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Personally, I know I miss my Local Pubs and Bars Terribly. Its the Rules that Prevent them Opening and I Wonder whether its not Particularly Deliberate to keep “US” from commingling ... from “conspiring” ... as Bob Dylan would say; “... ...
Bay0Wulf ME Aug 8 Aug 8 11
I consider this a little disturbing ... especially the bit about Pakistan’s willingness to climb aboard the “Belt & Road” Program. Apparently they’ve not beenpaying attention to how thats worked out for several others. -🧐. Pakistan and ...
Bay0Wulf ME Aug 8 Aug 8 11
Something of Value by Robert Ruark, a colonial vision of post war Kenya and the Mau Mau revolt, a truly bloody book , don't read it if you don't have the guts for it (lol so to speak) but they made a shitty movie of it, anyway , a great read
MikeHunt NY Aug 8 Aug 8 00
POLL Thought this may be of interest to some... China’s Military Advances Under Cover of Coronavirus As worldwide panic over coronavirus dominates the media, China quietly builds up its military. April 3 While the world is preoccupied with ...
Lightman Australia Aug 8 Aug 8 11
Was listening to a podcast this morning, a reply of a discussion with the theologian John Hick. It was interesting that the respectful Christians simply could not understand the Liberal God belief of Hick. He is a universalist, believing that ...
waynus Australia Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Twitter Be Like That
ThomasinaPaine VA Aug 8 Aug 8 22
China sentences Canadian to death on ketamine drug charge amid diplomatic row between two countries
B1967 NY Aug 7 Aug 7 00
China sentences fourth Canadian to death on drug charges
B1967 NY Aug 7 Aug 7 00
LINK Millennials are Lonely and Throwing Parties – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN Aug 7 Aug 7 00
POLL Is the banning of WeChat/TicTok a modern day act of war? I have no love for the Chinese "Great Firewall" that blocks non-Chinese tech firms access to the Chinese market. Prior to 2002, I ran the largest Chinese social network from the US until ...
Admin Online Aug 7 Aug 7 1919
StrategyPage: China: Everything Is Just Fine August 6, 2020: China and America are at war, at least as far as CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is concerned. The basis of CCP rule in China is economic prosperity. Chinese tolerate the police state ...
timon_phocas CO Aug 6 Aug 6 22
Derek Sloan, Candidate for CPC Leadership: I remain 0% against mandating masks in Canada. I also remain 0% against a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, should one be developed. If Canadians volunteer for a vaccine, that should be up to them. ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 6 Aug 6 11
Potential Biden VP lets real anti gun rights agenda slip-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 6 Aug 6 11
“We live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns.”― Aaron Sorkin, A Few Good Men Interesting, but I watched "A Few Good Men", 1992. And I noticed something interesting I never noticed before. Its not ...
KrunoS Croatia Aug 6 Aug 6 88
That's it. Last straw. Officially, China is undoubtedly propping up the trans agenda alongside the climate change hoax in order to feminize men to take over the world according to the communist agenda. Mainstream media recommending estrogen for men ...
A1fredo Mexico Aug 6 Aug 6 33
Keeping this one the front page since we're not doing anything about the jew shill spam. >The truth about jews, the holocaust and the world wars: The holohoax has been at the very center of the post-WW2 psyop that was ...
Flagherty CA Aug 6 Aug 6 11
Godless Girl All My Social Media Links (
Godless FL Aug 6 Aug 6 00
BLM activist beats veteran Democrat in St. Louis House primary
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 11
The great BroNat speaks the truth. My Cancel Culture Hit List
andreaostrov IL Aug 5 Aug 5 00
5 AUGUST (PREACHED 4 AUGUST 1872) Salvation all of grace ‘By grace are ye saved.’ Ephesians 2:8 SUGGESTED FURTHER READING: Acts 15:1–11 Grace is the fountain-head of salvation and is most conspicuous throughout. Grace is to be seen in...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Can Canadians decline Trudeau's Chinese Communist vaccine?
2FollowHim Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Vial : A Vial, sometimes called a Phial or Flacon is normally made of glass or plastic with a screw or stopper (push in) top. It can be used for storing liquids or small solids. The first Vials where made out of China (the material) or similar ...
DavyJones UK Aug 5 Aug 5 00
I found a channel called Australian Survivalism. He talks about prepping, saving food, etc:
AlpacaLunch Aug 4 Aug 4 00
I'm sorry if I trigger you, but Canada is dead. She never really had a chance from the start. The people who set the country up were unfortunately idiots. They should have followed the USA lead and join the Republic, seperating from Britain's rule. ...
jakuboj Aug 4 Aug 4 55
Why I wear my mask.
gregraven CA Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Burn The Coal Pay The Toll Boyfriend lies about young mother’s ‘suicide.’ He’s now facing murder charges: Police by Leigh Egan August 3, 2020 A Georgia man allegedly told police his girlfriend shot herself in the head, but ...
