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LINK The Nimitz Encounters - YouTube

Fascinating Tic Tac UFO's - well worth the time- whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, interesting that they revealed themselves so openly. Wonder if there have been similar sightings since?

purdyday 8 June 29
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Why would the military suddenly decide to release this info?
One thing is certain, if they are aliens, they have the freshest breath in the galaxy!

I know, why would they? So interesting, its a good mystery 🙂


Think halogram projected from submarine for practice? Consistent flow in movement with no radar detection on jets and no sonic percussion.

Would hollograms be picked up as objects on the initial radar reports near Catalina Island though? Those were what were reported to the Nimitz fleet, before pilots even had gotten involved. And could a hologram be projected to 30,000 feet I wonder. But that is an interesting scenario.

@purdyday the problem, Catalina ground radar but no in AWAC or fighter jets, radar can pick up birds, no sonic percussion and lights with disturbance in water, a submarine, would seem test. Otherwise we gotta get some of those.