For anyone interested in the tyrannical state government stuff going on in Australia, here is a really terrific editorial by Sky News commentator and host Andrew Bolt, explaining the blind obedience of the masses. Really chilling.
DaisyCousens Australia Sep 19 Sep 19 33
Breaking Truth Season 2, Episode 2 of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. • Children's Health Defense
YellowPill Canada Sep 18 Sep 18 00
Heute ist eine Art Wunder geschehen, das stammt aus einem großen Massenmedium. ENDLICH schreibt es ein großes Massenmedium. ENDLICH. Hauptwirkung ist vermutlich, dass die Tiere die Orientierung verlieren, da sie ein elektromagnetisches ...
medicineman9 Germany Sep 18 Sep 18 00
A Constitution Day primer on the Second Amendment- Happy Constitution Day! It was September 17th, 1787 when delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia put pen to paper and signed the Constitution, and we’ve ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 17 Sep 17 22
COVID-19 is a serious disease just as the flu is a serious disease. However, COVID-19 has been turned into a hoax and a scam. Government has been using the disease to increase its own power far out of proportion to the threat of the disease. When the...
WftRight WY Sep 17 Sep 17 44
Dr Judy Mikovits PhD Exposes Contaminated Vaccines Dr Judy Mikovits has a PhD in biochemistry & molecular biology. Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist, cellular and molecular biologist with over 30 years of scientific expertise. She ...
ajhilder WA Sep 17 Sep 17 22
Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who claimed that the Chinese government created Covid-19 and released it intentionally on the world: I wonder how this fits into plans like "Operation ...
medicineman9 Germany Sep 17 Sep 17 33
Hi everyone! So sorry I've been off Slug for a little while, manic couple of weeks. Here's my latest segment from Sky News! My editorial and panel discussion on the state borders in Australia. Queensland's ridiculous state government is pig-headedly ...
DaisyCousens Australia Sep 16 Sep 16 33
Watch the video
lawrenceblair OR Sep 16 Sep 16 00
LINK Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing 'Boogaloo Movement'
Amzungu IL Sep 15 Sep 15 33
Today on TruNews we discuss the White House Peace Accords, and dispel the Christian Zionist belief that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled with the creation of Freemason temples in Abu Dhabi and an ecumenical council of religious leaders devoted to ...
lawrenceblair OR Sep 15 Sep 15 00
New Jersey UFO - Footage from multiple angles newjerseyufo
MysteryArchive KS Sep 15 Sep 15 11
Trudeau Federal government refuses to share draft internet censorship legislation with public on its Internet Censorship plan must file an Freedom of Information request via @TrueNorthCentre
YellowPill Canada Sep 15 Sep 15 22
Convention Why Space Force Terrifies the Deep State & Rogue SSPs Description Space has for decades been used by the Deep State and rogue Secret Space Programs (SSPs) to manipulate humanity through false flag operations, staged ...
rcoones WA Sep 15 Sep 15 00
Involuntary commitment case shows intent to deny right to arms is forever- A man who was involuntarily committed to a mental institution as an adolescent, but who has since been shown “free of depression” and “not considered...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 14 Sep 14 11
Involuntary commitment case shows intent to deny right to arms is forever- A man who was involuntarily committed to a mental institution as an adolescent, but who has since been shown “free of depression” and “not considered...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 14 Sep 14 11
“Postmodernity means the exhilarating freedom to pursue anything, yet mind-boggling uncertainty as to what is worth pursuing and in the name of what one should pursue it.” ― Zygmunt Bauman As early as 36, incidentally, George Orwell first ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 13 Sep 13 11
write at least characters
madmankdq Canada Sep 13 Sep 13 00
The Men In Black ufos
MysteryArchive KS Sep 13 Sep 13 00
(admin) You want to keep your rights? You are going to have to become active to get them back from your own Government. Covid Protests now in Several Countries. Germany: COVID-sceptics rally in name of 'love and peace' ...
ajhilder WA Sep 13 Sep 13 22
Just an observation.
Haraldson Sep 12 Sep 12 22
The Covid-19 pandemic keeps proving deadly to liberty- As many people feared, the COVID-19 pandemic—or rather, the government response to it—is proving quite deadly to liberty. And too many people seem happy to go along. While ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 11 Sep 11 22
The EU should learn to Read and give up being BULLYS Section 38 of the Withdrawal Act asserts the sovereignty of the U.K. parliament over the whole of the U.K. and the EU threatening to revoke a food export licence to Northern Ireland from ...
ieuan UK Sep 11 Sep 11 00
An Argument for Stand-Alone Legislation > "Senate Democrats on Sept. 10 blocked a Republican bill that would have provided federal funding for pandemic relief. > "The bill, introduced Sept. 8 by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 10 Sep 10 11
Corporate Anti-Whiteism Series No. 16: Anti-white discrimination in hiring and promotion are in full swing. It is in the open with no shame attached to it. We used to seek meritocracy but that is so 20th century. We are modern people now. ...
