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So, has Donald Trump got any realistic chance of proving voter fraud in the recent election?

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WoodDuck 4 Nov 22

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They've got the Dominion-Soros connection, location, adjacent offices, experts have said HOW tampering is EASILY done, Soros is NEXT DOOR, and the building is full of far left extremists!
They've got the Spanish connection, forget the name, SCLI or something that IS connected, IS known to be corrupt.

We have Joe Biden's testimony, perfectly clear, lucid TELLING everyone.
Didn't you see it? He was serious, clear eyed.
Why isn't that enough?

You don't believe him? Maybe the one time it's truth, right out there?


I rather not say.... I'm on too many lists as it is.


Half of America is willing to throw out our system of election, starting with the electoral college, if it will remove the guy they viscerally hate from office. They don’t care if they elect a senile, child-groping, mafioso instead, with an alternate who slept her way into office. Some of them have said things like “We can fix the system after we get rid of him.” Well it doesn’t work that way.

So those unprincipled people are willing to lie, cheat, defraud and call for assassination. Those of us who are paying attention and care about the integrity of our nation have heard them.

So now our nation is riddled with laws and regulations intended to further project the power and protect the agenda of these creeps at everyone else’s expense.

Its time to stop them, not tolerate them any longer.


Let's first just forget Trump. Could be anybody. It's the US electoral SYSTEM and Dominion has now been located(not easy), in, guess what?, same back to back floor as Soros. The entire floor or perhaps building in Toronto, has extreme left in it. We have not had a vote for a long time.
Which makes Trump a miracle.

Please remember that it's NOT Trump. If it had been Billy Willy, he's just the OPPOSITION.
Canada's votes also corrupted, never properly counted. That's how the NWO Trudeau is in.

Get rid of corruption.

Find a good, decent, reasonably honest Democrat(are ANY Honest?), and I think you'd win.
These geriatrics just can't represent a younger group at all.
My view.
But yes, he can win.
The JUDGE is DEMOCRAT! So, tight for Kamala (Joe's not well), Kamala will sock it to everyone.
Bam, bam, no thank you, mam.

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