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I need help.
Hanno comments on Dec 3, 2020:
Why are you picking on the religious today? 😂 No seriously, emotional thinking is a much older part of our brain functions and happens in a different area in our brains than logical thinking. Researchers are of course not 100% certain but the understanding is that emotional thinking occur in the oldest part of our brain, that what we share with reptiles. Logical thinking occurs in the newest part of our brains we share only with higher mammals. Unfortunately, the oldest part of the brain is in control and regulates the newer sections. Emotional thinking will always trump logical thinking and we are all subject to it. That “gut” feeling you have... we always listen to that rather than sound reasoning.
Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are Designed To Succeed
Hanno comments on Dec 3, 2020:
If it is too good to be true, it probably is not. I must say I am surprised you would post that. I fully agree with you and have been very sceptical... however this not my field so I tried to trust the “experts” and somehow still hope they are right and I am wrong. However it just does not work like that... throwing all the worlds brains to solve a problem only works when it a new problem, not something we have tried to solve and somehow managed to get it right. Vaccines takes years for a reason. I sooo want to be wrong on this one.
Nasdaq Requirements Erase Women, Requires Companies to Hire Director Who ‘Self-Identifies as ...
Hanno comments on Dec 2, 2020:
One giant step back for the empowerment of woman.
Historical Moments NtfSpoaovelctlnrmicbnufeur 2mos9 oarihtledoe 1l0:1mec4 AM · Simone Segouin, ...
Hanno comments on Dec 2, 2020:
She must have been 14 at the time of the invasion (born in October 1925, invasion May 1940), otherwise very interesting. She would have been 18 when France finally liberated.
Yesterday, Bill Barr, the US AG has stated "“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could...
Hanno comments on Dec 2, 2020:
Why would you eliminate State issues? The rest are fair questions. My quick reading of the Powell papers suggest she has done much of this work already.
“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the people must...
Hanno comments on Dec 1, 2020:
Adolf Hitler also believed eating vegetables and whole grains are good for your health. Stalin believed education is crucial for children. Just because they agree with something, it does not mean that something is automatically wrong. Much of what Hitler said in Mein Kampf and what Marx said in his Manifest are correct and true. Does not mean Everything they say is true.
MMM, is this just another US, 'Christian' hating page?
Hanno comments on Dec 1, 2020:
It is simply because Christians are posting here on a Atheist page. If Muslims and Hindoes would post on here, they would get the same responses. Christianity is not special.
Is COVID a hoax? [facebook.]
Hanno comments on Dec 1, 2020:
The existence of the disease is not a hoax. The idea that Trump is solely responsible for All the COVID deaths and ensuing economic troubles is a hoax. The initial response to the disease was most likely not a hoax or a conspiracy (in the West at least). The continued response and increased reaction one may question, although I would not call that a hoax either.
Cooked in red wine, lots of onion, too. 😂
Hanno comments on Nov 30, 2020:
Medium rare is the trick! Over cook it and it takes like liver ðŸĪĒ
If you are fearful that the new generation of voters don’t get it, read this article written by ...
Hanno comments on Nov 29, 2020:
And there you have in a nutshell why all great civilisations fall. The troubling thing is that the last generation before the fall always fail to see it coming. Western civilisation will fall, it has to. We have not evolved enough not to. And it is likely to happen in our generation and we completely fail to see it coming. Just like all the civilisations before us.
At This Point, Almost ANYTHING Put Out by the CDC is Laughable Remember all those films where ...
Hanno comments on Nov 29, 2020:
It also implies the opposite. The mortality rate is therefore also 8 times lower than they calculated. 264 000 deaths from 53 000 000 equals a mortality rate of 0,49%, which surprise surprise is what Germany calculated months ago (0,47%).
The Problem With Otherizing I see so many people denying that they are racist.
