I Am Your Grandmother!

By RitaHartmann 2 years ago

I Am Your Grandmother!

Recently I posted on Facebook an article that summarized the scientific arguments on both sides of the “to wear a mask or not” question and came to the conclusion that more research is needed. I expressed the hope that the article would spark a discussion about facts, not feelings, among intelligent people.To my great disappointment, many people expressed the view that they would not contaminate themselves by reading “such crap”. How, I wondered, did they know it’s “crap” without reading it? Others read it but then used swear words to describe their opinions of anybody on the other side of the question from themselves. A few seemed capable of reasoned discussion, and kept alive my faith in the potential of the human race. Interestingly, a close friend, who has been like a granddaughter to me, took the whole discussion out of the “scientific” realm by the following utterance: “'s a point you are all missing...even if masks don't (sic!) help...I am mildly and I do mean mildly inconvenienced by wearing one in case it does. I will happily be mildly inconvenienced to not kill YOUR GRANDMOTHER and I am ashamed you won't (sic!) do the same for me.”

This person’s real life grandmothers are dead, as are mine. Presumably she spoke from unresolved pain. But I wonder what her grandmothers would think and say if they were alive right now watching the merciless execution of freedoms and joys and societal underpinnings that have for centuries kept families together.

Recently I was grocery shopping in Walmart with a son and granddaughter and looking at a discount bin of masks festooned with patriotic sayings, presumably left over from July 4th. I commented that despite having a medical exemption and feeling faint I was wearing a mask to spare the sensitivities of other people there, but for me it just didn’t feel patriotic. Granddaughter haughtily said, “Well, you won’t be able to wear a mask when you’re on a respirator because of your attitudes!” So much for love and respect. Aka “Let;s keep Grandma alive so we have someone on whom to dump our uninformed opinions.”

More so than close friends and relatives, though, I do not want politicians and pseudo-scientific dictators pretending to care about seniors’ lives while mandating policies which pretty well guarantee an unhealthy, unhappy, shorter than necessary old age on the one hand and a joyless childhood on the other.

Do not allow government to hide behind ME. Do not ruin the children pretending your actions are for the sake of the grandparents. This is an obscenity.

Again, do not purport to fight for me by destroying a whole generation of children Taking away their right to happiness. Creating a world without playgrounds, without sports, without air hockey at Sunday School. Children being treated like disease vectors, sitting behind plastic walls, at schools. Unable to have a private conversation. Being made to sterilize their desks with toxic chemicals several times a day and ride in school buses with more toxic chemicals building up constantly. (See Yolande Norris Clark, Kids Poisoned by Disinfectants, YouTube, August 25, 2020). A world with no horseplay. A world where children hiking were not allowed to feel the wind let alone the sunshine on their faces, but had to defer to a maskless childless female governor passing by on the narrow hiking trail with 6 maskless giant male security personnel (No affirmative action here!) protecting her from her disenfranchised subjects and everything else except the virus. (See PJMedia, Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order, August 7, 2020.

We have politicians like Oregon Governor Suff-O-Kate Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with no discernible biological stake in the future, making decisions for the children of the future. (And, by the way, I have a childless brother and sister who assisted in parenting and mentoring my children after the early death of my husband, and who I consider to have a precious biological stake in the future!) In India it is said that “When a man sees his skin is wrinkled, his hair is white and he has played with the sons of his sons – then it is time to retreat from active life and make one’s peace with the gods.” That doesn’t mean that old age and making peace with the gods before passing over can’t go on for a long time, but perhaps one has different duties in senior years than dictatoring (sic!) policies for life experiences one has never had.

In my childhood I read about two Grandmothers who have lived on in my memory. One was an Inuit Grandma who gradually lost the strength to keep up with her tribe’s nomadic lifestyle. One day as a storm approached she lovingly said Goodbye to everyone and stayed behind as they went forward on their journey. She allowed the storm lovingly to envelope her, and passed to the Other Side with a smile on her face. Another was Tamsen Donner, who sent her 5 daughters 3 to 13 away with rescuers while she stayed with her dying husband in a snow covered mountain pass and eventually died there. It is normal for seniors to put the younger generations’ needs first, not vice versa.

I implore the politicians, including the medical pseudo-politicians, do NOT, under the guise of protecting children from a virus that attacks almost none of them, ruin whatever is left of the traditional joys of both seniorhood and childhood.

The old people whose lungs were blown up on respirators and ventilators in the name of saving their lives call from their graves for justice. The children who are currently undergoing extreme psychological and pedagogical maladjustment will call for vengeance in the future.


  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of grandparents to hug their grandchildren (unless the grandparent has a communicable disease or other similar impediment)

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of seniors to have a relative or friend (where available) be with them while riding in an ambulance, especially with attendants dressed in frightening looking Martian suits) and while possible medical procedures are being proposed (such as putting them on ventilators and blowing up their lungs) in a last ditch effort to “save” them, so the medical personnel can tell grieving friends and relatives and the news media that they “did everything possible” to be heroes.

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of elderly people who are paying to live in seniors’ establishments NOT to have patients with contagious medical conditions moved into their buildings, as happened in New York State under Governor Cuomo. A strange way of “saving Grandma”!

