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Dan Bongino. If you are right-leaning, a constitutionalist, or for freedom in general, start hardening your life for the next election cycle. Stop spending money with the left. Stop watching movies that have actors bad-mouthing you. Dump Twitter, Facebook and start using tracking blockers with a good browser like Dissenter, use Duck-Duck go.

I know Gloogle is necessary for online business but limit how you use it.

Find an acceptable bank, harden your online presence. Have an action plan, not just hope. We are going to have a social score. They are tracking everything you do.

You know what they are capable of. You see it with your own eyes.

The push for Totalitarianism. The surveillance state trifecta.

1.*Useful Idiots😘 Academics, Media, Smart-stupid people are celebrating censorship. Narcissists, grifters, opportunists, and flim-flammers. "The informational environment needs to be cleaned up." "Platforms have no rules, rabbit holes of hate speech" If you are a Trump supporter, you are a Nazi.
2.Social Scoring: Who you vote for will determine if you are treated like a party member or not. A point system that determines if you can travel, bank, where you can work. Etc. The useful idiots like CNN are doing the footwork and dog-whistling to cut people out using algorithms. It's a free market...yeah, no worries.
3.*Penalties😘You lose the ability to use services to function. You become a non-person.

Tarpon 7 Jan 19

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