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This crap going on from those protesting the Rittenhouse Trial reminds me of a poem I read in school a few decades ago, a poem called We Real Cool...

We real cool, we left school.
We lurk late, we strike straight.
We sing sin, we thin gin.
We jazz June, we die soon.

As dark as this may sound to some, if there be violent protesting after the Rittenhouse Trial verdict, I predict alot of the protesters could end up dead. Hearing some of those protesters speak is eerily similar to the vibe in the above poem, truly crazy times we live in...

SpikeTalon 10 Nov 17

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A few decades ago? Ooh. Another old fart like me?

As to "peaceful protesters"? Go ahead. Charge that line of Guardsmen with bayonets. Go ahead.
Please, please, let there be video. That could be as good as that Antifa idiot who tried to throw a Molotov at a bunch of coppers and dropped it -- on his leg. Great dance.


Sad times when we have the main stream press preaching hatred toward this kid who was trying to do the right thing and ended up being attacked by crazies and had to shoot them in order to survive. Feel for the jury.........

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