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of grandparents to show their grandchildren the smiles on their faces, not hidden behind masks.

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of seniors to have in person visits from real live human beings, not just communication on line in a world which is totally unfamiliar to them.

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of grandparents to keep ingesting new ideas as food for their minds by speaking with people of all ages, not just their own generation whose stories they have heard before.

  • The UNIVERSAL RIGHT of grandparents to be free of virtue signalling by people who supposedly safeguard their lives while robbing them of traditional senior joys like watching children play.

I have lived a long, full, interesting and often dangerous life.

Generations before me sacrificed so I could have a full life, and pass that benefit on to subsequent generations. Do not betray their trust.

My generation had its chance. Now it’s the next generation’s chance.

People like my friend and Suff-O-Kate claim they are fighting for me and others like me - fighting to save YOUR GRANDMOTHER. Well, I AM YOUR GRANDMOTHER AND I WANT NONE OF THIS. I am biologically on the way out. They are betting on the wrong hand of poker. While I am in good health, to ensure which I take extreme measures, their “help” does not benefit me. When this stage passes, I hope to pass quickly. At that point I will need people to love me enough to let me go on my own terms and in my own time, not cause me extreme unnecessary pain “to show how much they cared”.


By hiding behind the idea of “saving Grandma”, people are squandering the biological energy of two generations - their own and the one to follow. At the end of World Wat II, the horrible bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought the world the idea of change being necessary and therefore possible. Sacrifices have been made by generations in the past to bring the possibility of changes for the better in the future.


Here is a note found on a Grandma’s chest in the morning after she cheerfully and consciously passed to the Other Side during the night: “In my name you have stopped dancing, stopped sports, stopped the most precious thing in the world - the kiss of a grandchild on a grandparent’s cheek, like dew descending softly on a rose bush. Now, in my name, please go back to doing Joy.”

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Here here!


I refuse to mask. If you feel that they work by all means wear one but DO NOT demand that I wear one!! If you are sick stay home regardless of what you have. I am a Grandma and I also refuse to isolate myself from my is too short...

It is so sad to see young children wearing masks - it will deprive them of a portion of their childhood. To not see smiles - to not be able to whisper to a schoolmate - to not get enough air in the lungs while running - So sad .....


It is why we sell face shields and hate the masks. People need to see each other and to smile and to care. They need to get rid of a fear of a disease that has a 0.01477% chance of death due to the infection by itself. We need to hold government accountable and not trust them as they are just as able to be greedy and self serving as anyone (some would say more so).

Wonderful article, beautiful article.


Wearing a f@ck!ng cheap ass disposable face nappy is about as effective at stopping a virus as eating a bagel.

Pure sophistry.

So kill me.




Great article! I'm going to continue wearing my mask tho. Makes it easier to shoplift.

Hmmmmm never thought of that🤣🤣🤣


I only wear a mask as required by the businesses (and public transportation) that I need to frequent. Otherwise I do not follow the ORDER of the CA Gov to wear a mask when outside my home. I also speed on the highway, fail to come to a full and complete stop at stop signs.

If you (the generic) think that wearing a mask is important, then do so - making it a LAW (or other gov edict) does not make adherents virtuous. It makes them obedient. The risk to others is vanishingly small.

Too much of the dialog today relies on emotion (do it to save grandma/kids) rather than science. And science at this point is so corrupt even THAT is suspect. I personally will not take the flu shot - I haven't for decades and won't start now. The idea that a vaccine for a virus will 'solve all the problems' is going to be one step further into tyranny - I will wager that as soon as a vaccine is available, at least one, if not four or five governors will make it MANDATORY for everyone. Not a chance in hell that I will.

My daughter who is 25 is TERRIFIED of the virus - we don't discuss because she is very angry with my attitude. I am disappointed in hers.

There is little room for reasoned debate - because there is so little reasoning going on....


If we wear a mask now, are we going to do that every year with the flu season? Honestly figures about the mortality rate on COVID-19 have been dropping for half a year now. At this moment it is in the order of magnitude of say five times a heavy season flu. Precautions okay, but the panic we had in March, April, that we can drop.


Been over it so many times here... the Conspiranuts are never going to accept facts.
Medical people wear masks for a reason. Not as part of Conspiracy.


Love your views and your logic. You have done your homework. You obviously care very much. Respect for our seniors and the wisdom they have accumulated through a lifetime of living must be taught to the younger ones. They have lost their humanity unless people like you speak up. Thank you!!!


The people I know, and let me stress here I am speaking of the people, not the politicians or so called authorities on the subject, but the real life people I know that support wearing a mask, support it for one reason only. That is can minimize the risk of illness and death for others in their families and communities and certainly not because they exclusively support a relinquishment of people's rights or freedoms, and not just to protect their imaginary or real life grandparents, regardless of how poorly they express their opinions in facebook conversations. While the elderly are the most affected by this as far as death goes, there are also thousands and thousands of younger people, mothers and fathers who are dying from this and leaving and loved ones behind as well. As a humanist, I try to look at the greater good in all the decisions I make, much like the grandparents you describe in your statement, and to me the greater good clearly lies on the side of wearing the mask as there is plenty of scientific evidence to support that while it does not eliminate the risk of transmission, it does quantifiably minimize it.

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