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100 Million Chinese Lose Their Homes NHK documentary - Relocation Project Implemented by the Communist Chinese Government called The Great Dragon. Exodus of 1 Million Farmers. The goal is to turn the farmers into consumers in order to double China's GDP. Launched in 2014 by President Xi to combat the sluggish economy. IMO it is a story where a society resorts to eating it's own. Maybe that's the reason for the projects title. Projected completion 2020.

This documentary (48 minutes) follows one farmer and his family, the hero of this piece farmer and entrepreneur, Xiang Qindang. Who ultimately ends up just trying to get ahead enough to get his daughter a good education, only available to registered urban city dwellers. This is his journey and that of a million other farmers forced to relocate and become consumers. There is no happy ending in this piece, except that Xiang in the end goes back to his ancestral farm land, to enjoy whatever independence his family can maintain to support themselves. Unlike the earlier piece I posted, 'China's Ghost Cities', these people do not repeat the party line of "our government is good to us" - "they know what they are doing".

The part in the beginning where 'officials' go around the markets, shutting down businesses and confiscating equipment, is heart stopping. This documentary is about a government making decisions on what is best for you and should be a cautionary tale, to those in free societies who think that expanded government is the answer to their social and financial woes. Note: 35 minutes in, the circular nature of the implementation of this plan became apparent to me about the nature of financial loans, even here in the West. Please feel free to share this and any comments are welcome! Question*, what do you think of The Great Dragon project, will it be ultimately successful in stopping China's current downwards economic growth?

purdyday 8 Apr 15
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Thank you for your thorough description of what is going on in China. The video was censored by the polit bureau.

Facci Level 7 May 24, 2019

Thats too bad. It's messed up ! Wonder if its same on Global News Share group, I will check.

Nevermind we are here, lol awake since 2am. As Amazing Polly always say at the end of her blogs, I'll stop talking now 🙂


While this link is broken, I’m pretty sure I saw that when it came out. Having had an Ex-Chinese National (Escapee; now a US Citizen) girlfriend for several years, I’ve watched the moves of China with a bit of extra insight and interest.
The “farms” and “farmers” they were talking about were typical “village” ... small family unit “farmers” ... this was being done for two purposes ... increase number of available “factory workers” and to be able to consolidate several small “village farm” plots into land units suitable for “commercial style” farming.
In both instances I think this has resulted in a mutual “shooting oneself in the foot” party.

That's what history seems to teach about communism, they always end up resorting to eating their own.