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By Any Other Name, Globalism is Technocracy, Not Communism
2FollowHim comments on Jul 21, 2021:
China certainly is communist first with the masses controlled by technocrats, and everything run this way, often successfully. There's no room for individuals, for their freedoms, for any religions except perhaps Buddhism which doesn't bother them. Can capitalism pair with technocrats? I think so. But again, individuals won't exist. They might be tolerated better.
By Any Other Name, Globalism is Technocracy, Not Communism
2FollowHim comments on Jul 21, 2021:
When a small group control with no entryway for you, then it's bad, no matter the name. What I personally found good about USA, before was the relative ease to own property with a house on it. Privacy. Not too expensive. What I found better in Canada was shared, good amenities that nobody had in USA. Some more wealthy might have passes to a gym, a small pool. The level of violence in many areas of USA was depressing. It would be interesting to compare USA and Russia or USA and Vietnam on various scales. It seems unrest and war are never far from USA. That isn't peaceful at all. I've been to several US cities and areas to see it's bad there, regarding lifestyle. It's not even passable safe. I realize these are just my own experiences, maybe missing important features.
So i noticed there is no real description of Jesus in the bible, but in the new testament that say ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Since Jesus is God, come here in the flesh, what He really is transcends color, creed, but what He came here as, was a Jewish man.
Solar science, real climate science, economics and the obvious Evil Empire Election fraud has now ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 21, 2021:
You mean Joe Biden? He himself said it was fraud. WHAT IS SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 21, 2021:
I found fault with capitalism. Didn't like it. Survival of the ***, **** etc, but not fittest, they're enslaved. To me, capitalism = competitive or 'dog eat dog' in a 'rat race'. I hear 'corrupted socialism', not the actual meaning. Socialism was co operative but due to some people's greed, power, fails. I think you need government but they have to be checked up on. Trump legally filed for bankruptcy 13x, so didn't pay, if I have that right.
Since this is a new group, feel free to invite folks to check it out and join.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 19, 2021:
I like to pose position for consideration. I expect others to pose their position too. To have found a way that works AT ALL is something. I have. But the bar keeps being raised on me, maybe for me, and then I must pause. My path is called 'Sola scriptura' and it seems to have little in common with any church. I pretty much loathed church but love scripture, the teachings, I can't help but find many conspiracy theories true, MSM being, to me, false. Mostly, I try to question. I'm told I ask too many hard questions. I do that within myself, too. More and more, I tend to think everything by the world system is a lie, nor can I SAY anything, TELL anyone.
For Second Week in a Row: More COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths than COVID-19 Deaths in the US According ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 19, 2021:
NO!! Say it's not so! And it's still being pushed? And I don't think they're necessarily instant or painless deaths, either. How is SO MUCH swept? I read,likely all here, about the spike proteins. Does that mean some will develop symptoms down the road, who were vaxed? I've been noticing heartless essays going on.
GREAT NEWS for the UNVACCINATED! July 15, 2021 figures from UK indicate: Unvaccinated cases ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 19, 2021:
This fellow left Canada: was dual citizenship for Finland. He said Finland had relaxed rules, lower virus!! So, I think we know it's contr8ved; that the goal is to keep it high.
What is Driving Obama and What This Tells Us About Where We're Going []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 18, 2021:
I see this in Canada with Trudeau carrying on his father's legacy, or perhaps the Cuban leader he looks exactly like physically. Obama was Muslim, albeit nominal like Lolo his adoptive father so he LEGALLY became Barry Soetero. That was his goal: make US Muslim, the same as Huma Aberdeen. No matter what we think about Trump, like Winston Church, he was 'the man of the hour' not allowing US to become Muslim. I doubt his goals have wavered. Wasn't Obama Sr. a dissident, stirring up trouble? What was his vision for Kenya?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 18, 2021:
I won't be put in a box...yet. That's death. Then it won't matter. Prior to death, I am not this or that. Life's far too complex. Something I think I see is that Biden SEEMS gentle, even reasonable. You may have seen when he's not that way? Trump seems abrupt, even abusive to anyone who crosses him. Maybe you've seen it? Yet, have you seen how he spoke to the veterans? For example? A big โคheart. These talks don't get much coverage. So, Joe would be favored and it wouldn't matter what he did: he SEEMS nice, Trump seems rude. Out with Trump, in with Biden. Might it be simple like this? Might most people be those 'low level thinkers' who are using intelligence to justify emotional issues? Doesn't everyone think they're 'right'? I think what I said is 'right' but often others won't see it that way at all. I'd suggest Biden has 'Carte blanche'. Lastly, Putin makes more sense to me than either of the other two.
Expecting the internet as we know it to go down soon.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 18, 2021:
I think of a river flowing. An obstruction? The river flows another way. I think of the magi who went to pay homage to the Lord Jesus and then were warned in a dream not to see Herod again. We read 'they went home by ANOTHER way'. I don't think ANYTHING can totally block 'the light'. It will...go, another way. It's not up to them. There are some hard truths we Christians must accept and learn. Jesus knew this life here was not 'all there is'. Jesus says to 'fear NOT those that can kill the body'. Then, we are to 'seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness', so that's my goal. 'Pray for my enemies'. I am still working on a proper attitude.
My Reading List...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 16, 2021:
And reread many which were excellent but I don't remember! Such excellent books. What am I doing online?
