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Are humans gods?

If the balance of good and evil/moral and immoral decisions, actions, speech, etc. Lay across the heart of every human and the aftermath of the consequences is where ones soul could arguably be in heaven (enjoying the benefits of good decisions, etc.) or in hell (ridiculed by guilt of bad decisions etc.)

If this is true, could we humans be the gods?

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204sfx 3 Apr 13

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However collectively humanity invented them.


If we are the Gods, the universe is a bad joke


I would recommend you do some study in the subjects of Theology, Mythology, Philosophy, Human Psychology, World History, Literature and more. The idea is to gain some perspective on life itself and its debatable meaning. I will tell you my own ideas about God. God is the source of the universe and all things great and small within the universe. God is perfection and immortal -God has no beginning and no end. Human beings are mortal - every thing in the universe including mankind is of a temporal spacial nature. Every thing is in constant motion and on its way to where no one can know. The thing that sets humans apart from everything else (here on Earth) is our sentience. We are self aware. We posses intellect, imagination, language, curiosity and mostly an innate need (not a desire mind you) to search for meaning. Concepts of infinity, mortality, heaven, hell, God can never be fully comprehended. One thing for certain; humans are antithetical to any notion or concept of God or what God must be. Good luck to you.


Looks like I stand alone. LOL


Not yet, but our souls may become a part of God when we pass.


We are demi Gods, our self awareness given life by the original supreme consciousness. We can bend reality with our consciousness, assuming you ascribe to the Copenhagen interpretation and Biblical scripture.

Not entirely, there's lots I'm still undecided on and probably haven't even pondered on yet. Religion was around me as a kid but not in the ways it should have been so i could learn the lessons in a meaningful way. I just had the wild west of the internet to pull information from as I came across it. The internet to me is an encyclopedia with a built in messenger. All I know is that there is an era coming to an end and a new dawn on the horizon and I'm just trying to make sense of who I am and wondered if we were gods since there aren't other beings like us even in our own ecosystem of solar systems that we've found so far

@204sfx religion is often an obstacle to knowing God. And it is strange that we are seemingly the only sentient beings around


What do you mean, "we"?

I mean we as in humankind


We are not GOD'S but we do have working abilities we no longer use why is debatable. But children do say the darnest thing's


Not even close.

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