Miner NC Sep 10 Sep 10 00
If the world had no white men - no airplanes - no electricity - no computers - no knowledge and no great ideas (biology, physics, chemistry, economics...invented by white men) - no great architecture - no great art - barely any sports
Miner NC Sep 9 Sep 9 11
Why people shouldn't trust Government for protection- Far too many people are looking to the government to protect them. They expect the state, local, and federal governments to all work in unison as part of a concerted effort ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 9 Sep 9 22
Putting Nadler On the Spot “The Democrats’ acceptance and tacit encouragement of violence has real consequences. It is beyond time that you forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and convene a Committee hearing to examine the civic...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 8 Sep 8 00
Funny. I was thinking of this before the article arrived in my email box. Marked it for a non-gmail site, and marked it "spam" for the folks at Google.
REN777 IN Sep 8 Sep 8 00
"Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained." C. S. LEWIS
rcoones WA Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Speaking of Chaos, Where Is Valerie Jarrett? As the Marxist-Progressive Left continues to thump on the false narrative that President Trump said disparaging things about the US military, one has to wonder not only who would believe such an ...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 7 Sep 7 00
What a complete and utter embarrassment. Where's the double facepalm emoji?
Haraldson Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Tim Pool EXPLAINS and SHREDS the “New Racism” of “Diversity Training” being foisted on Government Workers and Contractors as well as Students Based on the new Ban by President Trump AGAINST such training. I tend to like much of Tim’s ...
Bay0Wulf ME Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Our government looking out for our best interests. Trump has pressed health officials to speed up the vaccine timeline and .... has told some advisers and aides that a vaccine may arrive by Nov. 1, which just happens to be two days before the ...
TyKC WA Sep 6 Sep 6 00
Seems Legit
2peros CA Sep 6 Sep 6 22
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate ...
CascaLonginus WI Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Corporate Anti-Whiteism Series No. : Post No. highlighted Toyota's supplier diveristy program. Not to be outdone, Chrysler must join the anti-white supplier diversity parade. For any of us who are working in the business world, we know how to ...
Miner NC Sep 5 Sep 5 11
Shocking Video Shows Venezuelan Town Flooded with Crude Oil
RAZE AZ Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Party’s Over: Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory’ from Federal Agencies
RAZE AZ Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Defense Distributed demand injunction against New Jersey AG in 3D printing censorship case- Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation have moved for an interim injunction pending appeal by New Jersey Attorney General ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 4 Sep 4 00
SYNOPSIS: Rosemont Realty – founded by Hunter Biden and Devon Archer – was purchased by Gemini Investments in a $3 billion deal for 75% of the company. Gemini’s parent company, Sino-Ocean Group, is run out of the headquarters of ...
ajhilder WA Sep 4 Sep 4 00
Bad so so BAD 🤣
Texican TX Sep 4 Sep 4 00
Let no one grieve at his poverty, for the universal kingdom has been revealed. Let no one mourn that he has fallen again and again; for forgiveness has risen from the grave. Let no one fear death, for the Death of our Savior has set us free....
NonAgrssvMight Canada Sep 4 Sep 4 00
“Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, then the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to ...
Melancton IA Sep 2 Sep 2 22
What are the possibilities? Can this occur randomly over millions of years?
JeffHoneyager MI Sep 2 Sep 2 00
“Go looking for conflict, and you’ll find it. Go looking for people to take advantage of you, and they generally will. See the world as a dog-eat-dog place, and you’ll always find a bigger dog looking at you as if you’re his next meal. Go ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 1 Sep 1 11
Joe Biden smears apparent self-defender Kyle Rittenhouse...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 31 Aug 31 11
Mandatory Vaccines - Spiro Mandatory Vaccines - Spiro Unfortunately COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two week lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ Six months later, we ...
ajhilder WA Aug 31 Aug 31 11
The progressive movement never needed government to advance their agenda. They do need 3 things. 1. media to make their lies the truth thru constant repeating of those lies to drive their agenda. 2. Foundations to their agenda and launder their ill...
