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An Australian conservative, free speech supporter & NOT politically correct.
I don't condone violence however I strongly support self defense!!
I call out the WhiteGenocideInSouthAfrica which occurs on a daily basis & is denied by the ANC communist South African govt.
Suspended by Twitter for posting facts & news reports - they can't handle the truth & facts


well, who do you believe.....
w0tn0t comments on Apr 27, 2021:
IranKerry must resign!!
Critics unload on Rose McGowan for saying Democrats are in a 'deep cult' []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 27, 2021:
Rose McGowan has more balls than the entire Democrat party cult
JoeBiden is the personification of SystemicRacism!
w0tn0t comments on Apr 26, 2021:
"Systemic & Institional Racism" is alive & well - in every Democrat! -----
BLM activists refusing to leave autonomous zone in Minneapolis now that Chauvin Trial is over- ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
No surprises - you're right! Turning Minneapolis into even a worse shithole, as they did in Seattle
I told li'l Greta a vegan diet would mess her up, but she wouldn't listen.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Sniff sniff ....
Derek Chauvin Juror speaks out, raises questions- []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
This alternate juror specifically described not wanting to see more rioting if they didn’t reach a guilty verdict. When a trial was this high-profile, every attempt to protect the integrity of the system should have been taken. If this trial didn’t warrant a change of venue and sequestering the jury throughout the trial, both legal options for a judge, then what trial ever will? I simply do not understand how taking every precaution wasn’t warranted here. Surely this is "jury intimidation!!"
🔥 BOYCOTT Coca-Cola! This company advances far-Left values that are anti-country, anti-family, ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Hey #Coke #GoWokeGoBroke #BoycottCoke
Grandma on the thot patrol
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Semaya made a real ASS of herself
10 million children are sold into slavery every single year.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 23, 2021:
And the Democrats open the borders to people traffickers to allow child abuse!
No Psaki, the Ohio Police shooting was not an example of systemic racism- []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 22, 2021:
Psaki re-affirms "Systemic & Institutional Lunacy" is rampant in the Democrats
Revisiting: Does It Matter George Floyd Contributed To His Own Death [slug.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 22, 2021:
The left have turned a "criminal justice trial" into a political racist narrative to suit their anti-white & anti-police agenda. Race was NOT a factor in the trial - only criminal actions were laid, none were racial. I also wonder whether the jurors were influenced by the comments made by Maxine Waters & Joe Biden and the threats of violence if the "wrong verdict" was given. Were any of the jury questioned whether they were influenced - if they were, that is "jury intimidation" & should result in a mistrial. As for Pelosi claiming Floyd "sacrificed" his life, re-affirms she is an imbecile & unfit to be in congress - her comments are outrageous!!
WakeUpNewZealand BootTheCommunistsOUT!! CCP's LabourComrade JacindaAdern Really shocking that ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 22, 2021:
China's communists fund Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party: What the United States Congress was told
A man who was denied by court access to his family.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 22, 2021:
There was mention of him being a domestic violence perpetrator. But how could he kill his own kid???
Guilty guilty guilty! Not surprised, just disappointed. Fear rules. O.J said what?! []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 21, 2021:
Here's another GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY #MaxineWatersForPrison2021
Nancy Pelosi Thanks George Floyd For... Dying? []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 21, 2021:
#CrazyNancy re-affirms she's a crazy bitch!