Hanno comments on Nov 28, 2020:
The problem is that no one thinks they are sinners. I am a sinner, you are a sinner. The worst kind of sinner is the one who does not KNOW he is a sinner. How do you know you are a sinner... because you are human. Does not matter if you did actually did something that hurt others or yourself... you are a sinner! You can only be saved from this sin if you confess you are a sinner and believe in the Great Spaghetti Monster. You are guilty! You see, people have been coming up with this BS for Millenia...
The Problem With Otherizing I see so many people denying that they are racist.
Hanno comments on Nov 28, 2020:
Now racism is no longer anything to do with race? Being sexist is now racism ? Lol! Do you just change the meaning of words as you go along?
Are my posts about recent Farm Attacks in South Africa too much?
Hanno comments on Nov 28, 2020:
No, please continue. Also note that the numbers of blacks murdered everyday still exceed white and farmer deaths by a large margin. Who are committing these murders/attacks are another matter. Per capita, it is a of course very significant, however most farmers are not in immediate danger.
Cooperative, organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services.
Hanno comments on Nov 28, 2020:
Farmer cooperatives were common in South Africa when I grew up and I worked for a large fertiliser cooperative in NZ. They are not socialist institutions. Farmers still do their own thing in a free market system. The cooperations still operate in a capitalist system. The difference here is that farmers voluntarily participate in cooperations, where as in a socialist system farmers cannot choose. Communal does not imply communism. Social benefit does not imply socialism.
Amy Adams and Glenn Close are defending their new movie “Hillbilly Elegy”, which woke critics ...
Hanno comments on Nov 28, 2020:
I literally just watched it. Was a bit freaked out when I saw this post just after finishing the movie. It is a very good movie and some fantastic performances from Glenn Close and Amy Adams. It talks about the important stuff... taking personal responsibility. Taking care of family. And yes, white privilege does not apply to MANY whites.
Damn, the waiter is too quick-witted! 😂
Hanno comments on Nov 26, 2020:
I would like a crocodile sandwich, and make it snappy!
"Marxism represents the most striking phase of the endeavor to eliminate the dominant significance ...
Hanno comments on Nov 26, 2020:
Imagine we are able to destroy individualism and have everybody equal and equatable. No Olympic Games. No Noble Prizes. No art, music, or unique cultures... because we all are equally good at everything and having someone be special at anything praises the individual. No games or sport, because no one can win and there may not be losers. No laughter because some can’t be happy while others are sad. No one is beautiful, or funny, or admirable. No one excels or make a difference. No colours, no fashion or anything of beauty or excellence. Because those things are all about individual.
Death is the limit that gives life a meaning. We would probably do nothing if life was endless.
Hanno comments on Nov 26, 2020:
We would probably do NOTHING if life was endless.
Happy Thanksgiving! This morning, I give thanks to Karl Marx for giving the world socialism.
Hanno comments on Nov 26, 2020:
I am thankful that the world showed us how socialism in all it forms have consistently failed and now saves us from going down that path again.
Thanksgiving movie/TV show title puns... Life of Pie... MŲ­AŲ­SŲ­H potatoes... Your turn! 😆
Hanno comments on Nov 25, 2020:
Fried Green Tomatoes... I am not very good at this.
ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines | Biometric Update
Hanno comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Amazing.... they can track exactly who is vaccinated and who is not... However they have no idea who has voted and who did not.
Kid: Why are you talking to yourself, Dad? Dad: I needed an expert’s advice.
Hanno comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Gandalf in “The Hobbit” said it first: Whenever I have a significant problem to deal with I turn to the most intelligent person in the room for advice. I usually end up talking to myself.
Hanno comments on Nov 14, 2020:
We just had an election... landslide Labour... You cannot cry now...
The premise of this presidential prescient precedes all other presidential precedents.
Hanno comments on Nov 13, 2020:
To me, that is what the election and the larger world wide culture war is all about. Who is responsible for things going wrong in your life? I want to live in world where 90% of the problems in my own life are my own fault.
