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LINK Stefan Molyneux Booted off Twitter for Dorky Spam, ADL Hit List & Roger Stone – Tony Odarg


The free market has decided! In all seriousness, Trump will do nothing and the only solution to censorship is government action. #StefanMolyneux #RogerStone #Spam #ADL #Twitter

TonyOdarg 7 July 9

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I often wondered what people like Stephan Molyneux and Steven Crowder and many others would do when their 15 minutes of you tube, twitter...fame has run its course and the revenue stream from that goes dry.
I don't watch any of them so no great loss to me. But I do wonder what skill sets they have. Writers, Lawyers? No really marketable skills?
I wouldn't pay a dime to see or hear them - same with Joe least Rogan has some celebrity status outside of the social media political hackery milieu. so he'll be fine...but a LOT of content creators will be collecting unemployment along with all the other folks in the unspecialized skilled sector of folks looking for a paycheck.

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