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Biker Protest in Cape Town - South Africa.
JennaGardner South Africa Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Freedom for our Children so they can enjoy a Beautiful New World, TIME TO WAKE UP
ieuan UK Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-08 COMPLETE JOY “If you keep My commands, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love. I have told you this so that My ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-08-08 HEARING VOICES “The voice of the LORD is powerful, the voice of the LORD is majestic” (Psalm 29:4) The concept of hearing "voices" is openly ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Your white....Your guilty...Says Oprah
RemiDallaire Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 33
Joe “Hidin’ “ Biden has assured us that he’s “forward looking” to the debates with Donald Trump. God help us. It’s just too easy to pick on him. Everything, literally everything he says is low hanging fruit. But I’m getting ...
Edgework TX Aug 7 Aug 7 22
A Song for the Sanctuary Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.—COL. 3:16. Once more we come ...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 7 Aug 7 00
It’s time for Canada to ban TikTok The Trump administration is set to ban TikTok – the Beijing-owned social media application which may seem harmless but actually poses a huge security risk to its users, including hundreds of ...
1patriot Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 22
Trudeau Liberals approve millions in pandemic relief for weed shops
1patriot Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 44
Freedom in Christ Ministries by Dan Studt JUSTIFICATION Becca and Noah, my daughter and her cousin, are 4 months apart in age. One winter, as their Papa was driving them to preschool past the “Lights on the Lake” Christmas display, they ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-07 THE LOVE OF GOD “All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 11
‪Breaking Canadian political lawyers veiling the truth of extremism and political entryism into the ConservativeParty EveryParty has been Infiltrated via @NewDelhiTimes‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 6 Aug 6 11
Atheism part of the lie or part of the truth??
Royal1 New Zealand Aug 6 Aug 6 22
“We live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns.”― Aaron Sorkin, A Few Good Men Interesting, but I watched "A Few Good Men", 1992. And I noticed something interesting I never noticed before. Its not ...
KrunoS Croatia Aug 6 Aug 6 88
“As bitter as it may be, the fact remains: It is the irresponsibleness of masses of people that lies at the basis of fascism of all countries, nations, and races, etc. Fascism is the result of man's distortion over thousands of years. It could have...
KrunoS Croatia Aug 6 Aug 6 22
Doctors for the Truth
Perun Serbia Aug 6 Aug 6 00
JOE SHOWS HOW TO LOCK UP THOSE VOTES “By the way, what you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different...
Edgework TX Aug 6 Aug 6 22
36. Nero and Imperial Persecution of Christians
lawrenceblair OR Aug 6 Aug 6 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-06 GARMENT OF SALVATION “I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe...
warminster100 Canada Aug 6 Aug 6 00
Keeping this one the front page since we're not doing anything about the jew shill spam. >The truth about jews, the holocaust and the world wars: The holohoax has been at the very center of the post-WW2 psyop that was ...
Flagherty CA Aug 6 Aug 6 11
For those on the imaginary fence in need of a nudge:
Josf-Kelley CA Aug 5 Aug 5 11
LINK The Truth About Internet Censorship - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Aug 5 Aug 5 33
Canadians, have you seen how the homeless in Vancouver, and Victoria don't obey any Covid rules, and don't get Covid-19?
2FollowHim Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 11
"The entire mainstream media (plus Fox News!) have been assuring us that Portland was a tranquil town, with the occasional peaceful protest … until President Trump’s storm troopers showed up and turned it into a war zone. This portrayal ...
VDARE CT Aug 5 Aug 5 00
The great BroNat speaks the truth. My Cancel Culture Hit List
andreaostrov IL Aug 5 Aug 5 00
5 AUGUST (PREACHED 4 AUGUST 1872) Salvation all of grace ‘By grace are ye saved.’ Ephesians 2:8 SUGGESTED FURTHER READING: Acts 15:1–11 Grace is the fountain-head of salvation and is most conspicuous throughout. Grace is to be seen in...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Psalm 25:1–22 (ESV) 1 To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul. 2 O my God, in you I trust; let me not be put to shame; let not my enemies exult over me. 3 Indeed, none who wait ...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 5 Aug 5 00
I see there is no info here hope this helps stay safe COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: . Get the latest research from NIH: . Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 ...