AOC is unappeasable in narcissistic control and is as fake as her eyelashes ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 21, 2021:
If #OccassionalCortex had more brain she'd still be a half-wit! What's more concerning is that IDIOTS vote for this half-wit
Will George Floyd case be a Pandora's Box for previous cases to be opened
w0tn0t comments on Apr 21, 2021:
The left have made #GeorgeFloyd a political puppet - to suit their extremist & racist agenda. They have turned the trial from criminal justice to racist "injustice" - Floyd's skin colour was never mentioned in the trial! The left never let an opportunity go to waste - regardless of the victim - they use & abuse a situation
NEW VIDEO - Welcome to This Week in Social Justice, where I discuss all the biggest and baddest ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 21, 2021:
#MadMax for Prison 2021
Man who shot at National Guard after Maxine Waters call to get more confrontational is arrested- ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 20, 2021:
Waters should be expelled for inciting MOB violence - again
Maxine Waters is GUILTY of inciting VIOLENCE - again We demand a GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY verdict!
w0tn0t comments on Apr 20, 2021:
But wait, here's MORE!! #MaxineWatersForPrison2021 for inciting MOB violence - again! FNC’s Carlson: ‘Maxine Waters Is Someone Who Supports Mob Violence — She Always Has Supported, We Have Known This’. Just hours after Maxine Waters called for violence, someone tried to murder two national Guardsmen in Minneapolis in a drive-by shooting. Until just recently, people bragged about the gentle niceness of Minnesota. Not anymore. Almost 30 years ago, when race riots leveled huge parts of Los Angeles, Maxine Waters cheered them on. “People want to know why I’m not saying exactly what they want me to say.” She said at the time. “They want me to walk out in Watts, like black people did in the 60s and say, ‘Cool it, baby. Cool it.’ Well, I’m sorry. The fact of the matter is whether we like it or not, riot is the voice of the unheard.” The ringleader of the mob who pulled Reginald Denny out of his truck was a man called Damian Williams. The day that the jury was set to deliver a verdict in the Williams case, Maxine Waters visited Damian Williams’s home and offered her support, quote, “We have an opportunity for justice to prevail,” Waters said. In the end, William served only a short part of a sentence. He was released from prison, then what do you think happened? He went on to murder someone else. Waters has paid no price for this. She kept rising in the Democratic hierarchy. No one told her to stop inciting violence, so naturally she did. A few years ago she called for mobs to attack Trump supporters.
10 Lowlights of "low-life" inciteful hypocrite MaxineWaters’ Political Career.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 20, 2021:
Jury has reached a verdict in Chauvin trial.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 20, 2021:
Impeach #MaxineWaters for blatantly inciting violence to the MOB
I like this idea. Let's Pamplona their asses!
w0tn0t comments on Apr 19, 2021:
#BlackBULLSMatter for the #BlackLIESMatter protesting mob. Bring on the #BlackBULLSMatter
Do you think that the election was rigged?
w0tn0t comments on Apr 19, 2021:
If the election (a lefty coup!) was not rigged then the Democrats would willingly allow the votes & machines to be audited to prove it was not rigged. #ItWasRigged & the Democrats know it
VDH give a concise review of Biden’s character [amgreatness.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 19, 2021:
Idiots who voted for the #IllegitimatePresident suffered - and still do - from acute #TrumpDerangementSyndrome - the democrats, who claim they are anti-hate, anti-bullying are exactly that "hateful & bullying". Guess the rigged voting machines were easy to rig!
I would like to correct a misleading post that I made about the US military withdrawal from ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 19, 2021:
That wasn't a Biden decision - it was Trump's policy to withdraw ALL troops from the ME- Biden hasnt a clue what day it is
Biden Still Won't Condemn Hate Group (K-von asks, "What's Joe Hiding?") []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 18, 2021:
Demented Biden does what he is ordered to do - by the lefty extremists - he doesn't know what day it is
w0tn0t comments on Apr 18, 2021:
Naomi Wolf has seen the light - the Democrat are EVIL
Hunter Biden's new book has 'absolutely bombed' []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
Is it because there is not a free "crack" sample? Asking for a crack addict
Well let's have more like this
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
#HansonDung needs to let the sunshine more often - by getting of that fat arse of hers!