Hanno comments on Nov 11, 2020:
Again it begs the question why you don’t want any investigations. I asked Middleway the same question and he could not give a defendable answer either. If there are no fraud, then why do you care that Trump is making a fool of himself with his frivolous court cases. If there is nothing untoward then he will lose and with that lose all support. That is a win-win for democracy and the Anti-Trump brigade. By trying to deny them the investigations you support the conspiracy theory in the same way the sherif did when he refused observers with a court order access to the count station. That is a lose-lose for democracy and the pro-Biden brigade who want a unified country under him. So I ask again the same question I asked Middleway, why are you so against investigations?
RedState: Scott Hounsel.
Hanno comments on Nov 11, 2020:
So in all counties in the US, between say 2000 and 2016, how many counties had a voter turnout exceeding 90%? If there are a large fraction of counties who did, ok. However if this is a rare occurrence, surely you would investigate?
Knowing he was sworn to truth under penalty of perjury, it's somewhat peculiar Hopkins is changing ...
Hanno comments on Nov 11, 2020:
He claimed he never recanted.
Maybe we'll just have Co-Presidents going forward.
Hanno comments on Nov 10, 2020:
It reminds of the Office sitcom where Jim and Michael are co-managers... each with his own office! 😂
Point taken! 😂
Hanno comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Funny, however you will find that most of the people unhappy with “fast tracking” vaccines have never used coke or meth. Having travelled in Africa and Asia, I have taken over a dozen vaccines, however I am a bit unhappy with “fast tracking” medications... there is a reason those protocols are in place. The reason I took them and also administered them to my kids, are because of the protocols in place.
Where are intellectual conversations happening? Let me know. 😁 😆
Hanno comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Would have been funny if not true. The sad part it neither strangers learnt anything or changes their minds. And now you have a headache... and angry husband.
So here's my take on the election unfolding in the US.
Hanno comments on Nov 9, 2020:
Yes, Trump, just like Nixon in 1960 and Gore in 2000 needs to just give up and concede to protect the establishment. Oh, wait Trump is not a politician and he has no allegiance to the establishment. Yes, we better hope there is NO evidence or else chaos will ensue. Good luck with that...
Trump Lawyer Giuliani Says 450,000 Votes In PA Are ILLEGAL, This Could Swing PA For Trump - YouTube
Hanno comments on Nov 9, 2020:
He still has to prove and get it through the courts...
I am really curious if someone can explain to me what has Trump done over the last 4 years to really...
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
He stopped the socialist movement. The people who have tears of joy are all socialists.
How the 2020 Election Could Go Off the Rails in Three Easy Steps - POLITICO Magazine
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
In other words... one huge F-up.
A lot of my conservative friends on FB, Twitter, and YT are moving to Parler and WeMe.
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
As long as nobody is willing to concede that they were wrong at some point, this will grow. We live in a world where no one really wants to learn or have their minds changed. Even when pointed out that they made a mistake they either ignore it or try to change the subject to something else where they are correct, even though that was not the original discussion ... and nothing changes, no one learns and we just grow further apart. The whole MSM is already an echo chamber for years. Our technology may be progressing, however our society is regressing in many areas.
Communist Canada, Communist China and Communist Cuba have all congratulated Commie Biden on his ...
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
Socialists in all countries are celebrating. Also, state leaders have to at some point.
we should all be concerned.
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
Why say it and not just do it? I think he is fishing and the whole watermark ballot thing is an attempt to get people to confess. I could be wrong of course.
Every voter card block chained.
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
I don’t know... if this is true, why does Guliani want to start all these court cases? All they have to do is have executive order to audit the ballots... Game over. This not happening suggest it is fake news.
The UN, Joe Biden and South Africa... []
Hanno comments on Nov 8, 2020:
Afrikaner police in shorts and guns. OMG... South African Police have not worn shorts since the 1960’s. He probably saw a video of the AWB or some other civil groups and think that’s what Afrikaners look like. Lying POS...
Can we all agree that the media polls over the last four months were not only wrong, but ...
Hanno comments on Nov 6, 2020:
1. Demoralise your opponent 2. Creates the belief that when you later commit fraud, that the fraudulent result is as expected and legal. No 1 definitely took place, if no 2 actually happened in the 2020 US election, remains to be seen.
