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I need some good alternatives to mainstream media...suggestions?

I need some good alternatives to mainstream media in both Canada and the USA, any suggestions?

Carolee 5 Apr 4

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I am very concerned about Islamists coming into our country and imposing their horrible ideologies upon us. The mainstream media mostly reports positive things about their ideology which is horrifiying to me so I mostly watch other news outlets. I am subscribed to the Blaze with Mark Levin and Glenn Beck etc. I also have a subscription to the Toronto Sun and I enjoy Jordon Peterson and Denis Prager and I am a fan of Fox News. I am totally opposed to C.B.C because they are paid by we the taxpayers but they are very far left.


Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, Sean Hannity, BlazeTV


Media consumption is an active, participative sport. The days of spoon-fed, passive, couch-potato are far gone.

Become your own curator and use YouTube as your source material. After you search and watch a few videos of interest to you, I have found the YouTube algorithm does a pretty good job of suggesting additional videos on similar topics (and yes, YouTube is specifically dark on certain topics of interest to Google). I stay away from YouTube feeds and clips from the mainstream media and seek out content from YouTubers and story principles.


Uh ... for what purpose?
Cato Institute and are quite good. (But they’re not exactly “news” )
OAN (One America News), (a news aggregator) American Thinker (part of the John Birch Society) and for a somewhat Left view ... but not rabidly ... the Hill.
Seriously, there are several “alternates” but the best way is to look at a bunch of different sources (Left/Center/Right) and develop your own “feel”


Daily Wire and Rush Limbaugh. You will get all of the national news and every angle of the issue. Rush covers all points of view. Shapiro criticizes Trump, Klavan's neutral, Knowles is proTrump, this is the most honest way to learn the news.


Washington Post - Quality US paper

The Guardian - Shadow of its former self, but decent for news.

BBC- Oversimplified but balanced.

In other words, no, there are not good alternatives to the mainstream media. They are more accountable than alternative sources are, and are fairly balanced in their coverage (ie they cover what is important).

Being “biased” is not a serious issue. Once you have read a paper long enough you become well acquainted with its prejudices anyway; at that point the only concern you have is omission and mainstream papers will not omit major stories.

Reading a paper because you like what it says or you find yourself in agreement with it mostly is the absolute worst case scenario because then you end up becoming uncritical. You should be on your guard.

Last but not least “commentators” are not the news. They write opinion pieces. Some very enlightening but not impartial truth, and while they may appear in mainstream media, they are not news sources.

Stop watching/reading:

Russia Today
Fox News
The Daily Mail
The Daily Caller
The Federalist

I disagree 100%. WP is a propaganda rag!!

"...there are not good alternatives to the mainstream media." ??? I almost stopped reading the rest of your post. But I kept reading, and when you come around to "Stop watching/reading:" and give a list of sources, that completely countered your paragraph "Reading a paper.......on your guard."

@VigilantOne If you think there are independent news sources which have the resources and face enough scrutiny to compete with mainstream outlets then I would love to know about them.

You don’t though, because online media doesn’t make enough money to produce quality independent journalism, and is too niche to be scrutinised properly.

Here’s a challenge for you. Go on Brierbart’s website and try and find out what the process is to submit a correction. Because last time I checked, it didn’t exist.

Now try the New York Times. It’s on the main menu of their website. Just one simple example of the difference between a newspaper of record and worthless garbage.

And the same applies to both Fox News and the Daily Mail, neither of which have a method of submitting corrections. Meaning that the only way to get these newspapers to change their stories is by getting a lawyer involved.


Jesse Lee Peterson. BETAAAAAA


You have a reason to be worried about Islamic immigration.