DenisHussin AR Aug 30 Aug 30 22
If FB was a country
Haraldson Aug 29 Aug 29 33
PODCAST: Pelosi's Ignorance of the American Form of Government Nancy Pelosi's recent statement to a reporter about negotiations on a COVID relief bill highlights the reason Democrats are the cause of the current stalemate and why Pelosi and ...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 28 Aug 28 00
This is why I'm inclined to trust Bearing Arms, they aren't afraid to say things as they are even if some views aren't very popular. Phoenix family after cops pointed guns at them- While tensions are extremely high and have ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 28 Aug 28 00
She Doesn't Understand the American Form of Government "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (P-CA) on Thursday said that Democrats are seeking a $2 trillion pandemic relief deal for the next package. "'We're not budging,' she told reporters in the...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 28 Aug 28 11
FERNANDO: O'Toole Serves Canadians, Trudeau Serves Himself Erin O’Toole Serves Canadians. Trudeau Serves Only Himself By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition
1patriot Canada Aug 28 Aug 28 11
Media accuse Trump of Hatch Act violations while ignoring Democrat's- In the latest episode of legacy media behaving as if history began after January 2017, mainstream news outlets began raising hysteria this week, accusing ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 27 Aug 27 33
Democrats are freaking out, and they should be- The New York Times ran an article Wednesday about how voters in Wisconsin are responding to the riots by switching their support to Donald Trump. This is a very strange thing to ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 27 Aug 27 22
Democrats are freaking out, and they should be- The New York Times ran an article Wednesday about how voters in Wisconsin are responding to the riots by switching their support to Donald Trump. This is a very strange thing to ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 27 Aug 27 22
Today on Sacha and Paul we discuss the impact of the on-line culture. Do we really make a difference in politics? Is the on-line culture inherently toxic? Join us live today (Thursday) at 2:00 P.M. EST.
ramzpaul OK Aug 27 Aug 27 55
Ezekiel 13:1–16 (ESV) False Prophets Condemned 13 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel, who are prophesying, and say to those who prophesy from their own hearts: ‘Hear the word of the ...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 27 Aug 27 00
Breaking Truth MustWatch Canada The Max Bernier Show - Ep. 38 : Rocco Galati on suing the government via @YouTube
YellowPill Canada Aug 27 Aug 27 11
Bunch of stuff going down in Kenosha already.
ThoughtCrimina NY Aug 26 Aug 26 00
WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THAT Paying for one class at a time has always been a option! Wow, these unhelpful adults have intentionally held me back for decades ! It is bad enough that the government will cut your food stamps to zero if you go to ...
Mikewee777 CA Aug 26 Aug 26 11
MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR3: Infiltration Not Invasion Alexandra Bruce "After weeks and weeks of so-called “George Floyd protests” across the country, with America’s largest corporations donating billions of dollars to Black Lives ...
ajhilder WA Aug 26 Aug 26 00
-In Voting & The Electoral College Reality Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are showboating the -in ballot narrative to stoke up fear about voter suppression. Some on the Right are fearful of voter through the -in vote. But, as always, the truth ...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 25 Aug 25 00
Here is the full list: JOBS Create 10 Million New Jobs in 10 Months Create 1 Million New Small Businesses Cut Taxes to Boost Take-Home Pay and Keep Jobs in America Enact Fair Trade Deals that Protect American Jobs “Made in ...
ajhilder WA Aug 25 Aug 25 11
BLM to Kenosha: Keep burning buildings until police are eliminated, Government deploys National Guard-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 25 Aug 25 11
Sprio - COVID-1984 FROM A TWO WEEK LOCKDOWN TO MANDATORY VACCINATION & LIFE IN PRISON Unfortunately COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two week lockdown to ‘flatten the ...
ajhilder WA Aug 24 Aug 24 11
The Fed sees lingering economic pain from the pandemic and the lockdowns- The pandemic- and lockdown-slammed economy is starting to show signs of life—but don't get your hopes up too just yet. Last week, Federal Reserve officials ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 24 Aug 24 11
“Everyone should be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator.” ― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid
Krunoslav Croatia Aug 23 Aug 23 11
COVID-19 is a real disease that has been exaggerated into a hoax and a scam. The fear-mongers want to continue destroying our economy and our freedoms, so they suppress this kind of analysis, but there's nothing he says that isn't true. The numbers ...
WftRight WY Aug 22 Aug 22 33
The school Democrats are dying off replaced by young Marxists raised in Leftist accordingly people....
B1967 NY Aug 22 Aug 22 33
Millie Weaver Arrest & Shadow Gate Millie Weaver was arrested August suspiciously close to the release of her Documentary “SHADOW GATE” exposing Deep State operations in the U.S. Government. It turns out Weaver’s arrest isn’t directly...
JohnHouk OK Aug 22 Aug 22 00
Millie Weaver Arrest & Shadow Gate Millie Weaver was arrested August suspiciously close to the release of her Documentary “SHADOW GATE” exposing Deep State operations in the U.S. Government. It turns out Weaver’s arrest isn’t directly...