What Would Happen to David Wood under Islamic Law? Vid 8:18 mins. []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 16, 2021:
I call it related to witchcraft where it's upside down. It's fine for them to LIE under FOUR different reasons for their Allah. Of whom we know nothing except through Muhammad. I see they hate what Christians call 'the light', of whom the source is Jesus. So, they hate Jesus who is the light. This lines up if you think killing, bloodshed and torture are wrong. But Muslims LABEL such war as JIHAD which says war is HOLY. IN Christian terms, no war, no killing, no torture by people to other people is at all holy. The book of Revelation tells us that 'no liar' will have eternal life. When you look closely at Islamic paradise, you see it's what Christians call 'carnal'. Christians also are LED by the Holy Spirit, and are only subject to Muslims if God deems it best, thus no fear at all. Once we know, are convinced we are only 'passing through', on our way home, then as Jesus said, we do not fear what flesh can do to us. BTW.. the Apostate Prophet is always being threatened by certain Muslims while a likely significant number say nothing but approve. David has had an amazing story!
Biden and Company bragged they had the largest voter fraud organization ever built.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 16, 2021:
Something when we can only trust Joe Biden. You KNEW he spoke truth on the fraud. Didn't matter to him. So, the constitution doesn't, either. Lawless.
Fear is a primal and powerful emotion that is essential for survival, but it can also be used as a ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
That was one of the very best articles I ever read. I'll read it again. This is a worldwide psychological coup. Here in BC, Canada, masks have been lifted. Yet many continue. They're alone, walking along the street ...with their mask on. So, I have to refer to the article that they're afraid of some unproven invisible enemy. They don't notice me at all. The Bible says 'perfect love casts out all fear', worthy of meditation to me. Thanks for good article.
Some tourists in the Museum of Natural History are marveling at the dinosaur bones.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
The paste looks so real.
so hard for it
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
Daddy, 'the father of lies', that daddy.
so hard for it
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
Is that what it means to 'die for your country'? Blind compliance. I'm all for abiding by laws. But insanity is where it stops for me. Requires some research, study, prayer or meditation or plain gut feeling. I personally distinguish between natural and synthetic. Occasionally synthetic is good but mostly unknown. Since there are other, far better ways, I prefer that. But those ways require some work, getting things, taking things. Many want easy, a shot, that's it. They think. Already they're saying it's just the beginning. And unvarnished people will be blamed.
Spencer Fernando: Marxists Stand Together: Official BLM Organization Issues Statement Supporting ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021: Cubans aren't COPING, don't want communism. They don't have basic needs met. We see Paul's statement about all this being 'principalities and powers in high places'. Only warfare prayer can touch this. AND you should have a group of seasoned warriors. There must be big money riding on this, immense fraud and outright stealing, payoffs. The lawless one is being revealed.
Jesus has made many ways for us to receive healing.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
As the branch withers away from the vine, so do we, away from Our Savior. Let us ponder this: our Savior. A Savior saves. It's just not a one time thing, long ago and far away. It was done, but like breathing, must continue as long as we're here. That is a profound and excellent proverb, well worth study and meditation. YouTube had some good videos on the power of words. Then there's Godly words. It's good to say them out loud so we hear them. Wonderful set to music. I like Gregorian chants, so might use that. Thank you for useful post. I got spiritually attacked yesterday, so this is timely.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
REALLY well done. Tucker nailed it. We really get to see how wickedness works, and it does work. I find the best explanation of it all comes from the, don't gasp, the New Testament when Paul said 'for we , I will give more accurate Greek here, for we aren't undone by flesh and blood, but by principalities and powers in high places'. The word 'wrestle' isn't correct. Biblehub will show it. This is beyond human ability. The only way to defeat that is to enter THAT realm. Kind of like star wars. Only seasoned, committed Christians can go into that realm. And they might lose their life here. Otherwise, it's just scrambling, going nowhere, concealed, dismissed. And those brave but unwitting people get hurt. This is a spiritual war. This war allows me to be understanding of the cruelest. The Bible tells me those are 'vessels to dishonor'. I need fear nor hate anyone in those rare circles. It should be clear to many that we're entering a dark time. Jesus told us. And we're moving right along.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 15, 2021:
WHY does nobody weigh what Joe Biden said HIMSELF about the election? No stuttering there. Clear as a bell. Joe's not known for flaunting, posturing, unlike another candidate. I've never noticed Joe bragging, again, unlike another candidate. He explained: biggest fraud. What more does anyone need? No matter what I or anyone thinks about Trump, he HAD the majority. Sydney found reams of evidence. I saw evidence about Dominion voting machines. Yes, it traces to Chavez, Venezuela. Statisticians traced the voting curve. It's all there. What intrigues me is why Trump 'went QUIETLY into that good night', I'm thinking ..his youngest son Baron. What would he do to ensure his safety? Surely a weak spot in his armor. There is a deep state. Obama was always part of it. Did nobody read, hear about Italy, how they found and charged the one who set up the GPS systems to rig it? Ah, then, mysteriously disappears: Rome, the Vatican was complicit. They SERIOUSLY did not want Trump in again. Personally, I always look at the CCP. They had a list, which got published of top US officials and how to turn them away from any loyalty to US. We saw their weaknesses. Most have weaknesses. Biden just wasn't well liked. Often seemingly mumbling, bumbling. Nobody liked Kamala. Dictatorial. High pressure. I personally was glad Trump did not get in. There were ALWAYS blue states and they'd just vote anti Trump. Please don't forget Soros who had millions to put into riots, his pets. I heard Trump ask why he was so opposed. Good question.
