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How does one post a link to a video *list*

There appears to be a problem with how IDW interprets YouTube links that are not to specific videos but to lists. When the link is included in a post, IDW previews a video-player box in the post, but clicking on it only returns an error. Likewise, if the link to a channel is included, clicking on it does not take the user to that channel, it just displays an error. So, how can one include a link to either a YouTube channel or a playlist that will act the way it's supposed to? What I have had to do so far is caution readers of my posts, "Remove the extraneous spaces from before and after the word 'YouTube' before pasting this link into your browser's address bar."

Here's an example of a playlist link as I have had to post it:
[www]. youtube . Com/playlist?list=PLuXxHEHGRVu-vjEheufbmFS8-vEkIOh06

And here's an example of the same playlist link without spaces inserted:

@Admin, will this be addressed soon, or is there a better workaround that I'm just not aware of yet?

Wordmage 8 Apr 19

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Here is a screenshot of what the "preview" of the playlist looks like and a screenshot of the error displayed when I click the play button on the [it's not a video, it's a playlist]. The third screenshot is the YouTube playlist as it should display in a new tab when the link is clicked. Users/viewers/readers should not have to reconstruct the link and remove extraneous spaces or square brackets, in my estimation. I have also seen a similar error displayed in a non-playable play box when I have tried to include a link such as, "Hey, friends, you should subscribe to this:

<div data-src="

Once again, just for reference, here is the actual link I'm trying to use in this instance:

This is the behavior I encounter on my desktop computer using the Chrome browser. I haven't tested other browsers; so far, I have only used the phone app for making and reading comments, not for originating posts. Thanks for your attention, @Admin.


@admin what ya think??

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