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I was filing a survey and found myself saying this in one of the answers :

" I was born in 1985 . Nobody was willing to hire me for full time work until the COVID pandemic happened . I am currently only getting paid minimum wage . College is a expensive dead end . Trade schools were a temporary fix but I can not go to any school while employed at the same time . My internet is too unreliable . I work nights and I might have a sleep disorder . God is fictional and the church raped my uncle . The lies of the prosperity gospel caused my mom to go bankrupt . The aftermath of both drove my little brother to a life long addiction to drugs . Everybody from high school I knew could afford to have children 20 years ago. Those babies are queer adults now and they are getting paid top dollar to play with toys through their youtube e-commerce jobs while I go outside to work for minimum wage like a chump . "

Mikewee777 7 June 8

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