Commie Trudeau gives implicit approval of Cuban Communist leaders who are suppressing Cubans.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Trudeau loves billionaires, hates 'common people', a kind of racism? Supremacy? A dictator. And is destroying Canada. Duplicate of Castro. I wouldn't know of any accomplishments for Canadians, would you.
Facebook is banning the criticism of ideas?! []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 14, 2021:
BTW.. these diseases(curtailing thought) will spread and punishments more severe. Harder to communicate.
Facebook is banning the criticism of ideas?! []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 14, 2021:
FB is 100% for Mark Zuckerberg, 0 for anyone else. They must lure people. But only MSM opinions allowed. I never went near it.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Balance, I don't want them claiming Canadian land as theirs. I also know their own land, I thought, was ruined in Alberta. I wrote an article back then. Just horrible, how that beautiful land was destroyed, and the water used up. I thought it impacted Indian lands. Then they don't have decent water. Not knowing, I'd say finding wells, pumps required. But who'd do it. Liberals? Maybe if it made JT look good, photo op etc. Indians are different groups, different ways. West Coast were, I thought, peaceful. Others very hostile, aggressive. Complexities are great. How many groups are there? I have known several W.C. Native Indians, pleasant but depressed, the men mostly alcoholics, often abusive to their women and children. Not motivated. Once their culture fell apart, they didn't recover. They would have been offered whatever education, training, but they couldn't adapt. Big object lesson there. Our world is rapidly changing: will we adapt?
1 dead, 140 detained, reporter arrested on live tv as Cuban Government cracks down on freedom ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Nothing changes, just gets worse. 'The people are a nuisance', tolerated at best. Most privileged to work and pay for the leaders. Entitlement reigns, increasing in many places. Entering a dark, repressive time. My own belief is this is ruling class supremacist. Wrest control, attack dissenters.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Would Trudeau bother otherwise? Few exemplify Jesus's teaching about 'God or mammon', or wealth. Many people today are shades of grey. JT is just mammon. I didn't think Canadians were like that, did you? Dave Rubin said government is taking advantage of how Canadians are. He said how easy going, amenable they were. I'd agree, easy pickings.
Some recent videos on Critical Race Theory and what to do about it.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Necessary but divisive nonetheless. Should parents put their children where they disapprove?
Government To Fact Check Your Messages []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 13, 2021:
An important email I sent went into their spam. So, I think things already began.
Tucker says Trudeau makes Canada look like the Soviet Union. He is not wrong. []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Soviet or China? Soviet is I think more free than we are? Maybe not quite to China yet. Not sure about Vietnam.
Living by faith is more than believing for things.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 12, 2021:
I think of what Peter said to Jesus: WHERE will we go? I add WHO ELSE would love us knowing He's helping us become more like Him? Nobody. Nobody can. Even we do not, cannot love ourselves properly all the time. Not speaking about self centeredness that masquerades as caring. There's a LOT against us: our OLD ways, the world system, demons. I'd EXPECT after the nighttime, darkness, to be down. It dissipates in the light of Christ. We can't really control the nighttime when sleeping. But once up, we can turn our focus to Our Lord. This is a good time to crucify the carnal, the old man. It failed us, period. Let's never forget this. The carnal way would bring us down. Why would I consider it? I think of the apostle Paul who said 'I count it but dung'. He saw through the tinsel down here. He glorified in the excellency of Christ. Each day is part of our program, our training for citizenship in heaven with Jesus. In my country, Canada, there is pretty clear hatred from the leader for Christianity. ANYTHING can happen. Other countries are persecuted badly. Note that Jesus never extolled the virtues of being on this earth. Thank you for a helpful post.
Followup to emergency orders revoked This is a followup to videos I made last week.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Can we agree that our leader knows a thing or two about drama, the subtleties, complexities. Forever young at heart, VERY YOUNG, and like them, expects everything, needs only smile, giggle perhaps? Sadly, this WORKS on too many Canadians.
Are all white people racist? []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Are no colored people racist? Or, might I suggest all too wily, savvy Caucasians took advantage of them, and they want their own back?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 11, 2021:
40 years ago, I knew not to have family. No babies. I thought it an impossible situation then. It's only escalated since then. I knew I'd be 'dysfunctional', although kids told me otherwise...sweet of them! What I didn't wreck, the system would. There's been very little healthy research done on good, easy to remember birth control. Good birth control? No abortions necessary.
Today is Sunday, July 11 2021 and Justin Trudeau is absolutely the worst Prime Minster in the ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 11, 2021:
Have you noticed more people saying they don't like Canada? On YouTube? How Canada is being talked about outside of Canada now, not in a good way. What countries do you find better? I don't find US better, or UK, or France, or Germany, or China? For example?
Oh Canada. You Have NO Idea What's Coming. - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Jul 11, 2021:
Time for historians to get involved.
Oh Canada. You Have NO Idea What's Coming. - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Jul 11, 2021:
I certainly don't expect this to 'go quietly into that good night'. Do you? Masks were one thing, and even they were opposed. Oops, parliament buildings, fork over, disband, Indian land!! Might be good. Indians were NEVER united. Canadians definitely need the BELL to wake up. One of the commands Jesus gave was 'Watch, which is not passive like 'watch the game'. Tricky that dual word usage. None of us can control anything. I am here, living by little action of my own. A new way for Soros exciting dismantling program for Canada.
