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Kamala Turns Heads by ‘Botching’ Declaration of Independence – The Vice-President in Pro-Choice Speach Leaves Out ‘Right to Life’ [] via @onlinepatriots

JohnBurke 8 Jan 24

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The fbe had better go raid the camel toe harris house!!!! She is hiding top secret documents for lyin hidin bidin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Camel toe harris believes in killing babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee, how many abortions has SHE HAD?????????????

Not a woman to envy at all


The problem is, she did not botch her speech, she purposely left out the word "life" to imply that we as people do not have the right to life. She is for abortion, an she will probably head the euthanization of seniors and disabled people(as hitler did) also if she ever gets to be president.

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