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This historic poll holds the key to Donald Trump's second term...

Polls have always been a troublesome thing, but as landline-use decreases and publicly professed political correctness increases, they have become even more difficult.

The night before Barack Obama’s reelection, Mitt Romney believed his pollsters and didn’t even prepare a concession speech for his supporters in Boston’s Convention Center. Four years later, The New York Times exemplified poll findings on Election Day, pegging Hillary Clinton’s victory chances at 85 percent — a modest decline from the 93-percent chance they gave her two weeks before the big day. Clinton also believed her pollsters, and didn’t even deliver a concession speech, or show up for her fans in New York’s Javits Center.

SpikeTalon 9 Feb 21

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Trump sure surprised the pollsters in 2016 and I’m damn glad of it.


The feeling is there for sure. No one can deny that. For the first time in my life. We have a president that doesn't play by the mainstream book. He is doing things his way, and clearly things are slowly turning around for all Americans now to end the fed, and watch even greater prosperity.

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