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I agree with the following, nothing genuinely liberal these days about the far-left, and the terms "leftist" or "leftwinger" would be more fitting terms to describe such people. Progressive isn't exactly the best term either to describe them, and admittedly I'm in the habit of using that term, although I use leftwinger too. And the word liberal is derived from liberty, as in individual liberties.

They are intolerant, divisive, and anti-liberty. Call them leftists, not liberals-

SpikeTalon 10 Mar 14

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How about, POS RETARDS ????????? Call them what they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just DIC"S" will do!


“Liberals” were infiltrated by socialist and communists in the 1950’s when it became clear that communism was not going to conquer the world through military power.

So they chose the group of people they believed most easily influenced to be converted to socialism.

They did this again with the green movement, then the climate change movement and later the woke movement.


For some time I've ceased calling them liberal. I use left, left wing, politically left, far left, and Marxist, and other similar terms to describe therm.


For the most part, the left were liberal (and still are) when it came to tolerating anti-social and anti-American behavior. When they came out for free speech, it wasn't because they were in favor of free speech per se, but that they were promoting and defending only certain kinds of speech.

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