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No evidence yet of hate crime in Atlanta area spa killings-

Just curious what fellow SLUG members think about that, do you believe Long is guilty of a hate crime, or do you believe addiction and mental illness were in play there? I added a poll below.

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SpikeTalon 10 Mar 22

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No such thing as a hate crime. Murder is Murder.... It is not made worse because of the ethnicity of the persons involved.


If he targeted them specifically BECAUSE they were Asian, you could call it a race-based hate crime, but this doesn't appear to be the case. He targeted them BECAUSE they were working in the sex industry. So maybe if you classify people based on profession rather than race you could argue that it somewhat was a 'hate crime' (i.e. that he only killed them because they were sex industry workers - no other reason).
Personally I think the guy was probably a failure in life, hated himself and projected that hate onto the workers (which he blamed, as a reason for hating himself and his life).


If you are not crazy, MURDER is a HATE crime!!!!

I should have said a racial crime instead of hate. When some of these people are using the word hate, they mean it to have been in a racial manner, and that Long was racist.

@SpikeTalon Why can't we just have HATE, why does "race" have to come into EVERYTHING???

@Serg97 I wonder that myself?


Definitely not a hate crime in my opinion. Instead of dealing with his addiction the right way, he shifts the blame to one of the sources of his temptation. The fact that the establishments he attacked are staffed by Asians is the reason 6 are dead, not because of racism. This is a case of complete moral failure by an irresponsible coward. People want this to be a hate crime in the worst way, but I'm not buying it unless the porn studio he planned to attack in FL is owned and staffed by Asians.


FBI says no

I would like to believe the FBI, but their credibility stinks currently.


Not sure I would call it a hate crime, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a love crime. I find it ridiculous to classify crimes as ordinary crimes and hate crimes. I think it’s safe to say that all premeditated crimes are based on some level of hate and not love.

Hate crime classification was begun for the purpose of stoking division among races and classes. Imho.


It sounds like he had some unresolved issues around sex and sexual providers. If his town had different workers it would have been them. Leave it to the left to gin-up race issues for years and create fake hate crimes (Smollette) and to stretch it into every death of a non-white person to stoke tensions. I wonder if they are paid in Yuan or their new digital currency...

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