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You know that video circulating around on various social media platforms (including on here) that depicted Ukrainian Azov Battalion members crucifying and then setting fire to Russian POWs? Well, it's a bunch of unverified horseshit that's been all over the Net since about 2015, and certainly has nothing to do with the recent Russia/Ukraine conflict. A Twitter account, cannot remember the name now, recently shared the video in question, and the avatar for said account was the communist hammer & sickle. Looks like the tweet in question has been taken down, good thing Musk's revised factcheck system was working like it should. No one in their right mind should ever take such people seriously, and any so-called conservative should always question any sort of account like that linked to communist propaganda...

There is no evidence that Azov soldiers are burning Russian soldiers alive on a cross, and the video circulating on the Internet is seven years old and has nothing to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine-

SpikeTalon 10 Nov 24

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Never heard of any such video. Not really interested

You aren't missing anything, it was a fraud anyways.


That video was the original excuse for Russia to attack Ukraine during the Obama administration.


Both sides have been accused of torturing prisoners by neutral sources. [I think]

Sources like SouthFront and Sputnik are/were hardly neutral towards the Ukrainian side. That said, I'm sure Ukraine are playing some dirty tactics as well, but all of that could be a form of retribution for what their citizens have endured at the hands of the Russian Federation. If I were a Ukrainian and got word that loved ones were killed in a Russian attack on civilian infrastructure, I'd be out for blood myself at that point, and would seek to fight back accordingly.

@SpikeTalon Do you at least agree that the clown in Ukraine is trying his very best to expand and foster hostilities between NATO and Russia?

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