If Donald Trump winds up losing this election fair and square, will Republicans be able to accept ...
Hanno comments on Nov 6, 2020:
It will be interesting. Will the Republicans immediately try to impeach Biden for the scandals he is involved in? Will Republicans start supporting extremist and encourage large scale protest and rioting in Republican controlled cities? Remain to be seen.
Trump makes STATEMENT []
Hanno comments on Nov 5, 2020:
It would be interesting to see how they misrepresent this in the media.
Jesse Elder - A Love Letter To Communism I don’t follow politics much.
Hanno comments on Nov 5, 2020:
That has been the secret to success for the past 10 000 years. Don’t bother with “Self help” books or people telling you the short cuts. Personal responsibility for you own life... it is as simple as that. The acceptance that you are better than others, and some others will be better than you. No pride or shame in that. It starts with you...
Now down to just a few hundred thousand ballots in Pennsylvania, Trump's margin should hold- ...
Hanno comments on Nov 5, 2020:
He then still have to turn Nevada...
Maybe we should focus on what both democrats and republicans can agree on, like how hot I am.
Hanno comments on Nov 4, 2020:
That is about it I am afraid. Lol!
Looks like the U.
Hanno comments on Nov 4, 2020:
Well, one positive is that Covid will most likely be cured soon.
Thanks for letting me know about this app. I want to ditch all other left wing apps.
Hanno comments on Nov 4, 2020:
Have fun.
The writer of this op-ed is a typical socialist college professor that would benefit from being ...
Hanno comments on Nov 3, 2020:
His opening paragraph... radical socialist, corrupt and inept... yep that describes this “professor”. I mean his “field of study” is social movement and protest... seriously? They appointed a professor for that?
Hanno comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Most of these questions and unknowns are also not known for the other cold and flu viruses, as well as many other bacterial infections. Also ingestion of low concentrations of heavy metals and pesticides all have long term consequences. Combined with the fact that many drugs now reached effective concentrations in drinking water through recycling that we now start seeing all kinds of effects. Anyone remember “yuppie flu” from the 1990’s. They still do not know what causes it... and since a significant fraction of people suffer from that and similar not understood effects, it is just statistics that people with Covid should also be in that group. Whether Covid specifically caused it, is another matter. We do know that most pneumonia infections cause permanent damage to lung and heart tissue. Common cold also causes damage in many cases, so it is strange that the potential of Covid to cause long term damage is “unexpected “.
Why does this 'Warminister" guy have SO MUCH to say on Tucker sight?
Hanno comments on Nov 2, 2020:
I think you are confusing “much to say” with influence. I have much to say about Sports Illustrated annual bikini shoot... however I have no influence whether next year is body paint or a see through t-shirt theme.
If Trump wins it will be the biggest "PULL YOUR HEAD IN" to the Progressive Left and Socialist ...
Hanno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
How is the right to vote not equal to the right not to vote?
Disparate outcomes is NOT evidence of discrimination.
Hanno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
However, non-disparate (equal) outcomes are evidence of discrimination! It is not possible for a diverse group of people to have equal outcomes without discrimination.
Have you heard the term "inherited trauma"?
Hanno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
That is true in the sense if you suffer from severe malnutrition or radiation or some other form that cause genetic damage to your reproductive cells, your children will suffer from that genetic damage as that is what they will inherit. If emotional trauma somehow damages your reproductive cell DNA, then that is possible... but that does not mean if you were traumatised, your kids will be prone to be traumatised as well. Such DNA effect will be generic and they will suffer more random effects and some less random... for example fetal alcohol syndrome.
Why are you voting for your candidate?
Hanno comments on Nov 1, 2020:
The reason no one is able to convince any one else on social media is right there in your question: How many people did you convince to vote for your candidate? Not, did you change your mind due to social media? Everybody is here only to voice their opinions. Not to learn anything, or have their thoughts tested or minds changed. It says a lot about our modern culture, we know better, in the face of all evidence. That is why no one here accepts when they are wrong or made a mistake... they stubbornly, ad hominem attack or just leave the question unanswered. And that is why the world is getting more agitated, countries more split and people less understanding.