Andyman MD Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Hello Jason Kenney. Maybe time to implement some of the tough promises you made to Albertans. Working Albertans have 40B in the CPP. When are you going to move beyond talking and studying and writing little snot grams to your ...
1patriot Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 00
JapanTimes: How Tokyo views Mike Pompeo's "Communist China" speech. Japanese view of current situation between the US and China. "Moving from enmity to confrontation."
timon_phocas CO Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Are the Chinese spying on you or just spying on Corporate America? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) contacted at least 55 medical research institutions to report the names of researchers suspected of sharing federally funded research with ...
DeplorableToo FL Aug 3 Aug 3 22
Europeans Are Waking Up to Government Covid Tyranny. Why Are We Still Asleep? RON PAUL
andreaostrov IL Aug 3 Aug 3 11
A lot of planning went into this assault on us all. I wonder who was in the meeting when this scheme was first composed. We'll release a man-made virus in China video people dying in the streets with incinerators running. Then we'll launch a ...
jakuboj Aug 3 Aug 3 22
Oh Hi guys. We love guns, Can you tell me how many you have and where they are stored, oh and please tell me how much ammunition you have hee hee See , this is what I was referring to in a previous post and if that commie bastard is still here, well...
MikeHunt NY Aug 3 Aug 3 22
Well I am!
Zarloff NV Aug 3 Aug 3 55
A lesson to my Slug friends I don't know if you caught it , well he has deleted his posts, but there are people who want to take down this site, Beware of the asshole who asks you if you have any guns, (also if you have big dogs, just a thing i ...
MikeHunt NY Aug 3 Aug 3 22
A lesson to my Slug friends I don't know if you caught it , well he has deleted his posts, but there are people who want to take down this site, Beware of the asshole who asks you if you have any guns, (also if you have big dogs, just a thing i ...
MikeHunt NY Aug 3 Aug 3 22
My latest video! SJWs are often characterised by their atheism, and scorn of Christianity. This is ironic, given the fact regressive leftist, woke SJW ideology is very similar in its social justice zealotry to fundamentalist religion...
DaisyCousens Australia Aug 2 Aug 2 44
LINK Army Guard Has Begun Preparing For Possible Conflict With China And Russia - YouTube
WorldSigh Aug 2 Aug 2 00
Sergei Eisenstein's IVAN THE TERRIBLE, a Most Relevant Film in the Age of Deepocracy against Nationalism — Shadow Plays of the Deep State, the Game of Empires, and Ruler as Tyrant and Savior
andreaostrov IL Aug 2 Aug 2 11
750 + 150 = 44DD ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 55
‪BreakingTruth China Is Trying To Control What Canadians Citizens Are Allowed ToSay ‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 00
LINK Pompeo on US crackdown on Chinese government - YouTube
RandyStemen WA Aug 2 Aug 2 00
“Communism is as crude an attempt to explain society and the individual as if a surgeon were to perform his delicate operations with a meat ax. All that is subtle in human psychology and in the structure of society (which is even more complex), all...
KrunoS Croatia Aug 2 Aug 2 22
0496 ---------------- August 2, 2016 Location: Trenton,NJ Victim(s): Stephen Locke Merrill 60 Attacker(s): Jonathan Weathers Description: Weathers was driving along looking for someone to rob, when he spotted Stephen...
TheFireRises WA Aug 2 Aug 2 11
True $hit ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Won't happen ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Say it ain't so Joe ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 11
LINK China PANICS After Trump Announces Total Ban On TikTok, Cold War Is Escalating And China Is PISSED - YouTube
WorldSigh Aug 1 Aug 1 33
TikTok's biggest stars react to Trump's plan to ban app in US The potential ban comes amid heightened tension between the U.S. and China
RAZE AZ Aug 1 Aug 1 00
LINK Senate panel backs bill to punish China for COVID-19 - YouTube
RandyStemen WA Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Not mentioned in the article but it seems to me that the U.S. is whispering in Modi's ear. Strange that this coincides with Pompous Pompeo's latest actions and words about the South China Sea. What is the U.S. promising Modi for his actions? ...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 1 Aug 1 00
2008010700 SEX SELLS, SALACIOUS SEX SELLS BETTER & TO THE REPRESSED: Sex is the only commodity that can be influenced by Feminism. Carnal Sex has & will always sell primarily to the male of the species – just as it should NORMALLY be....