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Will the Antifa/BLM rioting continue after the elections? Or will people get tired and want to go back to normal?
ramzpaul OK Aug 5 Aug 5 55
LINK Steve Hofmeyr - Discrimination? - YouTube
FrankLeHanie South Africa Aug 5 Aug 5 00
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Living Truth daily Devotion 2020-08-05 THE FOOL “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?” (Proverbs 1:22) As a ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Daily in Chris by Neil T. Anderson 2020-08-05 THE COUNTERFEITS “Unless you believe that I am He, you shall die in your sins” (John 8:24) In assessing counterfeits to Christianity, no ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 11
Vial : A Vial, sometimes called a Phial or Flacon is normally made of glass or plastic with a screw or stopper (push in) top. It can be used for storing liquids or small solids. The first Vials where made out of China (the material) or similar ...
DavyJones UK Aug 5 Aug 5 00
New BOMBSHELL Evidence Should Have Hillary Clinton SHAKING In Her Pantsuit! | Huckabee's Breakdown Believe it or not... we are down to less than 100 days till the 2020 election. It's critical to continue to uncover what was hijacked in ...
1patriot Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Jewish Power controls not only White Minds but White SOULS — Soul Control is far more powerful than Mind Control — INVISIBLE MAN(2020) is a Prime Example of INVERSION NARRATIVE under the domination of Jewish ...
andreaostrov IL Aug 4 Aug 4 11
ANTIFA: The truth behind the mask A look into the domestic terror organization ANTIFA and how it is attempting to take over the current peaceful protests of the George Floyd death
1patriot Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 11
scotirishviet CA Aug 4 Aug 4 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-04 ASK FOR WISDOM “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.” ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 22
LINK Covid Truth
RandyStemen WA Aug 3 Aug 3 33
The great Brother Nathanael speaks the truth. MY CANCEL CULTURE HIT LIST
andreaostrov IL Aug 3 Aug 3 11
POLL Multiculturalism... Popular Support Not Required Michael Warby Adelaide Review 1st December, 2000 Some questions to test your understanding of recent Australian history: which was the first major Australian political party to ...
Lightman Australia Aug 3 Aug 3 44
Is there truth to this ??? Funny that one guy on open mic said they all been vaccinated already anyway. Before they even had a vaccine. And until 2025 that’s a horrible long time.
JVIP-WTPNN UT Aug 3 Aug 3 00
Is there truth to this ??? Funny that one guy on open mic said they all been vaccinated already anyway. Before they even had a vaccine. And until 2025 that’s a horrible long time.
JVIP-WTPNN UT Aug 3 Aug 3 00
We are seeing more and more Christian leaders and Christians in general giving into the morals and views of society. In Scotland right now there is a bill being considered that would make the bible hate speech. This is because the gospel offends ...
Familyman777 UK Aug 3 Aug 3 33
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-03 DIVINE PERSPECTIVE “The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: for gaining wisdom and instruction; for understanding words of insight.” (Proverbs...
warminster100 Canada Aug 3 Aug 3 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-08-03 OUR ACCESS TO CHRIST'S AUTHORITY “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened” (Ephesians 1:18) Do we enjoy the same claim to Christ's ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 3 Aug 3 00
The W.H.O. banned hydroxychloroquine based on research published by a SciFi author with 2 malpractice lawsuits against him. Turns out, not one piece of the research he published was true, including the existence of patients
DeplorableToo FL Aug 3 Aug 3 55
POLL Here's an article that backs what I've been saying bout the BLM. It also touches on its reach here in Australia as well. Black Lives Matters exploiting the good intentions of ‘useful fools’ to spread its radical ideology CHRIS MITCHELL...
