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Russian attack aircraft with nuclear weapons on board violate Swedish air space as Sweden mulls NATO membership-

SpikeTalon 10 Mar 31

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Howdy @SpikeTalon,

Angela Merkel achieved peacefully everything in Europe that Kaiser Wilhelm II tried to achieve by conquest. Russia could have chosen Angela Merkel's methods, but instead it chose Stalin's

Russia's attack on Ukraine has reawakened generations of fear in the Finns and Swedes. Putin's response was to spike that fear with a nuclear display.


members of NATO or not if Russia nuked Finland and Sweden USA - NATO would retaliate...actually I believe if Russia were to do something as stupid as that they would go ahead and make an all out attack against all NATO member - especially USA


NATO is a target for nuclear strikes by Russia if NATO threatens Russia. If you then join NATO you too will be a target. Not rocket science?

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