A nature watch. 😂
Hanno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Naomi, you are still the queen!
Sir Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90 in the Bahamas.
Hanno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
There is no sad emoji response button... :(
I guess this makes him an Uncle Tom?
Hanno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
I made the argument that even though Obama is just as much white as black, yet he will never be a white man... and will always be black. The liberals on the site had no issue with such racism which I find astonishing. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington stated it so eloquently... as do a growing number of non-whites. Stop treating people according to their race and the problem will go away.
So I went to another Doctor and I said "No-one is paying any attention to me" He just said "Next".
Hanno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Congratulations... you just beaten Naomi!!
I went to the Doctor and I said "I think I am invisible" and he replied "who said that".
Hanno comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Are you competing now with Naomi for worst joke of the week? 😂
True.... or fake?
Hanno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
If true, that would be hilarious.
Hanno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I had to explain this to my work colleagues without offending anyone... not simple. I DONT support Trump. I DO support what he is doing.
I made this post in a different group, but I'll drop it here just as well, thinking that the members...
Hanno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I disagree that there is a selfless concern or act. Every act we do is is for our own interest. When I do good, not even just for other people, but even nature or anything else, I feel good about myself, or at least better. The Dalai Lama himself confess that it is to find peace of mind... and he needs to do this for his own peace of mind, to validate his own existence. We do good things ultimately because it makes us feel good, the more “selfless” the act, the more serotonin and dopamine’s are released in our brains. I am not arguing against doing good, however we need to be honest that we are doing it for our own benefit and the actual “good deed” is just a bonus. That is why you see so many people “doing good” while actually doing the opposite... like brainwashing children into a faith or political view... they think they are doing good, and the reward is all in their own brains.
Should white people consider identifying as non-whites for personal gain?
Hanno comments on Oct 30, 2020:
If memory serves me right in 1998, in the South African National Arts festival and awards, almost all the awards went to black artists, for the first time in the 40 odd year run of the event. The next year a number of non-black artists entered half their work under their own names and half under aliases, specifically black names. White artists won in 1999 all the major awards, but only under their aliases. They won nothing under their own names. In 2000 entering under an alias were banned... however by now the awards lost all their prestige. Their has since been large arguments about whites claiming black ancestry... myself having my great-great-great-great- grandfather taking a Khoi wife alongside his German wife... and 12 children with no record of who the mother was. My family is dark for Europeans and I always thought it was some Khoi blood in my ancestry. However, no chance of me claiming that.
If you haven’t registered, REGISTER & VOTE! If you’ve registered, but you haven’t voted, ...
Hanno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Just make sure you don’t vote for the white old dude! Lol!
BREAKING: Greenwald Resigns from Intercept Over Biden Critique 'Censorship'
Hanno comments on Oct 29, 2020:
Amazing... people are finally starting to stand up.
Is the censoring of conservative news on Twitter a form of domestic terrorism?
Hanno comments on Oct 28, 2020:
The key qualifier is “dangerous to human life”. If that is not met, the rest does not matter. So as long as they do not pose a danger to o human life, points 1-3 does not apply. Hence my confusion how some people called for the death of Trump and were not arrested.
Are we in for a Covid-19 "Dark Winter"?
Hanno comments on Oct 27, 2020:
The simple reason why countries have such diverse paths, is simply because of different testing regimes. Europe was first and had poor testing, the vast majority of cases was missed... and hence they have very high case mortality rates. The USA was later and did much more testing, much more cases but much lower CFR. Then Africa and India followed even later with very good testing regimes and we see very large cases but CFR’s of 2% and less. Now we are seeing massive cases in Europe because they are testing everybody... and extremely low CFR. We are now beginning to see the true fatality rates ~ 0,4% or about twice that of the common cold.
I still believe that Not All Democrats are EVIL.
