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Why the left needs us all to believe the United States is racist forever-

That America is a racist country is the great self-evident truth of the left and of the ruling class whose moral opinions are shaped by it. This truth is self-evident in the sense of being readily apparent to them, as evidenced by the countless disparities in life outcomes between blacks and whites. No explanation for these disparities is ever required. Their mere existence is proof of racism.

SpikeTalon 9 Oct 17

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It is odd the opining of groups to designate a racism towards one particular race is in of itself a racist division. How they want to improve things or make things more equal for a race while separating other races. This is racism in a nutshell. We need to strive towards a balance for all legal citizens of this country and eliminate a race qualification.


God made races ...God is Racist for the preservation of life itself ... God's tool Evolution says
DIFFERENCE is ESSENTIAL ... drive out the unholy parasite abominations and take all for only our own


When was racism solved?

It never will be, and that's the point. No matter how many laws are passed or how many college courses are offered on how to deal with your whiteness, racism will never truly cease to be, there will always be bigoted creeps out there. In the meantime, pointing the finger at all whites, disparities in certain life outcomes, and the history of the US is not solving anything, all we have gotten out of such so far is even more anguish and division.

@SpikeTalon Reconstruction worked pretty well, for as long as it lasted.

@SpikeTalon Like I like to say : READ "Out of Africa"


The left are Master Baiters... Race Baiting is what they do when they don't have any sound policy...

Good thing you didn’t post that on FaceBook ... you'd have been for being “explicit” ... “Master Baiters” indeed ...
Some might even call them jerk offs because thats essentially what they’re doing to their followers and society in general.

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