Caboolture, Brisbane, Queensland Australia 2 dead men after shooting in unit complex.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
Notice how no description/details about the shooter .... wonder why... On Saturday evening, Queensland Police confirmed a man is currently assisting with their inquiries into the incident. No charges have yet been laid. The 24-year-old Caboolture man has been charged with two counts of murder, possess shortened firearm, unlawful possession of weapons category A, B or M and authority required to possess explosives.
Caboolture, Brisbane, Queensland Australia 2 dead men after shooting in unit complex.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
But ...but.... gun control..... oh wait, criminals don't obey gun laws
Democrats Propose Taxing Treasures Laid Up In Heaven []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
Given half the chance these miserable Demoncrats would tax heaven.
What does BLM really stand for?
w0tn0t comments on Apr 17, 2021:
#BlackLIESMatter takes $millions to #BuyLargeMansions & doesn't give a toss about black lives!
w0tn0t comments on Apr 16, 2021:
Khan's history which must never be forgotten
Kamala: Biden administration has created more new jobs than any administration in history.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 16, 2021:
I think this cackling witch meant to say "Hell is here!!" C'mon man, get it right Kama
w0tn0t comments on Apr 16, 2021:
Wrong #IllegitimatePresident - illegals are NOT migrants, they're CRIMINALS!
Got to love OUR Miranda Devine - she's an excellent investigative journalist! New York Post ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 16, 2021:
Miranda Devine's new book #LaptopFromHell - will be a best seller while #HunterBiden's book will be in the fiction section
Attention facebook friends.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 16, 2021:
I'm neither on #Twatter nor #Fakebook - am keen to check Trump's replacement social media. FYI FoxNation is unavailable in Australia - hopefully Trump's replacement for the marxist crap will be available internationally & not restricted to USA
BLM rioters in Brooklyn Center chase and attack CNN crew, but CNN's response is incredible- ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 15, 2021:
#DumbLemon - nothing to see here, he's only an old white man!! And old white men are dangerous According to Will Chamberlain, although Don Lemon was covering what was going on in Brooklyn Center, this attack on their own crew didn’t come up.
Democrats are determined to pack the Court, no matter how many rules they have to break- ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 15, 2021:
Its the only way they will ever be in power - is to take power from the people. They know they'd lose if they relied on true democracy!! They dont care about or for the people, nor the country - only their POWER
The left claims Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist for quoting their plans for crushing ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 15, 2021:
The left are #communist extremists & are anti-democracy. They want a one-party dictatorial government, like their #CCP comrades - to crush those who don't support their communist ideology - Xi must be proud of XiBiden
When everything is 'systemic racism', people will tune out the term- []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 14, 2021:
Biden Is The Most Racist President in the Oval Office Since Woodrow Wilson Biden is the Chief Systemic Racist!
w0tn0t comments on Apr 14, 2021:
A "thorough investigation" - who believes this bullshit?? I thought he had been identified!! The officer remains unidentified in the public sphere.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 13, 2021:
This #IllegitimatePresident is the personification of #Hypocrisy ..... as are the Democrats
Australian liberal Government and state Premiers to meet twice a week now to address vaccine ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 13, 2021:
#DictatorDan aka #DenialAndrews leads the way with bad decisions - he is THE poster boy for #BadDecisions
Nigel Farage: “The British public will not welcome Harry and Meghan back, even for the funeral.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Ginge might get a cold reception, as he deserves, but that Whinge should never be allowed back to the UK,
Every time I see Brian Stelter, I hear Mark Dice. cnn cnnsucks brianstelter fakenews markdice
w0tn0t comments on Apr 13, 2021:
Is Stelter a transgender? he/she/it looks like one
There IS AFRICAN GANG violence in Victoria - they're NOT groups, they're damn GANGS - organised ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 13, 2021:
I know a few people who have been involved in situations with these f'ing #AfricanGangs - attempted carjackings, in store robberies at a major shopping centre where 5 stores were robbed on the same days, friends' daughters being assaulted by these f'ing scum, stabbings at a shopping centre where the police minister claimed they were "angry teenagers" - FFS!
