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I am a disabled Marine and a widower for 37 years. I love Jesus Christ, pure science, speculative fiction, anthropology and history, especially military history. I struggle with my weight, mostly because my disability makes exercise difficult.


Tim Pool discusses the destruction of New York.
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Aug 7, 2020:
The Democrats are obviously shilling for Xi. If the CCP wants to destroy America, they're happy to oblige.
A quick and easy sound damper is hang curtain shears around the walls of the room.
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Aug 6, 2020:
Another way to kill the echo if the curtains are not enough is to affix the pressed paper flats from egg crates to the walls behind the curtains. The shape of the pressed paper deflects sound in ways that eliminate the nasty hollow sound of a room. This was often used by musicians who wanted to echo-proof their home studios on a budget.
This made me laugh lol.
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Jul 14, 2020:
You're correct, Daisy, he does have some twisted logic. The breakdown comes with the fact that they're lying about the mask's efficiency at protection from the virus. All it does is starve the wearer of oxygen. If the wearer is sick, he can still distribute virus particles in his breath. And if the wearer is not sick, the mask won't stop particles from contacting the eyes or passing through the mask.
More from Sky News! My editorial/discussion on why the government should butt out of Arts funding.
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Jun 30, 2020:
Art is a prime example of why the government ought to stay out of people's lives as much as possible. Whatever the government touches is rotted out like a piece of fruit that has sat upon the counter for a month too long.
Posted by a guy named Michael on Facebook. Can you think of any reasons?
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Jun 28, 2020:
I saw that meme on 8cun. Q Anon reposted it. I'd love to congratulate the memesmith who made it. If you find out whose work it is, send that person my thanks.
I am quite sure not ALL museums are included
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Jun 27, 2020:
My observation is that the non-black people in BLM are more racist against Black people than the rest of the country. Notice that the majority of companies looted and communities trashed are the ones Black people are in. When they burn down a Macy's store, it's not on 5th Avenue in New York City. No, it's in Harlem.
Let us know your ideas on how to improve this new site!
FuzzyMarineVet comments on Jun 26, 2020:
Don't ban people with whom you disagree, spotlight them so all can see why you disagree. Open discourse is the best way to shine light upon bad ideas and enhance good ones.

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