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What are your thoughts on immigration/illegal immigration?

I truly believe that legal immigration carried out in an orderly fashion is a positive thing for a country. I also believe that we need to have a solid border and we need to protect it and enforce our immigration laws. I don’t think it would be horrible to expect a certain % of immigrants to have skills we need. Thoughts?

Clammypollack 7 Mar 30

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I support immigration and assimilation. I do not support what I consider the failed experiment of multiculturalism.

Immigration should be based on it already is now in many Western countries. If we suffer from a shortage of bricklayers, we should favor applications from bricklayers. Even make a list of the occupations needed so that those considering applying can seek certificates or qualifications for desirable careers in the US.

People who break the law should suffer legal consequences within the US or be immediately deported. From the perspective of limited boarder resources, I would prefer the latter. I also think it would be wise to put a provision in that those caught trying to enter illegally would be forever refused a visa.

If you are going to have border laws, then enforce them. If society actually feels they are too strict, then change them, or eliminate the border. My libertarian side really doesn't hate the idea...but from a practical standpoint in todays world, I'm not sure an open border would be workable.

But what gets on my LAST nerve is idiots who don't like the laws so they blame those who enforce them (ICE, etc). Even though they had every opportunity in the 8 years prior to Trump, they did not change the laws. Now they make boogey men out of those who enforce them and have terrorists among them who attack the ICE facilities and are praised for it. That's retarded. Stop it. Change the laws, or shut up when they get enforced. You had your chance to change them. You didn't. Piss off.

multiculturalism is nothing short of institutionalized racism against Anglophone and Christian Canada. Without any form of buy-in from the people of Canada, Pierre Trudeau forced this agenda upon society. Multicultural policy in Canada has resulted in a marginalization of Anglophone Canada, and it will continue to do so as long as the policy exists.

Justin Trudeau entrenched Sikhism and Islam within society, while working to empower these ethnic communities well beyond what they deserve. Sikh-Canadians represent just 1.6% of the Canadian demographic, yet the community is fully empowered within Canadian politics.
No prime minister in history has ever behaved in such a biased manner toward a specific community in Canada. Justin Trudeau has promoted, financed, advanced and integrated the Nation of Islam into both society, and our federal political system.
No prime minister in history has ever behaved in such a biased manner toward a specific community in Canada. Justin Trudeau has promoted, financed, advanced and integrated the Nation of Islam into both society, and our federal political system.

M103, citizenship for terrorists, illegal border crossings, tens of million in non-profit organization funding. Billions to Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Syria, Jordan, Somalia and Burkina Faso.

Speaking of African nations, here is a most telling sign of the methodology of Justin Trudeau. After banning immigration from a handful of Third World nations, Donald Trump recently added three more countries to the mix: Nigeria, Sudan and Eritrea
smart– that’s what. Fact is, with Nigeria now developing into “New China” in terms of population explosion, Trump is dealing with the issue upfront.

Not so for Justin Trudeau. Turns out that at the same time Mr. Trump has banned migration from these African nations, Mr. Trudeau is about to board a plane on mission to sell Canada to various African governments.


There is no such thing as an 'illegal immigrant'. an immigrant is an individual who has successfully completed legal requirements to gain entry into the country. the correct term is 'illegal alien'.


I am the son of a German legal immigrant, married to a Canadian legal immigrant. ALL immigration to the US should be done through the established immigration laws and ALL those who violate those laws and enter the US illegally or remain here illegally should be deported, if caught. No immigrant to the US should receive US government monetary assistance. My German mother and my Canadian wife never received assistance of ANY kind when they came to the US, nor did they after they became American citizens through the immigration laws existing at the time of their immigration. Immigration to the US is a privilege, not a right, and only those who are a benefit overall and who can effectively be assimilated into American culture and society should be admitted. There should be a rigorous process to become an American citizen, and it should include learning how to speak English, learning American history, the Constitution, and how our government works.


There has to be some control. We as a country must determine who can and cannot live amongst our citizens. Welcome those that are safe and can contribute; not parasites , especially parasites that clearly hate our way of life. Oh look, there’s free stuff over there, let’s go get it! I don’t need no stinking paperwork. My wife came from europe the right and legal way. During the process , she could have been deported if she didn’t change her address with the Secretary of State. She had to show control of our language, knowledge of our government, have no communicable disease. But , now Mexicans et al just flood the open border and yell “racist “ if we object. We now have more TB, mealses, pertussis etc. Muslims? Really? Allow people in that have openly declared that we should be killed and or dominated. We must come to our senses and stop the invasion!


Costa Rica requires each individual who immigrates there to have a monthly income of at least $2,000. Australia, last time I checked, requires immigrants to have money in the bank and marketable skills or a profession. I imagine nearly every country in the world requires something of the people who immigrate there. The USA should also, if they don't. I have a friend who married a Costa Rican woman and they spent thousands and waited years for her to be naturalized. We might make it cheaper and faster (reduce red tape), but NEVER without a sacrifice. And NEVER illegally.