1914wizard FL Aug 1 Aug 1 22
Islamic Ethics
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 22
LINK Trump Just SMACKED China Across The Face, Demands China Divest From TikTok, Issues MASSIVE Sanctions - YouTube
WorldSigh Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Portland rioters get downright creepy with a disgusting political statement-
SpikeTalon PA July 31 Jul 31 00
Coral Eugene Watts: The Sunday Morning Slasher Adolescent Obsessed With Murder Turns Into a Serial Killer By Charles Montaldo Updated January 19, 2019 Carl Eugene Watts, dubbed “The Sunday Morning Slasher,” murdered 80 women in Texas, ...
Andyman MD July 31 Jul 31 11
Seattle in resume
RemiDallaire Canada July 31 Jul 31 22
0644 ---------------- July 31, 2017 Location: Denver,CO Victim(s): Cristina Marie Weir 28 Attacker(s): Esstefan C. Hamlin Description: Hamlin broke into Cristina's apartment and, in the course of burglarizing the ...
TheFireRises WA July 31 Jul 31 11
Spencer Fernando: China Is Trying To Control What Canadians Citizens Are Allowed To Say! China’s consul-general in Vancouver is part of broader Chinese effort to extend China’s brutal authoritarian state into our country. ...
warminster100 Canada July 31 Jul 31 00
In all honesty im not a fan of trump. That being said i cant help but to notice those who claimed that trump hated Muslims are odly quiet. Now with trumps sactions on china due to its human rights abuses against the uighur Muslims and the people of ...
IQWisdom Canada July 31 Jul 31 22
"So there’s no rational justification for a Freedom of Navigation (FON) program. For all practical purposes, these aircraft carriers like the Ronald Reagan and the Nimitz showboating on and off in the South China Sea amount to 21st century gunboat ...
lawrenceblair OR July 31 Jul 31 22
Leftists Want to Destroy Christopher Columbus Monuments
AndrewInVail AZ July 31 Jul 31 00
The liberals have to go! Spencer Fernando: Why Has The Liberal Government Failed To A Canadian CCP Virus Vaccine Effort? Instead, the Liberals are choosing to partner with China, a country led by a ruthless authoritarian state that has...
warminster100 Canada July 31 Jul 31 00
Democrat, Dianne Feinstein said today that China is "growing into a respectable nation". This, after the Chinese government is accused of organized mass detention and forced sterilization of Uyghur ethnic minorities. How "respectable" are they? ...
DeplorableToo FL July 30 Jul 30 11
I made a few posts about Tommy Robinson on Facebook in the past. They were never deleted. I made a post "questioning" the credibility of the BLM movement the other day. It was quickly deleted by Facebook. Interesting, eh? Why do you think that is?
Naomi July 30 Jul 30 44
Anyone get those seeds from China in your mail??
Obiwannosi CO July 30 Jul 30 33
Getting older
Zarloff NV July 30 Jul 30 11
LINK Facebook scam - YouTube
WorldSigh July 30 Jul 30 00
LINK So-Called Vaccine, Seeds Invasion, War With China? - YouTube
pnw1234 OR July 29 Jul 29 00
QUESTION OF THE DAY Can decisions made in the future affect the past? Retrocausal Quantum Theory This theory isn’t saying signals can be communicated from the future to the past. Retrocausality means that when an experimenter ...
Zteph Canada July 29 Jul 29 11
( Nephilim Free debating about the universe and creationism with atheist Veyd on Discord. NephilimFree runs a YouTube channel on which he posts anti-evolution rants. He is a Young Earth ...
Godless FL July 29 Jul 29 00
JamestownFoundation: Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine continues. Russia is building bot farms to spread anti-Ukraine propaganda. Russia subsidizes ethnic heritage groups like Cossacks, who in turn create militias that operate in Ukraine. ...
timon_phocas CO July 29 Jul 29 11
If you are wondering why the enemy want a cashless society, here is one reason. Their Technocratic OWG goal includes a Social Credit system. In China they have facial recognition cameras everywhere and 5G. They record everything you do in public. If ...
jakuboj July 29 Jul 29 33
The idea that one may receive a welfare, and by this virtue to be aligned with parasitic classes, and the same time to be oppressed, would baffle Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin. The whole point of oppression is to extract cheap labor and alienate the ...
IgorRogov Australia July 29 Jul 29 00
Ask yourself. Do I trust Trudeau's regime? Do I trust China? Do I trust the UN and their WHO? Do I trust the Deep State Democrat pedophiles? If your answer is no then why would you possibly trust their MSM. You mandatory mask Nazis are laying the ...
jakuboj July 28 Jul 28 22
Too Gunfights Of The Old West
Andyman MD July 28 Jul 28 00
Could CCP be the beast in Revelation?