[] Magnetic bodies after vaccinated?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Control of humans has been a big area for many years. What if it's sometimes true in some people but maybe not most? Research has been targeting genomes, mapping for years. Then there's an actual need to create indestructible armies, which is transhumanism. I think it's here. Elon Musk is cutting edge. I've wondered what the Bible meant by 'beast', or 'the mark of the BEAST'. I remember how the devil is called serpent, and what they're like, COLD blooded, eat their offspring (totally SELF centered ). These changes would line up, I think. The BEAST in Revelation will LOOK human but won't be. And many will follow after the beast. Those who don't will be killed. Christians are taught they 'go on' spiritually. And really, it sure would be depressing if 'that's all there is' where it's just survival of the wiliest, the most manipulative. Personally, I see no point to living without Jesus and His resurrection. With Jesus, everything, absolutely everything, changes. This is not ever meant to be a call to Christianity. Rather an understanding of the Christian point of view. To see it lines up well. If you came to think there is God, then knowing God is just, fair can help. Evidence proves that Christianity isn't for everyone, and that it's a hard path, best left alone unless someone felt strongly led to it. I will say that everything you've put is not freaky to me due to my understanding of what's happening from the Bible. I'd like to pose a question? Do you really think Soros is a 'normal' human being? If you've studied his life? Might he not already be transhuman? No human has those 'abilities'. I think Obama might fit, to a lesser degree. Isn't this also related to MK Ultra? And, finally, when you study just how freaky Just Trudeau's father was, mostly hidden, then I suspend judgement on JT, wondering if he might have been groomed for this. How do you see it?
Dozens Of Schools Teach Children That White People Are The Devil, CRT Has Been EXPOSED For its Evils...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 9, 2021:
In witchcraft, important things are put upside down: maybe the โœ๏ธ cross, for example. They could skip putting anything but it's a put down, a literal one. Caucasians developed this great society we have, while the other groups remained 3rd world. And their poverty can't be laid at 'white man's door'. Some can, but there are other causes. For example, much of Mexico and Central America are unclean people, throwing garbage, polluting beautiful oceans. They don't take care of things. Apparently, Africans are often similar, and worse. 'Whites' do better generally from what I've seen, read. So the current vogue is further lies: turn it upside down so the ones attacked did things better. The attackers are destroyers, part of the devil's ways themselves. I find it healthier what the apostle Paul says when he says our battle isn't with flesh and blood; but with principalities and powers in high places. To get into the blame game, the hate style loses, confuses. When I know these things are run by forces, I have hope to be able to be kind to those destroying. Sometimes these people change and definitely I'm kept out of toxic condemning of others. We have way more motivation, energy when we have hope we can improve things. The Bible predicts very bad times ahead; while I read it and begin to see it, still I can't adjust to it. Every Christian channel, mostly, I see wants things better. Sure. Of course. But it's fantasy, not reality. Not from what I've seen. Some have said how much better things are but I don't see the happiness or fun even of a few years ago. So, while some things seem better, if many are depressed, on a bad path, then I can't say it's better. What do you see?
Time to poke a little fun at our own... []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 8, 2021:
That's the world, trendy. Christians are UNIQUE, and yes, look weird, strange, outright laughable to non Christians. Christians let everyone be and do who and what they are, obviously with limits(doesn't everything?). It's not 'let your LIGHT shine', buy our T shirt, get our tattoo. LIGHT isn't a flashlight. If it were, ANYBODY could get it. Just like ANYBODY can BUY that stuff. Christianity can't be bought. But this points out it's not easy knowing WHO we are; way easier to be Sheeple of the world rather than sheep of the Lamb of God.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 8, 2021:
I wonder if those hearing will be 'up' enough on all this to be rational? If you know WAY more than they do, I believe 'cover ups', saving face can happen. If you make it VERY SIMPLE, basic, harder to wiggle out of it.
Although I know of someone who passed from the Pfizer vaccine, at 25, due to heart failure, this ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 5, 2021:
This is why I'll risk problems rather than go near medical, or shall I say drug dispensers. I found EVERYTHING online including symptoms, photos and various cures. Sounds ultimately like a natural body reaction to so many teeth emerging. IF you can find an MD who you can trust!, believes or accepts your views, THEN, yes you can go ahead. It's a myth that DOCTORS are perfect, don't misdiagnose. I trust salt, for example. Then baby aspirin is ok for discomfort. We just can't afford to get scared and give away our tiny power to who knows who. We don't know their motives: but it's usually to help themselves, not you or your children. I've come to distrust 'free' or subsidized. Usually I'm the victim, the loser. Yes, costs me, takes time(say away from TV?), but I can trust it. There may be groups online, too. That's despicable, a baby, 18 months. I'm glad to hung in there but what a hard job. And do they gossip, hold grudges.
Why do Jews use CRT and BLM?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 2, 2021:
This technique is being used by several control people, groups. I wonder what psychologist will tackle this? It would certainly make a good book. I think some could give sessions, role play, well thought out methods to address it. I think Canada is doing this, may have been for a while now. Anyone know about UK?
Dozens of Canadian Churches Vandalized & Burnt Down!? []
2FollowHim comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Churches are not part of the New Testament. Nor denominations. There were never intended buildings. The RCC is not Christian, thus they draw dark forces to their churches: great hiding places for wicked people who could act pious, then hurt others. Many actors, the insincere. But many secular orphanages were similar: the very 'philanthropist' arranging these institutions was a rampant pedophile, usually supported by other high ranking closet pedophiles. All had two personas: public, and personal, extreme differences in those two. Yet, still, there are real conversions, found on YouTube, books. These won't usually be found in those places. Much will be hidden, unimportant, rejected by the world. Which is what Jesus said. The reasons for burning are mixed. I am sola scriptura because that's where I find light, truth. I wouldn't do it otherwise.
