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The great escape from the mainstream corrupt and mind controlling media. First Post

This is my first post on here and it feels like the first day a school when you do not know anyone. This post is one of so many I have made over the years for my company Mind Education School Limited. It seems like a good place to start. I also walk a great deal and post pictures and videos of my thoughts and experiences from every new daily adventure.

There are no such things as problems only new adventures to enjoy with challenges to solve with the passion to move forward after every single one, every single day.

Mind is my thing; it was always my true destiny to create an alternative education system and written that into a book called the History and Mystery of Me: Walking the Longer Path. It will blow some minds, others will have had similar experiences. Not bad for an on paper educational dyslexic failure. I knew I was academic, but standard education could not see it. A very common issue in standard education.

I post a lot of truth; I am truth experienced. My truth has killed all my mainstream media, this is not our world, our freedom, our mind potential, our ability to self-heal and our longevity.

As always, I am optimistic, and I see 2020 as the realized potential for many more of the truth of humanity stolen from most soon after their birth.

MindEdAcademy 3 Nov 18

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