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Do you have the paper delivered anymore?
Which paper? If you do, does it arrive?

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Facci 7 Apr 23

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I didn't even know they still made those anymore


Where I live, subscribers routinely fail to receive their paper. Their new policy is they won't cover them in plastic bags when it rains. They will go out of business by Christmas.


You need a new category. I don't subscribe to any newspapers but my town delivers one to me anyway-- two I think actually. But I don't have a clue what either one is called, I don't care, they accumulate at the foot of my driveway until trash day. It annoys me that I have to bend down and pick them up to put them into the trash can. I wish they would stop.


Doubt anyone on this site gets the paper delivered. I voted no but just remembered we do have a community paper that comes to the door unsolicited.

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