“The difference between communism and socialism is that under socialism central planning ends ...
2FollowHim comments on Jul 1, 2021:
I have a lot of beefs a out how so called democracy operates. And I thought I found fine things in the socialism I saw. What I saw, experienced was very low cost, ie. Heavily subsidized Community centers with excellent gyms, pools, saunas, senior programs, badminton etc. Cheap, affordable for all, open to all. This was never true in say US where rather shabby facilities, poorly run cost a lot. The seemingly socialist country seemed more peaceful, not so competitive, militant. Are you saying this ends up badly always? I understood the type of socialism I liked as co operative. All systems are flawed, and things always change. BUT the democracy I saw was aggressive, warlock. Of course, CCP is far, far worse. Maybe I'm thinking partial socialism or a blend where the lower classes can live too?
It seems the private messageing service is failing since maybe tuesday?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 1, 2021:
I asked a question of admin a week ago, nothing.
The way China plans to stop companies from leaving is truly reprehensible.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 1, 2021:
Biblically, the DRAGON represents satan, the serpent, or darkness. Does not China flaunt this dark power, cruelty over it's people? What's troubling more is I think I see some of this extending elsewhere in the world. I wonder if it doesn't cause more Chinese people there to become Christians? It's kind of 'what do they have to lose'? They get relief and help from warm, loving Christian groups there. It's precisely because it's so terrible that the people become very caring to those in the groups. They become family. I'm not sure if anyone agrees and we won't know as they must remain underground. I see that as their main hope.
The way China plans to stop companies from leaving is truly reprehensible.
2FollowHim comments on Jul 1, 2021:
I think the world will notice, do you? It will impact lives, economy, so it seems they must get involved. Will China after this have allies? How will other countries react COLLECTIVELY, or will they? I think they will. CCP is, to me, not even normal communism. Other communist countries aren't as bad. North Korea, not exactly communism, comes to mind as just as bad. Will Biden support them? Seems he can be bought off?
2FollowHim comments on Jul 1, 2021:
That is astounding and I'm not sure all results have appeared yet. I've always felt leery about man-made chemicals. Even decent ones. People make (a lot of) mistakes. Nature doesn't. We can't ingest anything to any amount. We must know what we're doing.
My beloved Rabbi and his post from last year.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 30, 2021:
The TRUTH lies not within corrupted man, even a 'good man'. Yehoshua, Jesus said 'I am the truth, ie. Jehovah, Messiah. Truth resides neither within nor without but is of the Eternal One, being now above. But yes, 'a better amount ' of truth can be found within unconverted man than without. The controllers manipulate the lies out there. Then, what to do with it? For truth on earth is not appreciated.
Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Apparent Backlash After Gruesome Discovery via ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 30, 2021:
I feel sad for these Indians, taken advantage of, abused. Although I'm not in favor of destruction, they have strong reasons. The RCC church is not Christian yet many think it is. To be Christian means following what Jesus said.
Crossroads with Joshua Phillip LiveQ&A: Taiwan Preparing for Possible China Conflict; Japan Says ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 30, 2021:
China's a bully, tries to undermine others, take over. Why don't they take care of China? They're even conflicting with Russia. I wonder what % of Chinese people are in favor of their government?
Today is Wednesday, June 30 2021 and Justin Trudeau is absolutely the worst Prime Minster in the ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 30, 2021:
I think Erin Otool no better, and as Frank Vaughan says, the leader of PPC party is no different. But he seems different. Derek Sloan is showing himself to be good, but not enough know him. Those Canadians just working, then watching TV think Trudeau's fine, also don't care. He had to bargain with the woman. The world didn't show concern. Never go to China! I wonder how Jack Ma's doing?
2FollowHim comments on Jun 29, 2021:
They've got to get Soros, or whoever runs things for him now. He'll be pouring more billions into his pet theories(the real conspiracy theories). Sidney is naive, think FACTS win. She's honest, has that mindset.
The expression, "born again Christian" got me thinking.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Sorry, too long. Can only take a bit. If you recall Anthony Flew, he vegan by having a 'complete change of mind, then noticing creation, the difference, then believing in God. Not sure where he went with that. Dave Rubin of the Rubin report quit atheism, became theist. Born again is something else which is well explained in the NT. Actually, a Christian is born again if they're baptized. The best way I know for atheists who convert is they 'see it's completely differently. I believe it takes real courage for any atheist to become Christian. Even a theist. I was listening to some Praise and Worship music, read some comments, saw this one man who said he'd been atheist all his life. After he listened to some of this music, he stopped, saw 'God'. He said everyone he knew still thought he was atheists. It's a heavy price to believe. I didn't read anywhere about emotional succor. Maybe it happens. I've noticed some in churches pretty much swooning. But some is real. We each have our story, and each is very different, just as we are. My mate after hearing John 1, said he'd never experienced love. That is, until he 'met Jesus', a spiritual encounter. He saw what Jesus said was true. Millions have died for Christ because they were persecuted, hunted, tortured, and they wanted Jesus. Just to breathe another day isn't for everyone. Not for me.