Hanno comments on Oct 26, 2020:
It really depends on your definition of evil. My wife had to go through extreme emotional and medical trauma when her baby died and she had to wait three days to get a mediCal abortion, since abortions are only done in two places in our country legally. To me that is evil. Including only the Christian god and not allowing any of the others and forcing everyone to conform to your own god, is in my view evil. Who gives you the right to tell others who they may or may not marry? To me that is evil. Now I agree with the law and order and pretty much else and am not a Dem supporter... however be careful not to be evil yourself by claiming others to be evil just because they don’t believe what you do.
The neo-Nazi mask is fully off.
Hanno comments on Oct 25, 2020:
Gawd you are a loser! LOL!
On a scale of 1-9.
Hanno comments on Oct 22, 2020:
I’ve been stuck in 8 for a while now...
The fork in the road
Hanno comments on Oct 21, 2020:
That is just so true in life.
President Trump deserves the death penalty.
Hanno comments on Oct 21, 2020:
That is hate speech. That is the one exception to free speech... calling on violence or threats that may hurt of kill another human being.
If we give everyone an A that will end racial differences in grades! Yes, this is coming.
Hanno comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Even better, we give it everyone $1m a year irrespective of what they do and end ALL discrimination!
I always thought that we were all mongrels to be honest.
Hanno comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Racial diversity in humans are among the most beautiful and interesting phenomena in nature. We should cherish the fact that the races are so different with their own unique features, strengths and weaknesses. How boring would it be if all the races run equally fast or swam equally well? Or all looked the same, behaved the same, played all the same sports, worshipped the same gods, dressed the same, made the same food... All the truly interesting things about humans are that we are so diverse... long may that continue.
-WORDS MATTER- Stop using deceptive words.
Hanno comments on Oct 20, 2020:
The biggest lesson I have learnt from Jordan Petersen is that your words matter. Choose them carefully. I am always amazed when people ask or say the dumbest things to him how he stops and thinks what the exact response is. I just give snarky patronising cynical answer.
Research shows critical race theory is actually making people more racist- [thefederalist.
Hanno comments on Oct 20, 2020:
“You want to stop racism? Stop talking about it.” Morgan Freeman.
I've recently come across a person (Leftist) who, as often happens, refuses to find evidence for any...
Hanno comments on Oct 20, 2020:
What I generally do with religious people is an example in absurdity. I respond that pink unicorns are real, and it is not my job to prove it. It does not help... but at least I feel better.
Will Covid disappear after Nov 11 ?
Hanno comments on Oct 19, 2020:
In NZ the Labour Party is hoping it will last till 2048.
Is this why many Dads repair one thing and break another? ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ
Hanno comments on Oct 19, 2020:
And that’s the reason why the vast majority of things done in the world are done by dads.
LMAO! How many kids are going as Hunter Biden for Halloween this year?
Hanno comments on Oct 18, 2020:
Haha... that is an old Charlie Sheen joke. Lol!
No offence to US soldiers - funny though! 😂
Hanno comments on Oct 16, 2020:
Really lived that one!
Omigod you guys, I got retweeted by Donald Trump! The Donald himself! This is literally THE DREAM! ...
Hanno comments on Oct 15, 2020:
Hanno comments on Oct 14, 2020:
Neither.... we learnt the hard way that certain behaviours benefit society as a whole. This was difficult for everyone to accept. So we tried many things to achieve that. The most successful were creating laws and religions.
South African Coloured man accused of fraud for saying he's 'African'. []
Hanno comments on Oct 14, 2020:
Yet, when a man calls himself a woman, by merely changing his pants... he can apply for as a woman, and that is not fraud.
My latest on Sky News Australia! On Twitter slapping yet another fake "misinformation" label on ...
Hanno comments on Oct 12, 2020:
So any tweets that a vaccine is on the way should then also be labeled as dangerous misinformation?
Makes you think...
Hanno comments on Oct 11, 2020:
All jokes aside... Obama allowed $170m to solve the issue temporarily. Trump set aside $1trillion with tax incentives for private investors to solve the issue permanently.
Makes you think...
