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Cuomo destroys two Dem talking points against Trump about WHO and the Defense Production Act-

SpikeTalon 9 Apr 12

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It's good to see his critics throwing some support his way from time to time.


Cuomo seems to be getting as much air time as Trump!!
I am betting, he is trying to get DRAFTED at the convention to replace Biden!!
All of his latest talking points seem to be headed for the middle of the road, in preparation for debating Trump!!

Interesting. He may be a better choice for the Dems, but still would have about a 10% chance. Maybe AOC would get an 11% chance, even though she was backing Bernie. Any way you look at it, I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing landslide win for Trump. I didn’t want him for Pres the first time, but the Dems and especially the Lib media have pushed me firmly into his corner. Thanks, ‘News’ Media outlets; keep up the psychosis!

@Daveclark5 I suspect that you are not alone in those feelings!!!

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