Unapproved Software Found In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Probably Also on Machines in Arizona and ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Why don't they admit they were sloppy, got scammed? Does anyone doubt Trump won? Yet he sure 'went quietly into that good night'. Parting words, 'Have a good life, remember? Sounded callous to me. Then I read how if he gets in, everyone does it 'his way'. That's dictatorship. Too bad they can't find more good candidates for this important job. Although on target a lot, Trump troops on too many people's self esteem, making enemies that get others to join them. Even Biden doesn't do AS MUCH of that, and we agree Biden is bad news.
The struggle continues in Quebec! Have you heard about this on the MSM?? LOL
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Good for Quebec. I wish them success.
It seems Julian Assange case may be headed for a mistrial. q:240042
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Says it's not working. I hope it does, soon.
FreeBritney: The Exposure of Evil - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Women have always been objects. Playthings of males.
Is the State of Israel DOOMED? โ”‚ Mid East Geopolitics - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Jun 28, 2021:
I saw nothing good from the immigration 8nto US and Canada. I want to mention that Israel is not that unique in wanting Israel to be for Israelis. Even Mexico doesn't have any large numbers of other groups there. Russia is the same. Democracy has become badly corrupted, I doubt exists. Israel is surrounded by enemies. I support Israel's right to live there; they've done so much. One of the few groups with any belief in God.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Why doesn't it kill far more? Who is it killing, and not killing? Drugs have been developed that remove a person's strong belief in a higher power. Is it that? Or some other parameter? Who's NOT getting problems? Why? Let's look from the other end.
Toronto Sun: LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau lies about Canadians' safety with gun control [youtube.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 25, 2021:
You MUST like he does, take ONE responsible gun owner, tell his story. You copy JT from the OTHER side. You present story after story. Then, talk about ISOLATED, bad apples ๐ŸŽ.
True! โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿถ
2FollowHim comments on Jun 25, 2021:
I'll NEVER forget our dogs, each one so unique, loving, obedient. I could ride my bike and Chun(he 'countered so plump as a baby shepherd), would run along. Turning, I'd direct Chun to the safe boulevards. I've learned obedience from my dogs, unquestioning. It's often life or death.
Understanding the New Covenants of the bible [youtube.]
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
Regarding the video of Mathew 24 where you stated that the Bible is not for the present population but rather for ancient Israel is not to be found in the entire Bible. Did the Messiah of Israel suddenly disappear? Did The Lord Jesus appear to Paul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus? Did you remove all of the prophecies from the Old Testament that show that Israel of the old were divorced because of their idolatry? Ancient Israel would be lost without the death and Resurrection of Christ Jesus.What bible are you referring to?
Let us know your ideas on how to improve this new site!
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
My husband can't sign in. Tried everything. Defaults to me. Says he has an account but nothing is sent to it to get a code?
Understanding the New Covenants of the bible [youtube.]
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
The Elohim of the of the Covenant made with His people made it clear to them through Moses that in breaking His Covenant would result in His people receiving a severe curse and having to repent individually of breaking the Covenant. Most likely Israel in the early chapters are shown to be idolaters who would be put through pestilence, and the sword which would leave only a small 4emnant in Babylon
Understanding the New Covenants of the bible [youtube.]
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
We are GRAFTED INTO Abraham. Being part of Jesus's body, we are saved. But Jehovah finally DIVORCED Israel for idolatries. This is in 2 places. Paul explains that a Remnant, which is quite large, shall be saved. I am under Yehoshua, or Jesus of the New Covenant made with the Creator's blood. Jesus explains that His followers hear His sayings.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
It might backfire.
During lunch at work, I ate 3 plates of beans (which I know I shouldn't).
2FollowHim comments on Jun 24, 2021:
Sometimes it's good to CHEAT, peak out! Leave the table. Everyone has to GO Sometimes.
Trudeau's Scandal-Ridden Government Passes Bill C- - Viva Frei Vlawg [youtu.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 23, 2021:
Rename Sly. A slippery slope he's on.
Pray For The World : 23rd June 2021 - by Alfred []
2FollowHim comments on Jun 23, 2021:
The world opposes Jesus. Think Great Reset, vaccines, lockdowns. A satanic system.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 22, 2021:
At 93 million, MILLION miles away, this picture of the sun is only a picture. Some, myself included, believe the sun is closer. What I wonder is why don't far more people die? And why THOSE people? Years ago, I saw a video of a military woman(US) saying they were finding 'cures' for those with extremist views, eg. ISIS, but it would cure all extremist views by altering genetics. 10 years ago. I saw it over 5 years ago. So who does the jab kill, who does it not bother? Wouldn't you expect far more?
2FollowHim comments on Jun 22, 2021:
Think in opposites. The more it's called down, the closer I examine it. The more it's pushed forward, the more my lie detectors start flashing. Those that get called conspiracy theories are usually the truth. Actually not hard to know; read it. Only God is true.
World "Communist" Forum: by 2030, you'll own nothing and you will be happy".
2FollowHim comments on Jun 22, 2021:
Yes. It's private ownership that has an invested interest to see that government is reasonable. Notice big businesses were not in lockdown, only small 'independent' businesses who didn't pay the graft.
Trump was RIGHT! California will spend $500 MILLION this year to thin its 33 million acres of ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 20, 2021:
Trump never delegated. If pro scientists in forestry had given this at Trump's behest, way harder to laugh. Too many didn't LIKE him. And Trump caused someone that. We can't afford to hurt others in response to their foolishness. I find Putin excellent in these ways, even though I know how he got where he is today.