The Post Millennial
The Spectator
The Federalist


Tim Pool is left of centre, but he tries hard to be neutral. True North is good for unbiased Canadian news. Black Pigeon does a decent global report with nice production value; although, he doesn’t put out a lot of content. Some other decent independents in Canada are: Joe Hazelton—Rebel Media—Billy Joyce—Phil Brown2 (a little coarse language, but he does great research work)—Faith Goldy On Canada First—Paul Joseph Watson in Britain—Frank Vaughan (although he hasn’t put out a video for 2 weeks, I’m not sure what he is up to)—Peter Sweden in Scandinavia—Paul Nielsen in Europe—The Daily Wire in USA—-CBN for a Christian slant on world news the msm does NOT report—-CanadaPoli—-Willem Petzer for South Africa—- WeAreChange USA/global—- TRNews (you may get a 404 message because Tommy Robinson is being unpersoned! Just click on the news link at the top of the page and you are in!) here: [] — Avi Yemini in Australia—and of course Lauren Southern for documentaries.


My yardstick is whether the source actively hammers on both political parties. If they are willing to tear into, for example, Trump and Obama, you are on to something. Both parties are absolutely terrible, so if you are not hearing substantive negative news mixed in about each, they aren't worth your time.


I look at many outlets and read between the lies. I really haven't found one without some bias.


Ya, smash your TV!


BBC, AlJazeera, Reuters for news. I use these three in combination for my news.

wasn't it reuters who withheld info on beto while he was running against cruz? have you heard of OAN (one america news)?

@gramcracker Looks like it []. But you will notice, it seems to have been the reporter's actions, not the organization itself:

"Newswire service Reuters revealed over the weekend that one of its reporters sat on an explosive story about former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) until after his contentious election battle against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) last year, only publishing the story once O'Rourke officially announced his presidential candidacy."

None of these three are perfect, but in combination, they provide pretty good coverage from many angles. Relying on one source for ALL your info is a dangerous and foolish idea IMO.

I agree completely, multiple news sources are a MUST! However, if you rely on the BBC for any of your news, I strongly urge you to watch this video, regardless of your feelings about Tommy Robinson. The subject matter is news accuracy.


@gramcracker From Wikipedia:

“[OAN] has also been noted for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.”

Ditch OAN and stick with Reuters.

@WorldSigh Sure - BBC kinda sucks, but you do get some POV that are intriging + the fact it is external to the US. I don't consider Reuters middle/neutral, but AlJazeera definatly offsets the BBC bias. I wold consider the three to be more of a Mexican Standoff, where the truth is somewhere in the middle of the three.

@jondspen I do check in on the msm to keep in touch with what direction the corporate syndicates are attempting to heard the population. I just take everything with a huge grain of salt.
I find a more consistently candid view in the reporting of smaller independents. They also tend to cover stories none of the msm outlets even mention. What is not reported by msm is one of the reasons I do NOT trust them. As well as their huge and obvious bias of course.



The Federalist
Bearing Arms
The Knife
American Lookout
Libertarian Republic

You forgot hickok 45 haha


I watch, at least parts of most "news". Then I consider what I've heard and make my own decisions. Some of the "fake news" stations get little of my time, but I watch for a good laugh.


I have to say I listen to rt, which is Russia today and al jazeera, at least you know their bias. But the news coverage is much superior to our MSN in North America. The BBC and cbc are so opinionated, they are spoon feeding how we should react to their emotional stories, or as I call some of the "news stories" parables. Also, on the internet, where you find news that is not reported.. I love rebel media.

2 by Robert Spencer is also, highly factual!


[] will post links to stories from reliable non-mainstream sources.


I follow
Tim Pool (for honesty)
Black Pigeon Speaks (for mature analysis)
Alex Jones (for the conspiracy theory)
Steven Crowder (for infotainment)
There are others but partisan so I won't add them to the suggestions.

“others but partisan”

As if anyone you just mentioned isn’t a partisan hack. BPS? Crowder?

@InternetDorkWeb they have their biases but they are still moderate IMO.


I watch a no advertisement video of "The Five" to hear some smart alec news on a humorous note, make sure Washington is not in flames, then search on DuckDuckGo to verify anything of interest.


In America i particularly like The Red Elephants Vincent James, his videos are a bit longer but incredibly informative with factual evidence.
Renaissance Horizon, i think he is Canadian. The videos are shorter but he explains everything in a very good manner.
Rebel media in Canada i also highly recommend!


Check out Mark Levin's podcast, you can follow it on Spotify.


What really happened, with Mike Revero onRBN. I usually just get the program off YouTube.

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