According to conservative media sources Malcolm Turnbull would do well to take some advice from ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 12, 2021:
This miserable, bitter specimen, #MalcontentTurnbull will never change - he and #RuddTheDudd are two peas in a pod - narcissistic limelight seekers who, whenever they open their mouths, re-affirm why Australians despise them. They're like herpes, painful & never go away
BLM and ANTIFA Agitators RIOT and LOOT Cities as New POPULIST ALLIANCE Forms [youtube.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 12, 2021:
#BlackLIESMatter & #ANTIFA scum doing what scum do!
World Economic Forum Wants You To Wear A Microchip-Powered Smart Mask That Tells You When You’re ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 12, 2021:
Screw the #WEF and KlausSchwabb
w0tn0t comments on Apr 12, 2021:
The #IllegitimatePresident has to read notes, cannot speak off the cuff!! Trump was leading the world, this demented old fool has no idea - "wafers" are NOT infrastructure - this guys a raving idiot & as is that numbnut who wrote his notes - must be #Buttplug! Speaking off the cuff is impossible for the "C'mon Man" idiot
BREAKING: Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Should Have Been Ruled An Overdose []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
Now had Floyd complied with the police, he'd still be alive but the #BlackLIESMatter would have to find another criminal to use as their poster criminal. Yet they have Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist as a member
Qantas sacks 2,500 Australian workers then outsourced new workers. Then blame it on covid.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
I used to be a Qantas frequeunt flyer but since the leprechaun became involved in politics & making demands, such as travellers need to prove they've been tested prior to boarding, I have ditched my FF membership & will #BoycottQaintarse & now even futher justified in boycotting. When Qantas introduced their halal food was the start to boycott
Politics in Australia is going down hill rapidly due to Progressives and LW radicals.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
It will lead to further mistrust by both males & females & disadvantage females, specifically when being mentored by professional males! Its utter insanity
What's Black Lives Matter founder doing with her new-found wealth?
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
#Marxist #BlackLIESMatter scum doing what #BlackLIESMatter scum do - rip off people.
Black Father And Son Have A Shootout In Atlanta []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
Thugs doing what thugs do!
StopWhiteGenocideInSouthAfrica!! Farm murder: Neil Mackay, who was in a wheelchair, brutally ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
This is ONE of the many brutal, savage murders, which are happening often. Yet the communist & former terrorist ANC government deny these murders are happening!!
'Prince Philip was a climate change sceptic': Outsiders - YouTube
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
While his lefty offspring, Chuck, William & Ginge are climate change alarmists aka looneys.
TAKE THIS COMMUNIST PRICK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 11, 2021:
Soros' bank accounts should be frozen in every country! The military junta in Myanmar has detained an official from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and has frozen the billionaire financier’s bank accounts in the country under the suspicion that the group funded elements opposed to the February coup in the country, according to news reports.
w0tn0t comments on Apr 10, 2021:
#JaromeBell has a valid point! If no Constitutional amendment is absolute, then can we kick Joe Biden out right now? No Constitution = no term limits set. I say the term is over.
BLM Capitol Rally Protests Laws That Hold Violent Protesters Accountable Black Lives Matter ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 10, 2021:
#BlackLIESMatter thugs being #BlackLIESMatter violence!!
Black student charged with writing racist graffiti — KKK, swastika — in college dorm NEWS ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 10, 2021:
Jesse Smollet, is that you??
WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER — This is Priyamvada Gopal, a Cambridge University Professor from India...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 9, 2021:
You've summed up this racist perfectly! Ms. Gopal is a dumb racist descended from a tribe of delusional liars.
Vaccine Not for under 60's in Germany Not for under 55's in Canada Not for under 50's in ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 8, 2021:
Some good news for a change! #Ivermectin Again, NO VACCINE FOR ME! Ivermectin for Covid-19: Compound may be made up on prescription from doctors
Guns is the next epidemic. Biden. First you lose your guns then you lose your freedom
w0tn0t comments on Apr 8, 2021:
Yep, lose guns - a means of protection & self defence against criminals who do not obey gun laws!