The Biden-Putin exchange that Media blacked out | TFI Global News vid 5:45 mins []
2FollowHim comments on Jun 20, 2021:
Biblically, Biden is a 'destroyer', a vessel to dishonor. Spiritually, I kind of wonder how he got in, how all that fraud went by. The apostle Paul indicates God selects the leaders according to what He deems the people need. So, somehow could this be a wake up call for complacent Christians? What effect do you think Biden will have on vast USA? We have similar in Canada. There have been many far worse times in history.
Demons: What the Bible Really Says - Michael Heiser Not required viewing (actually it's more of...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 20, 2021:
Demons are lower. I thought CS Lewis did a great job in his book, both funny and serious. I actually think false religions sometimes pattern themselves as the supernatural evil realms.
Today is Friday, June 18 2021 and Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minster in the history of ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 18, 2021:
Did you notice the two women, the MP for indigenous people who quit...shocking what she said. And the leader of the green party, is it Annemarie Paul?, who is being set up. She's Jewish, to my knowledge. I think she's in over her head. People can push our buttons, then videotape us, blame us for reacting. What do you think of JT standing against China in the G7? Is it a temporary act?
“Many people, observing religious conflict in the contemporary world, have become hostile to ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 14, 2021:
On top of believing in God, I've needed God, perhaps a spiritual crutch, to carry me over craziness in 'new clothes', looking mighty fine until we look closer. How we lost for some Answer, some 'better than good person' who will deliver us, show us the way. Have any of those worked? They come...and they go, yet THIS ...NEW, party, plan, belief system, ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿ“•, book, the Great Reset, the mask, the vaccine, will save us. For me, only God is, is real, the rest...a flash in the pan...fool's gold. Lord, keep me from being lured into fool's gold.
Thou wilt carry us both when little, and even to hoar hairs wilt Thou carry us; for our firmness, ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 14, 2021:
How often we find ourselves at a crossroads: lean on the Lord, trust Him OR something else? It might be a great speaker, a different approach many are raving about. It can be whether we depend on the Lord or believe pharmaceuticals, doctors diagnoses. A doctor(do some think God?) passes down a verdict: the patient has X time to live. Does this rely on Jesus? While not against, I put no faith in it. I call it 'negative faith'. Relying totally on anything outside of the Lord will take us away from God. Good post: firmness is only with God. Augustin understood how various philosophies did not help him. Yet the battle is real. I had a friend who lasted after books, preferably new theories. He lost interest in the bible which was 'too old'. Yet these blockbuster new books, new theories came and went: infirm.
China accused of 'astounding coverup' as footage emerges of bats caged in Wuhan lab Vid 5:30 ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 14, 2021:
So that's the bat connection!! Pre-planned? Spiritually speaking, isn't China obvious in its biblical role? While I'm not sure China is the only country with the dragon emblem, they're most aggressive in wanting world domination and being willing to exploit any country to get it. Did you see the list of top ranking US officials with how to get them serving China? I'm not up on names but it was easy to see one man's 'fatal flaw' was an attractive Chinese woman. Others were paid large sums, for example. Then, if none of that works, there's threats(which are real) to family members. I wondered about Trump and Barron, his son, or daughter, Ivanka. I wondered how Hillary and Obama walked at large, while Assange remained in prison. Suspicious to me.
Duterte dunks Biden in a diplomatic soup over Obama | TFI Global Vid 5:48 mins []
2FollowHim comments on Jun 11, 2021:
VERY interesting position formed! Having followed Barry Soetero's(aka Obama) past from birth, everything about Barry (current LEGAL name, nee Obama, Kenya) is a lie, everything. He was born in a lie, raised in a lie, is a lie. He's not someone LYING. He IS a lie, totally immersed in lies. Biden is not immoral, but amoral: makes no difference to him. Except being a certain people pleaser. The leader of Phillipines not only will take them ALL on, but must for their survival. I read Phillipines was slated as the next capital center of the world. Great post, thanks.
Four reasons Christians should still oppose same-sex marriage [erlc.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 11, 2021:
What has righteousness to do with unrighteousness? The 'god' of this world is a god who leads the world away from Jesus and into sin. While 'sin will not have dominion' over ME, SIN has dominion over the world. I have nothing to do with the world. Jesus said 'do not resist evil', and so I do not. He continued 'but OVERCOME evil with GOOD'. This tells me what to do, and not to do. That I might win some. This is one example: we spoke in a store, on different occasions to homosexuals, very OBVIOUSLY homosexual. We were not condemning on any level. How astounded we were when within minutes their affected behaviors DISAPPEARED! As if they NEVER were! We later discussed 'what happened?' and concluded our uncondemning respect for him(as a person) somehow got him changing. Males first must be indoctrinated into homosexuality before they bond to another legally. So we interrupted this. Whatever we CAN do, in agape, we do. But I don't force God or the ways of God on unbelievers. What I DO, THOUGH, is help others see IF they're fairly sure what they are.
Scientists Speak Out About Evidence of Intelligent Design in Nature Vid 2:51 mins []
2FollowHim comments on Jun 11, 2021:
Everywhere I look, and I do look, that's all I see, WAY beyond me. All I can do is admire.
yea why should it be any different
2FollowHim comments on Jun 11, 2021:
The ones running things are the enemy?
I find this a little disturbing.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 9, 2021:
Sorry, don't get it. When and how does God 'do it'? Punishment can be for their own good, eg. Always riding little bikes in the middle of a road, not hearing parents. Is it better they get hurt, end up in a wheelchair? As I said, I don't follow this.
