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The next climate change target: cement-

SpikeTalon 10 June 24

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Seems as though all these “climate studies and climate scientists” come up with more and more supposed sources of carbon emissions and their portion of total emissions. Are the percentage totals from all these sources (cement, farts, belches, auto exhaust, airplane exhausts, factory emissions, forest fires, etc) neatly contained within the 100% total of all sources of emissions in the world? I mean all these sources can’t add up to more than 100%. Someone should do a study …


And if we go back to mud huts, there will be an issue with depleting natural mud. Same with straw. Same with any other material.
They just want us to die.

That they do. They're miserable and want to drag the rest of us down with them.


To save the planet we all must go back and live in caves. And please don't fart as that is releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.


Will green concrete involve more mining of rare elements? I wonder. And I thought the curing of concrete absorbed carbon.


Bags of cement fart methane too?

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