Not all black Americans are fooled
w0tn0t comments on Apr 8, 2021:
Carol Swain also called out #BlackLivesMatter ages ago She's appeared on #Outsiders on #SkyNewsAustralia a few times. 'Marxist' BLM movement aims to destroy the 'Western way of life'
Vaccine Not for under 60's in Germany Not for under 55's in Canada Not for under 50's in ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 8, 2021:
Vaccine: Not for ME! They can shove it - some clot can have it
Vaccine passports are a serious threat to American civil liberties- []
w0tn0t comments on Apr 2, 2021:
Wonder if the number of clots or other side affects discovered will be listed on the outrageous "vaccine passport"? Urgent investigation into AstraZeneca vaccine after Melbourne man develops blood clots
No vaccine for me!!! Australia's medical regulator is investigating after a Melbourne man ...
w0tn0t comments on Apr 2, 2021:
No vaccine for me = NO CLOT!
Capitol Attack Suspect Identified As black male, Nation Of Islam Member Noah Green
w0tn0t comments on Apr 2, 2021:
Haven't seen him reported by the lefty media yet - wonder why ........ #Muslim #Farrakhan #NationOfIslam ....
Fact Check: True!
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
MrsJoeBiden might tell him to hide them in the corner - where he belongs!
branden writes: imagine being a 7 year old white boy and having gender and race identity shit ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
They're indoctrinating boys to hate themselves - its child abuse!
Greta Thunberg Bronze Statue Sparks MASSIVE BACKLASH as More Reject Climate Alarmists ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
Only fit for use as a urinal
What do Anthony Albanese and Jo Biden have in common? Try - POLICY AGENDA.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
And both IDIOTS!
China Uncensored: China vs.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
And China has warned Taiwan over a possible takeover - by force! China's aim is to take control of Taiwan as it did Hong Kong. How will Biden & his mob react to an invasion by China of Taiwan? Turn a blind eye & defear ear!!
Please stop urinating on our bronze Greta Thunberg statue.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
There's a target for a cow-pat tossing session - make sure they are soggy & wet
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
The surge of illegals - they're not migrants, they're illegals & illegals are criminals ‘Absolutely Vile’: Mexican Drug Cartel Members Threatened GOP Senators Near Texas Border A Border Patrol agent who could translate Spanish to English told the senators that the cartel members made “vile” and “threatening” statements to them. “It was obscene, because they know they can have their way. They’re not afraid. They know they can make thousands of dollars per person that’s crossing right now. That’s what’s going on, right now,” they said. When asked about what the cartel members said, Daines said, “I can’t repeat it on the air.”
Those who call COVID-19 the China Virus are labelled racist by the Left.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 31, 2021:
It is the #ChinaVirus - it comes from CHINA. Maybe it should be renamed the #CCPVirus
WILL BRISBANE'S LOCKDOWN LAST LONGER THAN 3 DAYS In Melbourne a 3 week lockdown turned in to 111 ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 30, 2021:
Labor "leaders" are the most incompetent & incapable in handling a situation - AND they are liars!! They're experts at passing the buck
LOCKDOWN BRISBANE 8 new cases in Queensland Will lockdown be longer than 3 days?
w0tn0t comments on Mar 30, 2021:
Well Anastasi is Labor ..... the female version of #DictatorDan
Nailed It😬
w0tn0t comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Islamophobia - caused by the acts of Muslims and exploited by Muslims to portray them as the victims!
Armed ANTIFA Rioters STORM Oregon Capital as Minneapolis Braces for Derek Chauvin Trial ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 29, 2021:
One #BlackLivesMatter scumbag stated the riots will be worse after the trial!!
