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“I told you so.“
— George Orwell (from the grave)

News story: George Orwells 1984 to be rewritten from a feminist perspective, (apparently by people with no sense of irony).

Excerpt from 1984:
“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten”


Wordmage 8 Dec 13

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So, does current year suggest that neither 1984 nor Brave New World were ever going to be expressed in reality? If written today, one might portray both visions simultaneously, somewhere along the lines of what? 80% of us living happily in Brave New World, and all but the smallest portion living out the extremes of 1984. Mos of the early dissenters would be turned by some special attention and some free shit, wouldn't we?

Sadly, I think we've already seen what happens with a fair percentage of dissenters who are (have been) turned by "free shit." And those who have been frightened into mass compliance "for health." And then, after two years of indoctrination, have been transformed into informants & citizen-enforcers of unjust edicts.


This is one of those projects that really could be done well, probably not through the lens of feminism, but maybe from a woman's perspective. Many stories can be toyed with to great benefit if sort of considered from the perspective of one or more of the minor characters.

I have low expectations for this project, given current year.

As a writer, I agree with your statement that 1984 could be effectively re-envisioned from a woman's (or other character's) POV for a wider contemporary impact.

As an informed patriot, I concur with your low expectations for what the named writer will do to the story in 2021-2022.

In short, I believe it's going to be a butcher job by a partisan hacks.


Obama is so busy these days crafting his legacy of a perfect Presidential administration.

I can't really say you're wrong.

@Wordmage He had zero scandals during his administration he likes everyone to know.

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