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Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the hysterical, hate-driven Left.
CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., etc., have made a FORTUNE hating Donald Trump and lying about everything he has said or done for over four years.

That's about to be over. You think they're going to stop? Not a chance.
They're simply going to turn those same guns on you. First, prominent Conservatives, obviously... that's well underway. Then anybody with a MAGA hat, but that's pretty much underway as well.
If nothing changes, they'll begin to target all Trump supporters (as defined by them), eventually that will mean anybody who fails to recite the contextually-correct Progressive Shahadah on-demand, or who has ever said the "wrong" thing; and the definition of "wrong" is a moving target for them. (I almost said "in public"... but private isn't really a thing anymore is it? Not for much longer anyway.)
Eventually they'll turn on each other as well, the way they did towards the end of the French Revolution.
All of these stages are already in-progress to some extent, even the "eating their own" stage. Control freaks are predictable if nothing else. If only we could ever learn from history... wouldn't that be smart?
Well, I mean... if only they could ever learn... we'd all be better off.

rway 7 Jan 18

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