LINK Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked - YouTube
henrydz July 14 Jul 14 11
Is this the 15th time Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been in the hospital in the last 2 years??
Robert100 July 14 Jul 14 11
A could use a second opinion on this. Here's the situation. For months even before Covid my mother and I had planned to take a trip to North Carolina so I could see my dad who I only see once a year. We live in Michigan. We're planning on July ...
TylerZIM July 14 Jul 14 11
Goya sales are up..... How about telling the RedSkins of Washington that they are going down if they bend the knee ??? Heres my email to them I want you to know that because you change the name of the teams ...
RemiDallaire July 14 Jul 14 44
I doubt Charlize Theron would speak out about the fate of White South African Farmers and their fate. Instead she chooses to do this and get praised by Clown World for it.
Robert100 July 14 Jul 14 11
If Trump loses, what's next for the Republican Party? Will the QAnon movement take over?
WilyRickWiles July 14 Jul 14 55
According to Burger King, "Cow farts & burps are no laughing matter. they release methane, contributing to climate change." This is their latest Tweet on the digusting habits of our curd chewing bovines. Should we all just ban cows?
DeplorableToo July 14 Jul 14 55
God help the people of Chicago, with this clown 🤡 as Mayor.
Seriousreason July 14 Jul 14 33
What should be the new Washington Redskins nickname? Anybody up for the "Washington Cuckservatives"? Instead of an Indian Head logo, the new logo will feature Mitt Romney shining the shoes of George Floyd. Anyone out there with picture meme skills, ...
PostUmbraLux July 14 Jul 14 44
Remember when we all though Michael Jackson was crazy for wearing a stylish medical face-mask everywhere he went?
2bears42youths July 14 Jul 14 22
This video is what got Roosh banned from Jew-Tube run by Zionists who murder Palestinians.
andreaostrov July 14 Jul 14 33
Why is this NOT a national story is mind blowing
RemiDallaire July 14 Jul 14 22
2007141315 “SORRY IT’S A BOY” Sarah Silverman: MGTOW (Men Going Their own Way) Galt. MGTOW is nothing more than: “To thin own self be true.” William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3); or 1 Corinthians 7:27 “Art ...
1914wizard July 14 Jul 14 11
The first thing I thought about this was to wonder why the labor department did not shut these bimbos down because they were discriminating based on sex. Of course I know the answer, but still someone should have filed a complaint, maybe some guy ...
KCSantiago July 14 Jul 14 11
POLL Can trans activism and feminism truly co-exist? Where is the happy medium?
ariellescarcella July 14 Jul 14 77
And that did not Age well
RemiDallaire July 14 Jul 14 11
I wonder if it isn't that our society functions well enough that makes it hard to make a positive vision for the future. The left is all about bringing down the structures of oppression, but whenever they go for a positive presentation it just sounds...
govols July 14 Jul 14 11
If you wanna change the world.... There is a price to pay... Our ancestor did pay it.... The new generation should pay.... We need to take names..... addresses and make them pay that price... You might say I am extremist in my views.... But no... I ...
RemiDallaire July 14 Jul 14 11
The powers to be have us fighting over face masks wile they take all other libertys for us under our noses and all we only care about is the face masks
M1959 July 14 Jul 14 11
The powers to be have us fighting over face masks wile they take all other libertys for us under our noses and all we only care about is the face masks
M1959 July 14 Jul 14 22
At this point....I'm ready to ally myself with the mafia with the hells or with ANYONE with fire power to confront these fucks
RemiDallaire July 14 Jul 14 44
Tucker Throws His Head Writer Under The Bus. Disappointing. But Carlson did have "strong words" of rebuke for the "social environment" which now exists in this country (long since past, nation.) And full disclosure: Quote marks above both ...
JATW July 14 Jul 14 33
They don’t even bother pretending any more. That’s how little they think of us. They speak openly of their intentions, secure in their assumption that we’re not paying attention. Or if we are, we don’t have the spine to do anything about it....
Edgework July 14 Jul 14 55
This: |||X||| is the symbol that someone is a good person. They're trustworthy. They're from a good neighborhood. They have good values. They have a 'good' IQ. They don't like to go 'Jogging' at weird hours of the night. They don't engage in ...
GilBatesLovesU July 14 Jul 14 11
What do censorship and vandalism of a public restroom have in common? Both are motivated by a spirit of violence and destruction.
ramzpaul July 14 Jul 14 44
Patreon In BIG Trouble Over Tech Censorship! You LOVE To See It! "Support Slug the Free Speech Site Group"
Thasaidon July 14 Jul 14 11
2007140300 POLICING FORCES ARE GRANTED THE SWORD (their position) BY PROVIDENCE & GOD: Their elimination will not be without penalty to humanity (you useful idiot). It’s both ridiculous & redundant for me to try and paraphrase Roman 13 – ...
1914wizard July 14 Jul 14 55
2007140030 A RANT FOR FOOLISH USEFUL IDIOTS: Have you never heard of “Bait & Switch?” There are several aspects about Socialism that literally boggle the mind that people fall for over & over again – does it never cease? The First is ...
1914wizard July 14 Jul 14 11
Individuals who constantly monitor the behavior of others, shaming them for what they do not approve of have been around as long as civilization. In the past, most communities have had the collected wisdom to not give these busybodies or "Karens" any...
stratman July 14 Jul 14 22
Hello everyone I hope you guys are fine. I would appreciate it if you guys are able to spend 15 mins of your valuable time and watch my video as the truth needs to be spoken and it time to speak. If you find my thoughts valuable and beneficial for ...
RickyJones July 14 Jul 14 22
A few years old but very relevant: A video celebrating the courageous and forward-thinking people we call "The Jews".
GilBatesLovesU July 14 Jul 14 11
A college student made a TikTok video on how people react to different races hearing about a white on black, black on black and black on white crime. She was expelled. Was the university correct in doing this?
DeplorableToo July 14 Jul 14 99
Google will now listen to you and report your conversations.
ramzpaul July 13 Jul 13 66
LINK NBA Blocks You From Typing "Free Hong Kong" On Custom Jersey, Bending Over For China - YouTube
Iamjustme July 14 Jul 14 44
You are not “assigned” a sex. You have a biological sex at conception based on your chromosomes. The denial of biological reality is pure evil.
ramzpaul July 13 Jul 13 1111
Redskins gone, bye bye Blackhawks, Braves, Indians, and Chief. etc etc. I will still be calling them by their orginal nick names. I don't care what the SJW thinks.
Gmann57 July 13 Jul 13 22
Tucker: Imagining an America without police
M1959 July 14 Jul 14 55
Finally, the twinkies are figuring out that the minimum wage isn't the greatest thing the government has mandated. Love. This. Video. Has anyone else heard any feedback on the higher pay?
PamelaSteele July 14 Jul 14 33
Are the Covid-19 positive numbers correct? In the State of Florida, Countless labs report 100 percent positivity, which means every single person tested was positive. An investigation into it shows that the numbers have been misrepresented in ...
DeplorableToo July 14 Jul 14 55
Here is the epitome of the useful idiot, and why Republicans and Conservatism Inc., have earned the sobriquet "the stupid party". All of the sentiments expressed in this meme are falsehoods promulgated by the Globalists and Marxists. And they can ...
PostUmbraLux July 14 Jul 14 66

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