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Atlanta police shooting .......Justified?? []
tracycoyle comments on Jun 20, 2020:
Amazon's Second Age of Middle Earth Series They released a teaser image and I'm not impressed.
tracycoyle comments on Jun 19, 2020:
I don't know who is working on it, so I could be wrong. But I'd wager there are too many places where cannon leaves gaps open to interpretation and THAT is where things will go wrong.
Calling all women, trans people, and feminists.
tracycoyle comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Men are men, women are women. Males are males, females are females. Now, you want to qualify those that don't fit those categories nicely, add qualifiers. But you don't change the root. You don't need to 'qualify' the root.
The Lady Galadriel: Effortless Feminism (Part One) Mark Hamill described Carrie Fisher's ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Self awareness is the best of all strengths. A strong woman written by a man - strength too.
In order to determine a true Tolkien fan from the casual fan, please weigh in on a pressing question...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 19, 2020:
Like Raven, it's been decades (4?) since I read the books, and while the story line is never lost to me, details can be. I remember the Balrog as a demon and they ALL have wings of a sort...
Tom Cotton: If John Roberts wants to write laws, he should resign and run for office- ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 18, 2020:
Shame Roberts didn't learn anything from Scalia when they were together....
What views can get someone kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc?
tracycoyle comments on Jun 18, 2020:
I think that banning is not necessary. I think reasonable people (from all points of view) can see when someone is JUST abusive. I've never blocked someone or booted someone on FB or Twitter. Even when we VERY STRONGLY DISAGREED. I however have been blocked on both and been FB jailed a few times. Nothing significant. So, let the community police. But that means when someone IS abusive in some way, we as part of the community MUST address it.
Not sure how to articulate what I want to communicate, but seeing trans related posts from JK ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 18, 2020:
I agree. I started transition in the 80's. That first year was HELL. A truly STEEP learning curve. Don't wish it on anyone, but think it's necessary step in life. I agree also on 'trans-ition', being a temporary state. I call myself a woman. Not a transwoman. Not a transgender. I don't even like noting I am 'post-op' but do so in discussions like this to clarify.
Should women be able to vote?
tracycoyle comments on Jun 18, 2020:
Given the attitude of many women, I'd gladly give up MY right to vote if it happened to all women. Then I remember it was MEN that gave women the right to vote and I realize stupidity doesn't have a gender/sex. So, I'll keep my vote and keep letting women vote, hoping that the bell curve is distributed.....normally.
What is your mental image when you hear the term "Transwoman"?
tracycoyle comments on Jun 18, 2020:
I was born a male, and I will die a male - until they have a way to change my genetic structure. I have lived as a woman for more than 32 years. I have been 'congruent' for 27 of them. In other words, I started my transition at 29, had SRS/GRS at 34 and been comfortable in my own skin for that long. I never considered suicide, before or after. I had no homosexual interactions prior to surgery - BTW, those two things were considered DISQUALIFICATIONS for surgery back in the 80s. I have many sexual interactions with men and women AFTER GRS, happily and without hysterics. How I have been perceived, both in the mirror and in public is part of that congruency. FOR THE MOMENT, it is considered a mental disorder - the medical community assumption that something went wrong in the brain is probably correct. As we can not 'fix' the error in the brain (hormonal conditioning), we allow those that have clearly defined gender identity disorder to 'fix' the error by changing the body. Also, those hormones affect our brain chemistry in what for most people is a REALLY good way, we start to feel normal - as we understand it. I doubt ANYONE without GID understands the issue. And saying 'a woman/man trapped in a man's/woman's body' is so far from the reality yet maybe the only useful way to explain it. We are not trying to change reality, we are trying, desperately, to adapt to it. We were born with a defect. You can't see it, but we can see and feel it every day of our lives. Transgender encompasses a broad range of conditions/issues. MANY have little to do with GID. It is a reason I consider myself transsexual, not transgender. For most transsexuals (MTF, FTM), we just want to be 'normal' for the normal definitions of woman and man. For many transgenders, that binary choice/behavior is NOT what they want/desire/need. That distinguishes them from 'us'. Trans-activists are doing, have done, significant damage to the transsexual community - we were slowly gaining acceptance, much of that has been destroyed because of some desire to change society to conform to a fraction of it - this is a typical Leftist type approach to political change and it uses and abuses those it purports to be helping. I reject their "help". My brain format and my body were not congruent. After years of work and effort and medical support, I gained that congruency that 99% of the population not only takes for granted, but is unaware any such issue is possible.
