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Yes, they should get prosecuted.

Should anti-gun lobbyists be prosecuted for restrictive gun laws?

It’s ironic how the anti-gun crowd tries to hold firearm manufacturers responsible for deaths that involve their guns but claim no responsibility for the deaths of innocent people who were rendered unarmed and helpless due to restrictive gun laws.

The political left is always using “mass shootings” as justification for more gun control laws. The propaganda and media hype behind so-called “gun violence” is nothing more than fake rhetoric created for the purpose of gaining support for more gun regulations. The idea that the gun-grabbers continue to push is that “if the killer didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t kill.” This couldn’t be further from the truth and has been proven to be a false claim time and time again...

SpikeTalon 10 Apr 23

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It might work if you can specify which Ahole twisted actual facts and then presented them to traitorous politicos. You have to find the lie. Otherwise, stupid always wins.

It is like spotting the Aholes who lied on the stand during a trial. They can be attacked -- and, BTWay, can be singled out as the scapegoat by all parties.

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