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Democrats promise to do it all despite dissension in the ranks

*”We’re going to lean into the bipartisan discussions that are underway, with legitimacy and authenticity,” [Rep. Hakeem Jeffries] said. The second track, a budget reconciliation bill that allows a simple majority to pass legislation, would provide the path “to invest in the caring economy” if Republicans rejected those provisions, Jeffries said.

But if Schumer can pass the more ambitious provisions in his 50-50 Senate, and Jeffries in a House with just a nine-vote Democratic majority, their pursuit of the bipartisan bill befuddles. The bipartisan plan, with $580 billion in new spending, falls far short of the ambition that Biden has set out.

Logic states there’s a missing piece here, that Democratic centrists don’t actually want to go as far as their progressive colleagues do.

But... Republican Senators ... are growing more amenable to the [Democrats’] plan ...

They’re gambling that Democratic leaders are wrong about their centrist members and that an infrastructure deal will short-circuit, or at least diminish, Democrats’ plans for reconciliation.

They have to worry, though, that the Democratic leaders are right and that GOP support on infrastructure will make it easier for Democrats to move on Biden’s broader ambitions by lowering the price tag for a second bill.


Garsco 8 June 21

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