After screwing the world economy for days, stranded container ship finally pulls out.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 29, 2021:
cAnalLube - good one mate
[] USA Today Editor Fired After Blaming ‘Angry White Man’ for Boulder Shooting
w0tn0t comments on Mar 29, 2021:
Hemal Jhaveri is a racist hypocrite - “Race and Inclusion” editor!!
yes you have a choice.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 28, 2021:
Here's some trying to escape communism to reach the "free world". I have many friends who fortunately managed to escape communism!
yes you have a choice.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 28, 2021:
Never go LEFT!
BarelyCogent IllegitmatePresident ‘Barely cogent’ Joe Biden starring in ‘Weekend at ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 27, 2021:
The #IllegitimatePresident had a waffle & mumble "press conference" which the lefty media did not call out, as they would have repeatedly rudely interrupted had it been #PresidentTrump!
Some Never Will...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 27, 2021:
And don't forget while in the holding centres, they're not social distancing and over 100's have tested positive to the China virus and the aim is to release them into the community - while Americans are locked down, masks are mandatory, unable to travel & have to be vaccinated. And American homeless are left to survive on the streeets while these illegals are accomodated in hotels and are fed!
ARREST THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
w0tn0t comments on Mar 27, 2021:
Pity she was released!! Cannon was charged with a felony punishable by one to five years in jail, obstruction of law enforcement and preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 27, 2021:
#CrazyNancy should be impeached & removed - she is trying to undermine democracy!! A reporter at Pelosi’s news conference on Thursday raised the topic of the Iowa race, noting that some Democratic members have already come out in opposition to unseating Miller-Meeks in favor of Hart. He wondered where the speaker stood. So the House does not have the sole authority over the matter of congressional elections. Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out that Pelosi and the Democrats were arguing earlier this year that any Americans who questioned state-certified election results were trying to undermine democracy.
Biden Press Conference a MAJOR DISASTER as His Approval Rating FALLS Again [youtube.
w0tn0t comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Biden is an embarrassment WORLDWIDE! He waffled, deflected & had to rely on notes - first time for any president! Its a disgrace!
I wonder why all the downvotes... (As of this posting, it's 9.8k)
w0tn0t comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Still trying to interpret this ....... oh wait.... can't find a demented interpreter.....or maybe one of the lefty reporters who attended the waffling & deflection session can...
Famous Supermodel Whines About White Men In Op-Ed, Worries About Giving Birth To A MALE | Tim Pool...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 26, 2021:
These morons should not breed
America will give Biden a ‘pass’ because he ‘showed up’ at first press conference ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 26, 2021:
Correction - the lefty media will continue to kiss the #IllegitimatePresident''s democrat arse!
Chrissy Teigen Deletes Twitter As Trump Supporters Mock Her []
w0tn0t comments on Mar 25, 2021:
Chrissy Teigin looks like a transgender failure! In my view, trash throwing itself OUT! This won’t be the first time Teigen has quit Twitter – last year, she briefly exited the platform after an ugly public spat with chef Alison Roman.
Impact of Suez Canal Blockage on Trade; Political Pressure on Fed to Stay Loose: Rep | NTD Business...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 25, 2021:
Noticed one fuel station has already increased the price of (available stocked) fuel by 40c a litre - what a scammer!!
Joe Biden immediately gives his handlers nightmares after appearing confused at times during first ...
w0tn0t comments on Mar 25, 2021:
I watched Biden's 70 minute waffle & deflection session & agree with Joe Concha!! Joe Concha calls Biden news conference a 'disgrace' for White House press corps Mar. 25, 2021 - 4:21 - Fox News contributor Joe Concha eviscerated the media for poor questions and a lack of follow-ups during President Biden's first news conference on Thursday.
Lauren Southern is back. laurensouthern cdnpoli gender children families []
w0tn0t comments on Mar 25, 2021:
The father has the right to call his daughter "his daughter"!! BTW, Lauren now lives in Australia & appears on SkyNewsAustralia occassionally.

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