you can work while standing!
5.) If you have back pain of unknown origin, I strongly suggest you get the FREE ebook by Dr. Charlie Johnson, see
and study it thoroughly!
This should REALLY help you to determine the real SOURCE of your back pain! Also watch Dr. Johnsons youtube videos once you found out what triggers your back pain:
If it turns out that you have sciatic pain, you can try the exercises at
they should help immediately! But also check out everything that Dr. Johnson has to say about all this!! You should also try squatting (as already mentioned in the earthing section):
see [] 6.) I recently learned through a german youtube video by "Liebscher & Bracht" ("the pain specialists" ) that it is a very good idea to sleep on a mattress which is as hard as possible and on a pillow which is as thin as possible or, even better, no pillow at all. They explain this in detail in german here:
You should sleep on your back or on your belly, not sideways, you can slowly "retrain" your body to sleep in these two positions. Turning is natural, thats something your body wants to do for various reasons, for example because of the so called "nasal cycle", but try to turn on your back or on your belly when you wake up and realize that you are in the "wrong" sleeping position. Sleeping sideways with a pillow which is too low overstretches the neck area, sleeping sideways is generally not recommended for your entire spine and cervical spine, therefore you should try to sleep on your back or on your belly. Regarding the hardness of your mattress, I suggest that you use your slatted frame - if you have one - and slowly set it to a harder setting. If you can still manage the hardness on the hardest setting, you might even consider getting a new mattress which is one grade harder and then set the slatted frame to softest, then slowly make the slatted frame setting harder again. Do the same for the pillow - slowly make it thinner, until you reach the "maximum thinness" or even reach the point where you can sleep without pillow at all. You have to sleep on your back or on your belly if you want to sleep with a low pillow or no pillow at all. 7.) Incline your bed see []

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