Considering today's total craziness of the world, I believe that only "cloud-type" ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 15, 2020:
Zoom groups, meetups, or more like Github, or LinkedIn? Or individuals/businesses that act a full vertical (co-work consultant types)?
The corporate media is now controlled by the radical left- []
tracycoyle comments on Jun 11, 2020:
Poetry Foundation President and board member resign after criticism over lack of racism response- ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 11, 2020:
So, no longer is 'silence' acceptable. You must swear allegiance to the dominant narrative, or else.
Even though the show’s creator admitted to working hard to dispel stereotypes of criminals (by ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 11, 2020:
Reacting positively to the mob NEVER ends well.
"Many Americans, especially among the young, view the history of the European exploration, the ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 11, 2020:
Because in most cases they've been taught to be ashamed of it. My parents came to this country to give their FUTURE children the opportunities they would not have 'at home'. They raised 6 American (no hyphen) children. I respect the hell out of anyone that makes that kind of move LEGALLY. And the idea that people did it 400 years ago, into a truly primative environment...that awes me. To think they should be shamed, enrages me.
Arielle help, i dont know what to say to my friends to wake them up.
tracycoyle comments on Jun 10, 2020:
If I may offer a different approach than 'moral' arguments. Individual right/liberty. Under 18 is not an adult. They can NOT consent - even the really, REALLY, mature ones. But, the individual right to their pursuit of happiness is inalienable. What happens between two consenting adults is a function of their individual liberty/right. Government (even society) has no business getting in between them. I don't have to claim a moral position, a religious position, hell, even a medical position. Individual liberty/right defines MY acceptance or opposition to a behavior. Two 15 yr olds are going to experiment - and to an extent, depending on the genders and what they are going to experiment about - let them. That does NOT mean that a 20yr old can 'experiment' with a 15 yr old. And I really hope those 15 yr olds have responsible parents backing them up. And no, a 15 yr old boy/girl should not be arrested and charged as a rapist (if the 15 yr old girl/boy was a willing participant). Note I said willing participant, not a consenting partner. This example (and the almost infinite variations) needs intelligent, compassionate, adults. It does not need a rigid legal system. But there is no right, period, that gives an adult sexual access to a child. I don't care what their reasoning is. Those that want to change the age of maturity can bring it up with God. I'll stand by 18 (knowing that few people are actually fully mature before 28-30).
Re: 'Pedophiles are Infiltrating the LGBT movement' "Anything goes" clearly doesn't apply to ...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 10, 2020:
The problem today is that 'condemning' anything is "problematic" unless it is happening on the Right. No one on the Left wants to condemn anyone/anything of the Left - it awakens the mob. So, people that speak up have to be fairly confident that the attacks that will come will be toothless. I can't be 'cancelled'. I can't be fired. Doxing doesn't work because all my info is already available out there and 'blackmail' is nothing but a joke to me. My friends and family would be 'meh' is someone tried to point to me and shriek like Donald Sutterland. That said - step up, stand out, speak. It is necessary. I do agree with your list.
Hi Arielle! Please consider making a response video to this: [youtube.
tracycoyle comments on Jun 10, 2020:
I saw the video. Gawd I hate trans-activists.
Scarcella, why do you like tweets that spread unsubstantiated conspiracy theories?
tracycoyle comments on Jun 7, 2020:
Fauci has been wrong so often in the last 5 months that listening to the 'most prominent US health expert' is like listening to Baghdad Bob. If someone said 2 weeks ago that the anti-lockdown protests were dangerous, but the current spat are more important - then yes, they LIED about the risks.
Wow.... 4 hours?
tracycoyle comments on Jun 1, 2020:
Commented there. But I've never had a partner (male or female) that was willing to spend that kind of time. Which is too bad, because I can go hours. Sorry, my jaw couldn't handle 4 HOURS straight (ahem).
