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LINK This Neurologist Shows You How You Can Avoid Cognitive Decline | Dr. Dale Bredesen on Health Theory - YouTube

This Neurologist Shows You How You Can Avoid #cognitivedecline  | Dr. Dale Bredesen on Health Theory: Are you dealing with mental fog most days, crashing in the afternoons, and just blaming it on lack of sleep or stress? Cognitive decline is known to begin as early as your 30s and has become the accepted norm with aging, yet many of us don’t even recognize it at its onset. In this episode, an international expert in #Neurodegenerative #Diseases Dr. Dale Bredesen talks with Tom about the reversibility of cognitive decline and #alzheimers disease. While Alzheimer’s disease is well known as a progressive disease impacting seniors, too many people are missing the opportunity to course correct and reverse the effects of cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s in their younger years. He explains simple ways to improve these conditions, avoid them, and enhance your mental cognition. He discusses the importance of reducing toxins and exposes four factors that are largely responsible for the decline in optimal cognitive performance.

Aztex2020 7 Jan 12

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