2FollowHim Canada July 28 Jul 28 00
2007281445 ANTI-POPULISTS (aka Socialists) MULTI-PRONGED ATTACKS: Why isn’t Globalism seen as the Universal Communism that it is? How much denial of actual motivation(s) can the world stand up to? It was nibble, nibble, nibble ...
1914wizard FL July 28 Jul 28 11
Some observations I gleaned from reading posts on the Internet, and from direct conversations with some leftists: The police was started in the US by slave catchers who had lost their jobs because of the Civil War and emancipation. Joining or ...
peterng25 CA July 28 Jul 28 11
The first walkaway "Thurmond Joins Goldwater Drive Sept. 18, 1964 The New York Times Archives September 18, 1964, Page 1 About the Archive This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the...
WilyRickWiles IL July 28 Jul 28 00
Rebel News files official human rights complaint against China at the United Nations! This should put egg all over Trudeau's (Trudope's) face, but he is too uncaring and stupid to stand up against his Communist buddys.
WayneHawthorne Canada July 28 Jul 28 11
LINK Tommy Robinson posted to Parler on July 28, 2020
WorldSigh July 28 Jul 28 00
Well, Daisy this has been happening. US Residents Receive Mysterious Seed Packages From China So now CCP is trying to do a triffid attack.
TheHerrDark PA July 28 Jul 28 11
Derek Sloan, only candidate for CPC Leadership opposing the climate alarmists! I’ve been asking you to make me your 1 choice for CPC leader because I’m the only one who offers a real difference in policy from the Liberals. That makes me ...
warminster100 Canada July 27 Jul 27 00
LINK B there or B
WorldSigh July 27 Jul 27 00
2007270700 IN SEARCH OF “FEMINIST THEORY” : Try as I might I can’t find this illusive oppression of women, as a gender, by this so called Patriarchy (aka Capitalist Western Civilization). I’ve tried to figure out how such a ...
1914wizard FL July 27 Jul 27 00
Total Scam ...
NuuzJunky GA July 26 Jul 26 22
LINK When Lucasfilm Publishing Makes Fun of the Sequel Trilogy - YouTube
NotMySTARWARS PA July 26 Jul 26 00
One question do you burn when you walk in the sun? Asking for a friend.
BigK91 Germany July 26 Jul 26 11
More Bad News From China
Obiwannosi CO July 26 Jul 26 33
1340 ---------------- July 25, 2008 Location: Louisville,KY Victim(s): Claudia Faye Wadlington 5,Riley Jane Lawrence 4,Angie Wadlington (survived) Attacker(s): Keneille D. Finch Description: Claudia, Riley, and ...
TheFireRises WA July 25 Jul 25 11
How JUSTICE really functions in the IDOLATRY POLITICS of the Jewish-Supremacist West — The Immorality of Moral Immortality — US is a Theocracy of 'Idolocracy', a mindless worship of Jews, Blacks, and Homos So-called 'liberals' are so into ...
andreaostrov IL July 25 Jul 25 22
THE WAY OF THE LEFT IS ALWAYS THE WAY OF THE WEAK. Lets not be the powerful country we are but give in to the weak cultures among us. This way we can lead the country down to the desired leftist road to destruction. Let them lead the way the left ...
johnlondon AK July 25 Jul 25 00
THE WAY OF THE LEFT IS ALWAYS THE WAY OF THE WEAK. Lets not be the powerful country we are but give in to the weak cultures among us. This way we can lead the country down to the desired leftist road to destruction. Let them lead the way the left ...
johnlondon AK July 25 Jul 25 00
The animals pictured at the bottom car-jacked, then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, then set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited ...
NuuzJunky GA July 25 Jul 25 1010
So Erdogan attended the Friday prayer in Hagia Sophia yesterday and recited some Quran. And a top sheikh, the president of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey to be exact, gave a religious sermon.. HOLDING AN OTTOMAN SWORD. And ...
EgyptianRedpill Egypt July 25 Jul 25 11
D.G.A.F. ...
NuuzJunky GA July 25 Jul 25 33
Acts 26:12–23 (ESV) Paul Tells of His Conversion 12 “In this connection I journeyed to Damascus with the authority and commission of the chief priests. 13 At midday, O king, I saw on the way a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, that ...
lawrenceblair OR July 25 Jul 25 00
SOMEONE ASKED THE QUESTION: Two months later, WHY are they still protesting? The best answer I read is this one from : 10hPuckin’ Crazy@XCoachFrank· [They are being paid to provoke the government to kill someone. Once the government makes ...
drshallal July 25 Jul 25 55
sage thrasher Carbon County, Wyoming 21 July 2020
WftRight WY July 25 Jul 25 00
Couldn't make this up if I tried
Zarloff NV July 25 Jul 25 88