Lightman Australia Aug 2 Aug 2 33
‪Breaking Holland's scientists say there's no solid evidence face coverings work via @MailOnline‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 11
750 + 150 = 44DD ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 55
Do you think it was a good look?
Xtra WA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
GeeMac Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 11
BELIEF VS. KNOWING Beliefs can affect us even if they're untrue ones. We act in a manner that would mimic what we do if those beliefs were true. If we believe we're being chased by a killer, we'll run the same way we'd run being chase by ...
Zteph Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 22
“Communism is as crude an attempt to explain society and the individual as if a surgeon were to perform his delicate operations with a meat ax. All that is subtle in human psychology and in the structure of society (which is even more complex), all...
KrunoS Croatia Aug 2 Aug 2 22
MOVIE CRITICS GIVEN BETTER TREATMENT THAN FRONT LINE DOCTORS I will make one SILLY (I admit) observation. To decide to see a movie or not, I look for how the critics score it in terms of so many things, like acting, plot, special effects, etc... ...
drshallal Aug 2 Aug 2 44
POLL Were Jews banned from 100+ countries because of the actions of a few bad apples or because a large percentage of Jews acted evilly? Would it be morally right or wrong to ban Jews in both cases?
tenslein DC Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Fauci ... His Opinions are WHY a lot of Businesses, Schools, Churches and Gatherings are CLOSED and/or BANNED. HERE ... He states REPEATEDLY that he Has NO Opinion. HERE ... He states He Has “...NO Scientific Proof of ANYTHING ...” -🧐. ...
Bay0Wulf ME Aug 2 Aug 2 00
LIVING /Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-02 PROPER FEAR “How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for those who fear You, that You bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 11
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-08-02 AUTHORITY AND POWER “He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons” (Luke 9:1) Jesus gave His disciples both...
warminster100 Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 00
True $hit ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Won't happen ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 22
Say it ain't so Joe ...
NuuzJunky GA Aug 2 Aug 2 11
I’m A School Teacher, A Bus Driver And An Elected Official And You Arrest Me?
Andyman MD Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Bodycam Footage Shows Man Getting Shot After Aiming Gun At LVMPD Cops
Andyman MD Aug 1 Aug 1 22
2008012030 EQUALITY IS NOT PARITY NOR IS IT SAMENESS!: The first sentence of the second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence reads: {“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they ...
1914wizard FL Aug 1 Aug 1 44
Yep, I'd say this is about how it works these days.
CourseofEmpire Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 22
Daily I get the unfortunate opportunity to receive leftist personal attacks, based on my posts of truth. Their weak minds are so firmly made up based on the MSM propaganda, that they refuse to even consider any other possibilities. They don't even ...
jakuboj Aug 1 Aug 1 77
Total collapse is near.
lawrenceblair OR Aug 1 Aug 1 00
LINK Police departments backing out of DNC security agreements - YouTube
RandyStemen WA Aug 1 Aug 1 00
What are your thoughts on a cashless society?
sameg TN Aug 1 Aug 1 66
A Pair of Charlie's (Charlie Freak and Charlie Ward) Know the Truth
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 00
LINK Cease Fire In Portland Holds, Protesters STOP Antifa From Going Nuts And MORE Police Deployed - YouTube
DaveO276 Australia Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Living Truth Daily devotion 2020-08-01 PEACE OF CHRIST “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-08-01 HIS ACCEPTED, ADOPTED CHILD “Beloved, now we are children of God,” (1 John 3:2) Having a right relationship with God begins with settling once and for all ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Islamic Ethics
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 22
LINK African trio’s c-19 crime spree no reason for ‘hate’
BarrySpall Australia July 31 Jul 31 00
WOW- 182,771 sealed indictments being “Unsealed” truth as they have been saying keep your eyes open folks
1patriot Canada July 31 Jul 31 11
This is a good interview by Michelle Malkin. Watch it before it gets taken down.
