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Do you think that the election was rigged?

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If the election (a lefty coup!) was not rigged then the Democrats would willingly allow the votes & machines to be audited to prove it was not rigged.

#ItWasRigged & the Democrats know it


Even today, six months after the election, I see many many Trump flags flying at many homes. No way sleepy Joe and the big pussied whore won that election.


Blind Freddy can see it was rigged ..but it’s going to be hard to prove because they destroyed most of the evidence...unless they stuffed up big time and didn’t hide enough


There is realy no question it is rigged. major fraud, major irregularities. How can anyone with a brain not see there were problems. Regarless of who the winner is or may br to deny this is denying your own existence.


just speculation on my part but I think anyone who thinks the election was NOT rigged also believe Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell. LOL

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