JohnHouk OK Aug 22 Aug 22 11
LINK Lethbridge clothing company accused of racism prompts public backlash | CTV News
RoscoNovaro Canada Aug 22 Aug 22 33
Imagine that you were a Soviet dissent living in Stalin’s Russia in 1937. Times are tough and the Communist regime is brutal. People suspected of being dissidents routinely disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Many are ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 22 Aug 22 1818
You cannot be asked why your not wearing a mask. I went to Tesco on my high street earlier to speak with a security guard who was telling people that wearing masks is “law” and people couldn’t come in without wearing masks. I was so annoyed ...
ieuan UK Aug 22 Aug 22 22
POLL A poll on who is a bigger threat to men's livlihoods.
BlakeTheRake TX Aug 22 Aug 22 00
LINK HANDCUFFED: Police prowl Cobourg Beach for COVID-19 violations - YouTube
RoscoNovaro Canada Aug 21 Aug 21 33
Hmmm... So an undercover cop answers an add for a prostitute, Wade takes the cop to a hotel and introduces him to the 17 year old? But he was just helping a fellow protester find a place to stay... Yeah,, okay..
CaptainFeelgood NC Aug 20 Aug 20 11
‪BreakingFacts ‘Money. Meh. No Problem ;)': Documents Show Trudeau Government Officials Admitting 'Loosey Goosey Logic' For Massive WEProgram The arrogance is matched only by the seeming disregard for our taxdollars. ...
YellowPill Canada Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Homelessness as Become a Key Talking Point on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum This Last Week. Why?:
H0bo ID Aug 19 Aug 19 22
Unless it involves national security, what right do they have to redact documents? Spencer Fernando: WATCH: Liberals Engaged In Desperate COVER-UP, Huge Portions Of Documents Blacked Out! The Trudeau government is embracing blackface to a ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 19 Aug 19 22
Regarding big tech companies, I think there are other ways of dealing with them besides breaking them up. Besides, if we go the route of break up that means involving the government to achieve such, and as a conservative-leaning Libertarian who ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 19 Aug 19 11
One good thing about the Rocco Galati lawsuit, is that the government doesn’t have to be in session for it to be in motion. The quicker Rocco gets it done, the sooner Canada can be rescued from these oligarchs!
Radar Canada Aug 18 Aug 18 00
RealAlexJones TX Aug 18 Aug 18 00
What is the obsession with Michelle Obama? Even when I was a liberal, I never understood the complete fawning over Michelle Obama. From the perspective of a liberal, yes, she seems like a nice person. She seems somewhat authentic. She's ...
BlackoutNJ NJ Aug 18 Aug 18 77
Spencer Fernando: Poilievre Issues Hilarious Response To Morneau Resignation! Tweet focuses on how Trudeau did all the same things that damaged Morneau’s resignation. “We’re talking about a man who kept his money in a ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 18 Aug 18 00
(admin) For the newcomers and longtime members of this page. Mr Hilder had a stroke some years back and has passed away. I have been running his pages on Facebook for him. His activist work will continue. Reasonable social interaction required when ...
ajhilder WA Aug 18 Aug 18 00
Howard Menger, Van Tassel and Dan Fry, completing the series on Leslie UFO (Adamski) in the Quantum Cosmology account. The damaged file with Dan Fry is now part of this series. ETs walk do amongst us; valuable evidence is provided by ...
rcoones WA Aug 17 Aug 17 00
A drawing i did a while back.
hankerchief AK Aug 17 Aug 17 00
A Coronavirus bailout won't save (or fix for that matter) the USPS-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 17 Aug 17 00
Alabama self defense case shows need for "large capacity" magazines- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to make it a federal crime to own an ammunition magazine that can hold more than ten rounds, but a self-defense story out of ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 17 Aug 17 22
The Biggest Tax Funded Government Scam No One Sees, and How it REALLY Works:
H0bo ID Aug 17 Aug 17 00
How the Government has Become More Authortitarian in a Short Period of Time:
H0bo ID Aug 17 Aug 17 11
(admin) Apparently Kamala Harris is a decendent of a slave owner. She could make hay with this fact but we will see what she does.
ajhilder WA Aug 17 Aug 17 11
LINK Asylum seekers on front lines of COVID-19 to have chance at permanent residency
pegidacanada Canada Aug 17 Aug 17 00
1443 ---------------- August 16, 2015 Location: Marietta,GA Victim(s): Michael "Big Mike" Bemus 65 Attacker(s): Justin Marquis Graves Description: Michael picked up Graves, a felon on parole, in his taxi cab and was ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 16 Aug 16 00
PETITION: No to government and corporate penalties for refusing COVID- vaccine! Sign the petition here.
1patriot Canada Aug 16 Aug 16 33
Resignation calls revived over WE affair, as PM skips special House sitting
1patriot Canada Aug 16 Aug 16 00
CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff jointly depart
B1967 NY Aug 15 Aug 15 11