Being atheist simply means not believing in gods, no?
2FollowHim comments on Jun 9, 2021:
As a follower of Jesus (name is Yehoshua), I seek to do what Yehoshua said. Knowing why comes easily then. He said 'fishers of men', which when researched means more those who MIGHT believe. Otherwise, I'm harassing and hurting others. Often enough, people don't know their path well. This analogy Jesus used is pulling possible believers out of a world where it won't work out. So, I actually improve atheism by appealing to those who want to consider other ways. I see turnabout fair play: atheists can, likely SHOULD visit 'churches' which may remove confused, uncertain people. OTHER Christians are counseled to help them know their own position. A-theist, literally can mean AGAINST God or gods. Various types of atheists will interpret this differently. We BOTH have, I believe, every right/responsibility to share WHY we do or are what we are. My experience over a long time is that it's the best there is, ever. I think I could defend that. And I definitely can point out why atheism can be the exact way for some, and thus be far better for them. Please excuse the 'back and forth' here: wanting to delineate and clarify can certainly backfire!!
Fraud on a scale that’s breathtaking.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 9, 2021:
Surely everybody heard Joe quietly, and without stuttering, completely reasonable presentation that his group pulled off the 'biggest electoral fraud in the history of US. There was no remorse, no shame, nor glee. Just facts. Surely people read about Italy's involvement, soon hushed by Rome, the Vatican, the ONE BILLION dollar price tag for a man's work in Italy. This did not go viral. Noam Chomsky thinks Trump is THE WORST president ever. Anyone know why? Nor do I know his opinion of Joe. Worse than Joe? Maybe he's Marxist? Just wondering.
How much of Canadian anti-Asian discrimination is due to Trudeau's love affair with Communist China?
2FollowHim comments on Jun 8, 2021:
They want to, push for it. But they might fail in the meantime, so many factors. Muslims want to rule the world, subdue it for Allah. Will Russia align with China or go to war with them. I read both at different times in the last month. Putin looks for what's best for Russia. China say war with US. Thought Biden was friends. But maybe that lines Biden's pocket. Unstable for sure. I wonder of the leader of Canada will let China attack US from Canada? Likely China's plan. Somehow I think Trudeau's ratings would slip. And Canada might get zapped. Not sure of Trudeau's agenda. It's not a Canadian wish: Rarely is. People are not represented, they just pay.
GREAT DOCUMENTARIES ON THE CORONA SITUATION Please copy and share the documentaries - these are...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 6, 2021:
Being Christian teaches me to trust God, the Bible and NOTHING else( completely or trustingly) The NT says believers are LED into truth. I have been. Those are excellent expose. The one thing hated most is truth: a lie is accepted. I know about being mocked, rejected etc. I became FE in 2013 after seeing some A-1 science on FE. The globe removes up and down. Right and wrong become debatable. 68 naturopathic doctors 'committed suicide', as reported in US, in 1 year. All had cures for cancer(different cures), and high rates of recovery. The list goes on and on. Jesus said 'Come out of her My people'. It's refreshing. Thank you for posting this.
FOCUS ON FAUCI AND THE CORONA VIRUS PATENTS - America’s top medical adviser Dr.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 6, 2021:
I read that in 2008 or '09, Obama sent millions to Wuhan. Trudeau, close friend, did likewise in around 2016. For the study of poisonous, human transmissible viruses. Some of those in US were heavily involved, some universities. All covered up.
Psychiatrist describes to Yale audience her 'fantasies of unloading a revolver' into random ‘white...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 5, 2021:
Do we know how many kids fantasize killing their parents for 'making them' behave, or disciplining them? These are never ABUSIVE parents. THOSE kids lay low, try to stay out of sight. These parents are normal, dealing with 'problem kids' (there ARE problem kids, abusive kids). Sometimes their 'fantasy' is acted out, parents are killed; they're minors so kind of 'excused'. I dealt with 2 killers, 9 years old, plotted, planned the killings. So, fantasizing is more common than we think. Sex is really fantasized also. Night travel (in the mind) is very common. I don't know just how long this has been going on. I suspect a long time.
Gravitas: Poetic Justice? Elephants on the loose in China Vid 3:34 mins []
2FollowHim comments on Jun 5, 2021:
Are the elephants getting the last laugh? East Indians know how to lead elephants.
This sounds about right and an a view of the thinking of a leftist.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 4, 2021:
They will say the Bible is hate literature. It hates what destroys.
This sounds about right and an a view of the thinking of a leftist.
2FollowHim comments on Jun 4, 2021:
I quote the bible: I do not THINK. My thinking can be flawed.
The more you know the more you see
2FollowHim comments on Jun 4, 2021:
If anyone's seeking.
and so we are lawless
2FollowHim comments on Jun 3, 2021:
Hearing they do not hear. Facts mean NOTHING: would you have believed this? When science is given another meaning, like consensus of colluding 'experts', then what meaning is there? I get mine from the Bible, unchanging, reliable.
If it was so "uplifting" Justin, you can have my shot! WATCH: Trudeau calls vaccine hesitant ...
2FollowHim comments on Jun 2, 2021:
Not poisoned, anyway. Old uncles don't like any jabs. And they love fresh air. Helps their Crust rise. I like cures, not questions.
Jordan Peterson
2FollowHim comments on May 31, 2021:
What about blood family?

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