Sacha799 AR July 31 Jul 31 22
POLL This is the first poll lets see what is the best music
AuthorTonySnow July 31 Jul 31 11
Derek Sloan, Candidate for CPC Leadership: : Defund WHO, Exit from Paris Accord, No subsidies for "green energy"! Leslyn Lewis and I have had a disagreement about her involvement with the Ontario Trillium Foundation and money given to radical ...
warminster100 Canada July 31 Jul 31 11
Words of truth from the founder of modern Turkey
Chicago July 31 Jul 31 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-07-31 THE END RESULT “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you,...
warminster100 Canada July 31 Jul 31 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-07-31 LIVING WATER “If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, "From his innermost ...
warminster100 Canada July 31 Jul 31 00
LINK Katie Hopkins - the truths behind the 'Second Wave' illusion - YouTube
WorldSigh July 30 Jul 30 11
American Conservatism Is Fiddling While Rome Burns
andreaostrov IL July 30 Jul 30 22
For me its interesting how in Europe there is competition between three religions for dominance. Christianity which dominated Europe for almost 2000 years is in decline. Islam is on the rise trough migration, both those who were invited and those who...
KrunoS Croatia July 30 Jul 30 33
Why Is Knowing Your Roots So Important?
SocialDarwin CA July 30 Jul 30 44
Breaking LiveNews HCQ Cure I'm watching Canada Live Stream on Daystar
YellowPill Canada July 30 Jul 30 00
BLM is using all the white liberal guilt to finance and push their agenda. The socialist misfits of antifa, and other varieties are being used by militant blacks in our society to add to their numbers for legitimacy, and to help create confusion. But...
KCSantiago TX July 30 Jul 30 11
Living truth Daily Devotion 2020-07-30 THE SHEEP AND THE GOATS “All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates ...
warminster100 Canada July 30 Jul 30 00
Tombstone Arizona: The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. (Jerry Skinner Documentary)
Andyman MD July 29 Jul 29 00
Black on White Crime American Renaissance Posted on November 15, 2019The Brutal Reality of Black on White Crime Chris Roberts, The Occidental Observer, July 27, 2019 Crime Scene Chalk Outline Credit Image: © Max Herman / NurPhoto via ...
Andyman MD July 29 Jul 29 22
If you haven’t heard Coleman Hughes podcast on BLM from July 20th, it’s worth a listen. Hughes calmly separates emotion from reason in a way few people are able to do today.
GeeMac Canada July 29 Jul 29 33
Jeffrey McDonald This is a very good article I found about this case for anyone who’s interested. FORT BRAGG MURDER CASE INTRIGUES 50 YEARS LATER Former Army doctor Jeffrey MacDonald, serving three life sentences for the deaths of his...
Andyman MD July 29 Jul 29 00
I watched a wonderful movie - (. It is a story of how a Welsh man discovered the Stalin imposed starvation of the people in the Ukraine. He was called a liar by everyone after he tried to tell the world the truth. It is...
PlacidThorn TN July 29 Jul 29 00
I am sick of two sides to every news story. Is Hydroxychloroquine good or bad for Covid 19, are the protests peaceful or riots. Is Trump building the wall or not. Does anyone just report facts anymore?
Mouser CT July 29 Jul 29 11
TOWARDS CANCELING THE FAR LEFT & THE FAR RIGHT PART 1 , defining the Ideological Environment and its terms. I will be using this simple graph of the political spectrum to define the radicals in either side of the spectrum as the far left and ...
drshallal July 29 Jul 29 22
“The generation that made the French Revolution had an extravagant conception of the omnipotence of man’s reason and the boundless range of his intelligence. For men to plunge headlong into an undertaking of vast change, they must be intensely ...
KrunoS Croatia July 29 Jul 29 11
Choose truth over MSM fiction!
jakuboj July 29 Jul 29 00