Arielle, I just saw one of your tweets saying that "People fact check the right becauaw the right is...
tracycoyle comments on Jun 1, 2020:
I am going to jump in because I am of the 'far right' by general consensus of those on the Left. I'm a classical liberal. That means I am first and foremost about individual liberty. Individual rights. Not group rights, not identity rights. Individual rights. The Left has abandoned that position in favor of group/identity rights. The individual is 'a construct' according to academic Leftists. It is a Marxist concept. As a general rule, look to see if a person is espousing an individual right or if they are demanding that others conform to their beliefs/emotional state/ideas. I can't make you think like I do - to even suggest or attempt it (via shaming, canceling, ostracizing or "raging") violates the entire principle of individual rights. In other words, someone can't make me change because my words or lifestyle hurts their feelings, or makes them feel 'unsafe' or 'oppressed'. I have often said that the Right (at least the classical liberal portion of it) is the natural home for the LGBT community - individual rights (sorry) trump societal demands. I recommend On Liberty by John Stuart Mill.
Hey Arielle.
tracycoyle comments on Jun 1, 2020:
I tried to transition at 26 and 'failed' mainly because I didn't think I had sufficient "support". Three years later I realized that the support I needed most, was me and I could live with my choices even if it was only me that ended up on my side.
You should see if you can talk to cal fox, he has a fascinating de/transition story.
tracycoyle comments on May 24, 2020:
Thanks for the video. It highlights my concerns with people transitioning (regardless of age) especially without the involvement of a good therapist.
So, is fat phobia only an issue if the recipient is a leftist, or a woman.
tracycoyle comments on May 24, 2020:
It's because he is a Republican politician. I am, by medical definition, morbidly obese. Though I do not show it, I am, now just under 300 from a high of 394 and I was 362 when I started the current effort. I carry my weight better than most. I walk 3mi/day amongst other exercises. I don't get much in the way of ANY type of crap from people. I've been told I have a look that can kill - and that I use it liberally. That said, fat-shamming is ignorance. Ok, ALL shamming is ignorance. And when I see it/hear it, I tend to IGNORE that person's future commentary. I can't stand stupid and the most common form of stupidity is willful ignorance.
Anyone else think we shouldn’t give race information for the US census?
tracycoyle comments on May 15, 2020:
Here is the deal IMO: the gov is asking, so it will use the data. Further, the likelihood is that minorities will actually put the information in, while Caucasians may NOT. Thereby indicating to the government - and all the organizations that use the gov info - will see a larger percentage of minorities than actual exist.
100,000 businesses have permanently collapsed under pandemic lockdowns- [thefederalist.
tracycoyle comments on May 15, 2020:
I saw a # a couple of weeks ago that put 7.5 million businesses at risk. I'd be inclined to go with the larger number and I'd count places like Lord & Taylor not as a single business but 57(?) such because of the local effect each shutdown has.
Trump needs to recruit a medical 'red team' to challenge lockdown manic governors- ...
tracycoyle comments on May 14, 2020:
I will note that Trump does have the power to bring actions against Governors that he believes have exceeded their Constitutional authority...which I believe ALL of them that have instituted lockdowns longer than 30 days have
'Future Shock' is a documentary film based on the book written in 1970 by sociologist and futurist ...
tracycoyle comments on May 14, 2020:
One would wish they retained the old ways with regard to prophets: stoning them when they proved wrong of even the smallest prophecy.
Trump needs to recruit a medical 'red team' to challenge lockdown manic governors- ...
tracycoyle comments on May 14, 2020:
As Tim suggests, the States are sovereign. Trump administers the Federal Government, NOT the individual States.
American news.
tracycoyle comments on May 13, 2020:
To be honest, that has been true of politicians for decades....if not centuries!
That feeling when everybody is going ballistic over few unusual Sun-farts but you're pretty cool ...
tracycoyle comments on May 13, 2020:
Debate strategy? Interesting take.
Does anyone else genuinely miss dangerous conversation?
tracycoyle comments on May 13, 2020:
Interesting that you use 'dangerous' in the question, but then seek to avoid 'offense' as the qualifier. I would assume that dangerous reeks of offensive opportunities. Otherwise, why wouldn't it be dangerous? I appreciate people with strong opinions - ESPECIALLY if they disagree with me! I love a good debate/argument. But I NEVER take it personally - nor do I intend it as such. My partner of 18+ yrs was a radical Leftist, I'm a serious Classical Liberal (ie of the Right). Many people couldn't figure out how we lived together - respect. And THAT is the foundation of good, dangerous conversations - respect for the other.
