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How long before IDW puts T & FB out of biz?

How long before IDW puts Twitter and Facebook out of biz?

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EmbarrassingMom 6 Apr 17

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This is the only social site I have ever joined. I guess that says a lot.


Gotta say though, I think their own gross mismanagement will likely do themselves more harm than this sight (or any others) will ever do


I don’t think FB will ever get out of business. There are so many people who don’t want to be woken.


The great unwashed masses have been too thoroughly indoctrinated to ever completely abandon the serotonin rush of the “like”. In a world that seeks self-meaning from the validation of others, introspection and honest, intelligent dialog is deeply discounted. To the detriment of society and the individual. But hey!! My selfie got 47 likes!!! So…..I’m kind of a big deal.


I'm deleting my old Facebook, creating a new profile, inviting my friends then never posting again. It'll rot without me.


They'll provide some competition so FB and T will have to make themselves more attractive and perhaps bring about some needed policy changes. If not they may become dinosaurs and consequently subject to extinction.


There is always a large supply of those that can't reason but wish to express their 1 cent ideas (less value than a thinker's 2 cents)

I'll go back to my tablet now.... PC doesn't have a "cents" symbol


Have never has a twitter account. Deleted my Facebook account > 5 years ago.
They are absolute poison today.
Hard to believe that the reason I wouldn't touch them is the fact that they stored and kept the data. Compared with what they are doing today, seems like peanuts.


Compared to them, we're like 12 people.

12 smart people

Twelve polite smart people

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