There is a similar minimum income requirement here in the UK. Unfortunately, it hasn't been thought through. Many of the occupations that we need new people to fill, such as nurses, agricultural workers and service industry staff, don't pay enough to meet that minimum income. Additionally, the amount set is very London-centric. Salaries around the rest of the country are a lot less. Consequently, if you live and earn in London, it's easier to bring your new spouse home. If you live in the provinces, it's a lot harder, if not impossible. This seems quite discriminitory against the indigenous population!

If most of the commentators in this site agree that immigration as of now is a disaster, why is the invsion actually increasing and Congress has yet to enact a law to stop this.


I believe that it is a designed, world invasion.

It is...the nwo wants a slave/serf population.
The (((N.W.O)))

Designed by whom?

@Rok19 Am I correct in thinking that triple brackets ((( ))) as you have used above is an anti-Semitic symbol?

@Incajackson the UN and EU...have you not heard of the Immigration Pakt..?

@Incajackson try a search to see who supports the caravans financially, pretty sure you'll find an answer professor ; ).

@uglykidmoe You seem somewhat reluctant to be up front about it. Why? If you have a particular view, why can't you be brave enough to say it straight?


I like and agree with LEGAL immigration and a strong border to control that immigration.

BUT, immigration is NOT a good thing without ASSIMILATION. If you immigrate to this country, be prepared to adopt the existing culture. You're coming here by choice and that's one of the choices you make.

Now... Be proud of your culture and share it with those that wish, but do not FORCE your culture on the existing society as a whole. A melting pot is a combination of the best of all cultures, not forcing a culture on what already exists. It's kind of like adding too much salt to a good soup. It ruins the whole pot. 😉

And yes, I think ANY country should be able to pick and choose who they allow into their country by whatever means or standards they choose.

Sir Paul Collier in his book "Exodus" drew the same distinction. He labelled them "separatist multiculturism" and "fusion multiculturism"; the former, bad and the latter, good.

He also explains that to maintain a sustainable balance, the rate of assimilation from the established diaspora must at least equal the rate of new arrivals. Otherwise, rates of immigration accelerate until assimilation becomes impossible.

@Incajackson Yeah... I'm not a history buff, but I think I recall there was a period where the US closed the border or heavily restricted immigration? To facilitate assimilation?

I may be completely wrong...


Properly managed immigration is a good thing for the nation. What we have now is far from properly managed. We have economic invaders at our southern border. Drug cartels, sex trade cartels, illegal labor cartels all best described as economic invaders pretending to be illegal aliens.

Similar to my objective to so many issues in this country- I just want laws to be applied justly and fairly. If it is unjust and duly inhibits our southern neighbors from access than change the law, don’t usurp it. Lawlessness is chaos and corruption is a plague. I am tired of Cartels and Politicians profiting off of the lack of pursuit.


I've never been opposed to immigration that is carried out legally. I do take issue with those who seek to circumvent our laws and make no effort to right their wrongs. My ancestors never disregarded the laws, and also never took a handout.


Require English of all immigrants as it was. Make English the language of the USA.


Control immigration. Remove illegal immigrants. Take DNA, photograph, fingerprints and eye scan of all illegals. Compar DNA of adults to accompanying children to verify parentage. If not parents charge with kidnapping and/or human trafficking. Build the wall IAW Trumps plan.


I think that we can expect 100% of immigrants to have skills. Immigration is not a RIGHT nor is it a charity drive for the disenfranchised. Immigrants who don't have the intellectual and language skills for a Western modern society don't tend to do well. Many of them end up self segregating into their own cultural and language ghettos and into crime, which is a low skill level way to earn a living. No one should be allowed in if they can't support themselves.


Personally I believe that any national population needs to be as homogeneous as possible, in order to avoid the kind of chaos we're enduring at the moment. At best, immigrants should come from the region where the original population emigrated. Bringing people from another race into a region where a dominant population already exists always causes trouble. It takes at least several generations for any new ethnic group to become assimilated properly into the dominant population. At the most, rates of immigration from other ethnic groups should be set at never more than 1% of the current population of the country, so as not to disturb the ethnic balance. This would allow an adequate response time to the new migrants from the existing population and also permit a slow, steady integration into the pre-existing society.


I think you can have free flow of labor OR a welfare state, not both. If the US insisted on a Federal/State safety net rather than community driven safety nets then we must secure our boarders, stop chain migration and permit work visas for employer sponsored alians.

You nailed it! Turn off the welfare magnet and it will reduce the insurgent problem to manageable levels. Also, end birthright citizenship.

@ScottThomson you are so right about birthright citizenship! The birth tourism industry alone should be reason enough to shut that down.