So this is something ive been sitting on for awhile and I've yet to see anyone cover it, my ...
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
I heard people (ok, men) directly say they are 'male lesbians' in the context of supporting feminism. I find the concept silly - at best, dishonest at worst. People that transition later in life don't usually give up those communities - the communities ostracize or shun them. Confirmation bias demands that communities are self affirming and transition pretty much calls that into question (across the board). So, my position is that as humans we are not confined by our biology and that includes the inherent sexual preferences. Step away from what others or society deems appropriate or acceptable. Find what you are comfortable with in your own skin (seems you have at least partially), then BE that. If someone asks, tell them as YOU understand yourself, not in the context or terms of a 'standardized version'. If someone says 'I'm still confused!', then laugh and say "how do you think I FELT, until I just accepted me for who I am" which is a challenge to them to do the same. Good people will accept that, and you. Who cares about the rest? Sounds like you are basically happy - it's a nice place to be. Don't overthink it!
The tidal forces of the planets could have other effects on the Sun in addition to their role as ...
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
Tidal forces, ie gravity, is too weak to have an impact - however, electro-magnative forces between the planets and sun DOES. Maybe a look at the plasma universe would be enlightening....
Hi Arielle, I want to give you something.
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
Interesting in that I say that post-surgery (SRS) I attained congruency - physical. Transition had allowed me to gain emotional congruency while learning about myself from the point I knew I was TS to transition was about intellectual congruency. I commented on Medium, but I'll add this here: ***ANY*** attempt at social engineering is a violation of individual rights. (Let THAT stew for a while!)
Hello everyone, its the leftie of the community here! I just got done watching Contra's new video...
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
I knew that she had a debate video with Blair, that I didn't watch, so this is the first time I saw any of her video (and I did jump to the 43;00 point then til the end). I WANTED to be....contra.... to her, but she DID make some good points. I've been following Blair (what is with the Vanessa thing?) for a couple of years but I don't watch all of her videos (none of the Jessica Yaniv ones in particular) because I am just not interested in a lot of that content - from Blair or anyone. I will probably go watch a couple of Contra's videos just to get a better idea of her. I will say this about 'transtrenders': I think they have been a problem, ARE a problem for the community at large, not because they give the transgender community a bad name but because they are bad for the greater society. They present a view that is not helpful to people desperate for information and understanding. My biggest problem with Riley was her POV - leftist ideology - rather than her appearance....which I was letting influence me too much.. I understood that I had the same opinion, and ultimately failure, of Riley. And it made me more aware of the fact that while I was not engaged in any effort to discredit, I agreed with such efforts. Oh, and I don't care what others think about me so, zero cringe, TODAY. Lots of cringe about myself in the past - but about things I did, rather than who I was. We grow. Hopefully. Thanks for the video post/link.
Democrat Law Professor Blasts Obama For False Statements About DOJ Dismissing Flynn Case.
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
Obama: Constitutional scholar!! Riiiiiight....
Came here after your most recent video.
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
Figuring out where on the spectrum of gender you fit, rather than questioning your gender specifically, right?
That was a great interview.
tracycoyle comments on May 11, 2020:
Presentation is important for people focused on appearances - and lets acknowledge that is most people - rather than WHO a person is. Those of us outside 'norms' tend to spend more time thinking through the hows and whys of relationships and usually, usually, act better towards others because of it. Individualism tends to promote acceptance of a diversity of people better than identity-tribalism. I will be the first to admit that tribalism is significant on the Right too but often less about appearances than behavior.
Hey Arielle :) I really have been loving a lot of the stuff you've been doing recently by really ...
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
Although directed at Arielle, I'll jump in too. I think sex+ is a good thing. There is too much neo-Victorian craziness going on. I think that animals have to be treated 'humanly' but they have no rights. This falls under the heading of 'responsibility'. Adults understand responsibilities and the obligations associated with them - if you have an animal, you have responsibilities and obligations, but they have no rights.
Hello! Abstract: I just totally approve of your video I watched today, about Trans kids being ...
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
I support your POV, but respectfully disagree on the age. If we state (and we do legally and socially) that a person 18 and older is 'an adult' for all purposes, then their choice what to do with their body is their's to make. While there may be sound reasoning to put an age restriction in place, AT WORST, it would be 21. I transitioned at 29, the 2nd attempt. I tried 3 years earlier but couldn't put together a sound support mechanism to make it work. But I PLANNED on transition from the time I was 14. At 13, I found the term "transsexual" in a dream and looked it up the next day and that was my AH HA!!!! moment. This was 1972. Not a lot of info available back then. And I also think brains are not really done until the late 20s but that is purely IMO.
