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What is the greatest existential threat to America, Americans, and the security of our country?
A Zionist organization he owns and runs.
We see silence planned.
Just scum.
As dangers are colorful in relation to their nutty "margins"; participating in DC politics [comics] is sometimes a frenzy of fun.
A moral bankrupt, deliberately ignorant circus.
I stay optimistic.
Use scissors that give easy control.
I can't believe people still don't see the bright red color of guilt.
We'll win in the end.
There's currently a dice roll and we've veered off of the tipping points.
They’re the designs of hackers.
Faults diverted the retired aces to take half of humanity around the sea.
Try not to confuse the strict theory of the archive; creepy nonsense (I only mean zero).
It's a cyborg thing.
We are energy and can see out the window of the climate accord.
We are arrays of NAFTA.
We see out to see WHO.
We are arrays of UN.
The Site Strip in File America.
The Medical Mafia has been exposed.
Raw espionage in the works with international authorities.
You can neither control the fax, nor the fox.
Who had the patent to the covid cure?
Bill Gates’s fingers in the World Economic Forum’s hairy pie, wearing the satanic ritual mask and singing, “You’re my little China Virus”.
Yes, we have been scammed
Gay Watch checks out Red Vegan, the mirage.
Giving up important intel on what we should watch next week.
How to navigate the kingdom at a distance of two meters.
I was looking for the Civil Rules procedure.
Only time will tell, but our messenger tells me that everyone should prepare for the worst.
We've seen the enemy and the agents of the NWA.
People need to wake up and stop this war with humanity.
We are a scourge and a disposable asset for the industrialist.
Despots getting away with their planned-demic and proper operations.
Agreement is not an advantage.
The world is a stage with gaps between the got and the gotnots.
Satan has deceived with the advertising Word.
Playing the perfect victim like a wolf in a thong.
Appointing swampy friends to make Germany great again.

Zteph 7 Nov 5

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