Hanno comments on Oct 11, 2020:
Amazing!!! We finally found something that made old Wiley here think! 😂
Interesting, no?
Hanno comments on Oct 9, 2020:
Blacks are suppose to do and believe as they are told. They are not supposed to be capable of thinking for themselves. It is the foundation of identity politics: Whites are all racists. Blacks are all too dumb to think for themselves. Jews are all greedy and kill innocent Palestinians. Muslims are all terrorists. Asians are all etc etc...
It would be nice to live in a country where "I'm a person of faith" isn't a political selling point.
Hanno comments on Oct 9, 2020:
It would be nice to live in a country where “person of colour” or person of “gender” is not a political selling point... And I am an agnostic...
The price of another farm murder....
Hanno comments on Oct 8, 2020:
For almost two decades I stayed, hoping to be part of the “solution”. People like me were not allowed to be part of the solution... and eventually I left. Now I am solving problems in NZ, just like the 2 million others who also left and now solve problems across the globe. Just looking at the impact the 80 000 South Africans are making in NZ, it is sad that we were not allowed to do that in our birth land. Zebedielia... once the largest citrus farm in the world... employing thousands from production all down the supply chain. Destroyed. ESKOM, once the most efficient producer of electricity in the world, employed tens of thousands. Ruined. SAA, once the safest airline in the world. Bankrupt. SADF, once the peacekeeper of Africa, now a joke.
Ever wonder why the world is screwed up?
Hanno comments on Oct 7, 2020:
Lol! Claiming you are pregnant to receive special work privileges when you are not, is fraud. Any woman doing that will be disciplined. Easy dismissal... However this is Amazon... could not be happening to a better company.
Should billionaires give everyone $8200 cash?
Hanno comments on Oct 7, 2020:
Wealth always bubble up! Never trickle down. That $8200 will all end up in baldy and his friends pockets again with a few weeks. What you need is a long term slower wealth taxation system coupled a sensible UBI-FIT. Very nice on paper however extremely difficult to put in practice.
The average temperature of the earth has increased one degree C in the past 50 years.
Hanno comments on Oct 5, 2020:
The uncertainty in the measurement of the average temperature of the earth is larger than 1C. There are ancient coral reefs (all dead) all over the oceans indicating that the earth was both much hotter and colder in the past... long before humans were around. The GB reef itself has moved north and south in the past and will do so again.
Walter Reed attending physician swipes at Trump for motorcade visit to supporters | TheHill
Hanno comments on Oct 4, 2020:
They were all wearing masks... now masks don’t work? That is their job... they need to protect him. Furthermore considering that the CDC infection fatality rate is now about 0,65% for the whole population... and that the secret service guys are all young and fit, putting them in the 0,2% risk range.... They are about as much at risk of dying from a motorcar accident while protecting him.
To say this is disgusting is an understatement! Melania was saying Saving Kids WAS more important ...
Hanno comments on Oct 4, 2020:
Sell your friend for a few dollars and 10 minutes of fame...
I like this group because this is where both theists and atheists gather and decent conversations ...
Hanno comments on Oct 4, 2020:
As a NZer, I will be voting yes... however under strict circumstances. The circumstances they impose to allow assisted death is strict, that is why so many support it.
How Much Of A Feminist Are You?
Hanno comments on Oct 4, 2020:
They always provide that comment... even if you score much lower .
Why hot people lean RIGHT... - YouTube
Hanno comments on Oct 3, 2020:
They are also harder working and more successful in life. They have better and longer relationships. And that is not because so much because they are religious, but because they accept personal responsibility for their lives. When you are good at what you do and is successful... and let’s be honest here... it is MUCH easier to succeed in life if you are good looking... ->> it is much easier to be conservative. Of course, not all, but a significant fraction of the far left are loosers who are hoping that socialism will be the great equaliser for them... And therefore you find a large fraction of unattractive people, especially women, involved in the far left.
“The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work.
Hanno comments on Oct 3, 2020:
Thanks, Ghandi made them famous, and I always thought he wrote it... but it was originally Donaldson.