Hi Arielle I’ve been watching your videos for the past week and I feel like you’ve voiced ...
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
We are male and female. We have innate sexual preferences. Then we build ourselves, day by day, experience by experience. And it takes time and effort. If we are otherwise healthy, that process results in an individual that can live within the society they grew in. But when we are not healthy (in body or spirit), then the process gets corrupted and it becomes difficult to understand where we fit into that society. I like that you got healthy and THEN understood who/what you were/are. Therapists seem to have forgotten or never understood this process and they are doing damage to people. I DO think there are NB people, but they are EXTREMELY rare - the rest are still working it out and trying to fit in without yet knowing.
I'm curious about something.
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
I would argue that level of self-harm is NOT helped by transition (especially in a child) and needs help to address issues more serious than GID. Even if I concede such an extreme example MIGHT exist, it's rarity would not, should not, inform general approaches to GID in kids.
Do you think that homosexual women should identify as lesbians even if they are biromantic or ...
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
I think sexual preference is innate. Therefore, while you might be able/willing to consider someone of the same (or opposite depending on your innate preference) due to emotional connections, your innate preference is unchanged. Let me confuse the issue further - I consider myself straight. I prefer men. However, I'm post-op transsexual which means to the average person, preferring men is a gay preference. Neither I nor my partners would agree with that. AND I was in a relationship (18+ years) with a woman while post-op. I am NOT an animal constrained by my biology to adhere to nature's demand for procreation. I am a reasoning human being capable of ignoring both the biology AND the sociological demands to conform so that I can be both body, mind and soul congruent by MY definition of self.
If anyone wants the best solution to the world today, just check my revised Profile.
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
A note on population size: in most big cities around the world (and parts of Chicago and NYC here in the States), there are areas with a population density of 25,000/sq mile. Using that density, the ENTIRE population of the planet would fit into the State of Texas. Of course, that would make many things less polluting - but also more difficult to work around. Our planet's carrying capacity is unknown - many of the projections made 40 years ago have not even come close to happening despite a population twice the 'danger limit'.
There’s something I’ve been wondering for a while: If MTF people still identified as their birth...
tracycoyle comments on May 9, 2020:
The biggest issue people seem to have is 'being deceived', so just dressing would seem to be LESS acceptable.
So I wanted to chime in based on your last video cause it was so interesting.
tracycoyle comments on Apr 22, 2020:
I am most certainly bi. I realized that putting 1/2 the population "out of bounds" due to biology or society or ...whatever criteria, limited ME. I am interested in the person - less with the genitals, but have certainly learned to appreciate and enjoy both versions.
I spent 15 years identifying as a lesbian before I realized I was trans.
tracycoyle comments on Apr 22, 2020:
Consider 'classical liberal' if you want to evaluate politically. I would be considered 'trans' but don't identify as such, nor consider myself part of the community. Glad you were able to understand yourself better. When we try to conform, even as a non-conformist, we tend to hide what/who we really are. Being honest with yourself, about yourself, regardless of the labels, however those labels are defined, will lead to longterm happiness (or at least the chance for it).
Does anyone else ever feel like giving up?
tracycoyle comments on Apr 22, 2020:
I transitioned in the late 80s/early 90s (6 years) before having surgery. I don't consider myself trans as I've been my gender for longer than 'the other'! The first year SUCKS, it gets better. But by the 4th/5th year, your life should be pretty stable and ...DAMN can we PLEASE get this over already??!?? Over 30 years, I occasionally get clocked. I have long since given up caring. I am a smart mouth - meaning what comes out is actually, smart, but also quippy! I don't give people any authority over my life so I seldom answer a 'question about my gender' with a straight answer. "Are you a lesbian or a trans, sex, ual?" It was a really old lady! I answered, "My partner was a lesbian." "Oh, that's nice dear." End of discussion. Life is easier now, but when it is BAD, it tends to make people think it is about them. Its not. It's about the people making it harder. I don't care what people call me. My identity is self-aware, self-validated, and self-sufficient. Keep your head up.

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