Im disabled white American on Welfare and I don't see alot of Mexicans sitting in the welfare office, I do see alot drug addicts lets deport all of them. All the Mexican nationals here walk around with pockets full of cash from working hard not ebt cards.

@CraigCollins I think we basically agree. The federal government should not be in the business of providing social benefits, those types of programs are best provided at the community level. Then the free flow of labor would benefit all parties


Legal immigration is out of the window, So many have been following the long winding path to become citizens now libs and progressives are opening th gates (no gates really) letting any and all invade. Too many unskilled, unhealthy, unethical, and ignorant of our country's meaning to the rest of the world.


Yes I believe that is true. Building a wall would greatly reduce the amount of illegal immigration. I believe that the people who are waiting for their chance at the American dream are the ones who are really getting trampled on by illegal immigration. How would anyone like it if you were waiting in line to get into the greatest amusement park in the whole world and a group of people just walked right up to the front of the line and got in then the people at the gate said that you would have to wait until their was room for you? How would you take that? My guess is probably not well.

We have friends from the Philippines who have family members who have been waiting to come here for years.


I've now been told it's shameful to refer to the hoards of illegals swarming our borders as invaders. Can I call them thieves? They enter and we have to spend millions of our tax money for their care!


Immigration is when someone from a foreign land knocks on the front door and asks to come in

"Illegal immigration" is when they sneak around back and break in through a window

Kinda THAT simple

Ted Nugent had a picture in his book "Red, White and Ted" that was captioned "Border Security" and was a 50 caliber machine gun ("MA Duece", the M2)

I'm not advocating gunning down illegals, but think about it, the Berlin Wall was very effective with the combo of Razor wire and manned machine gun posts

With the extreme violence of the MS 13 gang (Mara Salvatrucha) maybe they should be the exception of the no killing policy. You can spot them very easily by the facial tattoos.


My 2¢


To say that one is either for or against immigration is too simplistic and possibly the wrong question. It's a bit like asking are you for or against eating. The pertinent questions are how much is too little, how much is too much, and what type of food should you eat to stay healthy?

One must also think of the effects of immigration in the short, medium and long terms. Additionally, one must consider the effects, both economically and socially, on the host population, the migrants themselves and the populations of the countries of origin.

There are many permutations and often unforeseen consequences. As Jordan Peterson would say, "It's complicated!"


Anyone here who does not come in thru the legal channels should be deported Immediately,, they have broken OUR laws ... If people do not understand the need AND INTENT TO INTEGRATE INTO our society , they will not be any benefit to us or to themselves in the long run,, If people are allowed to remain in our country illegally lowers the integrity and morals of the whole of our country,,, those who value our country’s benefits must also value OUR STANDARDS and culture and be required to fully assimilate


For decades our immigration program here in Canada was effective. Immigrants were grateful to be accepted, learned our language, and fitted in with our culture.

Now, it's all gone to hell in a handbasket. I have walked down some of our main streets and not heard even one word of English.We're forming ghettoes.


I believe immigrants should be given the opportunity to come to America to make a better life for themselves and their families. I don't believe open borders is the way to do it. More centers for incoming immigrants and more legitimate ways to be here legally is what we need. I truly believe there are bad people who would hurt this country and the people will always try to get here. There are a lot of very smart people in this country, so I'm sure the right people could come up with a solution.
It's easy to pass judgment on a group of people in an abstract approach, but I see visitors to this country face to face who sincerely want to be here to build a better life for themselves. All those who want to be here aren't bad.
Control the inflow now so we can concentrate on welcoming those who want to be here for legitimate reasons. We need immigrants and we need to welcome them in a controlled manner.


I believe that control on migrants coming to the United States has to be something necessary to protect them the same migrants that travel, when I lived in Chile I had the opportunity to live with illegal migrants that had it rough spending nights and weeks living on the cold street with out resources exposing their wife and daughter to prostitution, I help as I could, but If the country that receive the migrant does not have the conditions to assure a good establishment for those coming then they should not come, the sanctuary polices working on states such as California are irresponsible for the American people. (I'm an American CItizen, with a double nationality with Chile, that is why I do live inside the USA and had the opportunity to study inside Chile and lived this experience).


We are all immigrants, our ancestors worked with what they had to survive. We have immigration now that either hate western democracy and want to be a part of ending it ,or want to suck the very life out of the good in society. In between we have those who really want to just live a good life , and then we have the truly evil , gangs, drugs, child sex traffickers, pedophiles, human trafficking, money laundering the list goes on. If we are going to be a sovereign nation then we have the right as a Canadian to have basic ethics that hold our base together. That has been lost, in my opinion.


I grew up with the illegal immigrants being scattered like roaches at a crack house around the Dallas area. The sad thing is they are still there! Until we get a Congress that will close the loopholes and get rid of all the illegals, we are stuck paying for them.

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