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# How Much More Has to Come Out Before the Left Admits Biden Is Corrupt?

A new secret audio recording has surfaced in which Hunter Biden is caught discussing business involvement with a “spy chief of China.” The audio helps to corroborate the information found on his now infamous laptop and further damages his father’s campaign for the presidency.

Biden is most likely referencing Patrick Ho as the “spy chief of China.” Ho held the post of Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong. Documents show that Ho was involved in the CEFC venture.

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UndergroundUSA 7 Oct 27

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Quick! Look behind you. There's a Democrat sneaking up to eat your babies!


LOL!!! the won't even admit the obvious fact about his dementia - you think they're going to shrug their shoulders and say..."oh geez - you got us; Biden is pandering the Communist party...the platform is socialist right down the line..."



It's all fake news, while they believe Russiagate...

no they don't - they think YOU believe it. The tellers of the great lie are fully aware of their own mendacity. They prey on the terminally dependent class to carry the water for them.

@iThink I stand corrected... you are right about that, they know what rotten liars they are.

Fake news is what you don't want to consider.

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