Welcome one, welcome all! You needn’t be a Dudist Priest/Cleric; the object here is for anyone/everyone to have a safe place to discuss pretty much any religion, philosophy, idea or what life has to throw at all of us. Almost no topic is ...
GreyManZero IL Oct 24 Oct 24 11
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-10-24 Resolving A Past Conflict “Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart” (Psalms 86:11 NIV ) You have no ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 24 Oct 24 00
Artur lived under communism and he sees it coming to Canada! Artur Pawlowski TV: A Whole New World! Socialism is already here! Song sang by Larry Heather This is the Call to the Remnant! Come! For more information call: 403-607-4434 Please ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 23 Oct 23 00
LINK Culture is Downstream from Politics – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 23 Oct 23 00
LINK Twitter’s New Retweet Function Is Meant to Add Friction aka Interfere in the 2020 Election – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 22 Oct 22 00
The Constitution doesn't mean whatever you want it to- For the past couple of weeks, the philosophy of judicial originalism has gotten a lot of attention in the press thanks to Judge Amy Coney Barrett, though most of her critics ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 22 Oct 22 11
(admin) Debate tonight. I hope Trump continues to harangue Biden like he ought to be. I have a feeling he will not be cowed by anyone and any rules.
ajhilder WA Oct 22 Oct 22 00
Kevin J. Johnston and Derek Storie LIVE at 9PM est - WED OCT 21 - Canada CanPoli OnPoli Calgary CanadianNews
KevinJJohnston FL Oct 21 Oct 21 00
One can only hope for the best (best meaning no violent protesting regardless of Election results). Americans brace for inevitable post Election violence- In a little less than two weeks, we’ll be done voting. At least for ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 21 Oct 21 11 MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is all about NOT being a branch on the monkey puzzle tree of gender relations. There are so many things wrong with the views expressed in this video by all concerned it’s decide which aspect ...
1914wizard FL Oct 21 Oct 21 00
Food For Thought
Andyman MD Oct 20 Oct 20 22
Attackers increasingly use email and domain spoofing attacks, FBI warns-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 20 Oct 20 11
LINK Today’s Biden Lie.
Rick-A Canada Oct 20 Oct 20 11
I hope to retire my current DnD character in the future, rather than her dying like my last one, but the dice will decide I suppose. This is my idea for my next one; a faithful, loyal dog who's master never came back, so he somehow turned himself ...
Hiro TX Oct 20 Oct 20 00
Ballot fraud proved again after Kentucky USPS worker fired over trashing ballots...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 20 Oct 20 11
US Election: Trump vs. Biden, Key State Early Election Data and Analysis
Krunoslav Croatia Oct 18 Oct 18 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson The Peace of God “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you.” (John :27) Peace on earth--that's what everybody wants. But nobody can guarantee external ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 18 Oct 18 11
LINK Aliens: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Brian Ruhe: Canada's Highest Speaker of Truth
Lehmanruss CA Oct 18 Oct 18 00
Ice Cube defies critics, defends working with Trump Team on Platinum Plan-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 17 Oct 17 22
LINK The “Repeal Section 230” Narrative is Being Pushed by Silicon Valley, Don’t Fall For It – Gab News
Cmon_man IL Oct 17 Oct 17 00
George Orwell wrote about this approach in his brilliant and chilling analysis of totalitarianism, the novel 1984. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street ...
Krunoslav Croatia Oct 17 Oct 17 11
LINK Hunter Biden email detailing Chinese ties confirmed by source: report
Rick-A Canada Oct 16 Oct 16 44
LINK Trump shares fake story from satire website to criticize Twitter | TheHill
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 16 Oct 16 00
LINK Biden LYING to Stephanopoulos
Rick-A Canada Oct 16 Oct 16 22
I go all in for Trump. Please be kind and gentle to one anther. Please recognize humanity that binds us together, rather then the oddities that drives us apart. I mean that. Touch your own face softly and think they might do the same, and ...
InADicksEye Canada Oct 15 Oct 15 00
LINK Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Pledges Company Will Remain Apolitical, 60 Employees Walk – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 14 Oct 14 11
Any takers??
2peros CA Oct 13 Oct 13 55
“Our dreams must be stronger than our memories. We must be pulled by our dreams, rater than pushed by our memories.” Jesse Jackson (American Civil-Rights Leader, Baptist Minister and Politician, b.1941) “Don't let your dreams be dreams.”...
Krunoslav Croatia Oct 13 Oct 13 00
@KanjaG Welcome to the Senate! We are planning a coup next March on the 15th! Don’t tell anybody...
WorldSigh Oct 13 Oct 13 11
LINK California Republicans Caught Setting Up Illegal Ballot Drop-Off Boxes – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 12 Oct 12 11
It tends to give one hope - watching walkaway videos.... Course, depends on who's side you're on as to whether it is hope or despair!
tracycoyle CA Oct 12 Oct 12 11
Unconditional Love & Respect, Hope, Stability, Purpose, Community, Food, Water, Shower, Laundry, Roof. These are the necessities of life in order of importance.
V40-Martin Canada Oct 11 Oct 11 33
KIM KLACIK....I hope there is a bright future for her in the politics of this country. There are times she seems a little naive and overwhelmed but that may not be a bad thing. She is young. I believe her heart and spirit are in the right place and ...
Future4seen GA Oct 10 Oct 10 22
Intro to ‘3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed…’ I am about to cross post a Leo Hohmann post highlighting three lies about COVID-19 pummeled upon the public by Globalist-Marxist control freaks to fearmonger public ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 9 Oct 9 00
Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into the realm of infinite possibilities. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Krunoslav Croatia Oct 9 Oct 9 11
The Year 1000 by Robert Lacey & Danny Danziger ----- IIRC this was published around 2000, as a "look how far we've come" sorta thing, but it's actually so much more. A fascinating look at the world that existed in England in 1000AD and an ...
nmatmun Oct 9 Oct 9 11
BLM rioters attack businesses and private homes in Wisconsin-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 8 Oct 8 11
I get the feeling that the people on this site who have noticed my blog and visit the blog don't have an account with (. I hope you will reconsider that. However with that said, I'm glad to have an audience here and what there is I'd ...
InADicksEye Canada Oct 7 Oct 7 00 A TRULY BRILLIANT DISCOURSE BY ERIN PIZZEY: I cannot speak highly enough about this speech by Erin Pizzey. As is always her proclivity she speaks strongly about inter-generational domestic (or otherwise) violence. ...
1914wizard FL Oct 7 Oct 7 00
FEC complaint filed against Facebook for Federal Election Campaign violations- Journalist John Crump & Gun Owners of America have filed an FEC complaint against Facebook, AFP, and the Biden/Harris campaign. The Complaint alleges ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 6 Oct 6 11
An interesting compilation from the Ace of spades website As follows: Fact: Hillary Clinton and/with/or Barack Obama, with the eager cooperation of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and corrupt judges attempted to ...
DAN_STL MO Oct 5 Oct 5 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson. 2020-10-05 The Proper Use Of Prophecy “For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14) The Bible says there is only ...
warminster100 Canada Oct 5 Oct 5 11
Trump's campaign " he's done more in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 years. True. He's done something in the last 48 hours that Biden hasn't done in the last 48 weeks.
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 4 Oct 4 00
Let's hope that Trump has a full recovery:
DinsdaleWalden Canada Oct 4 Oct 4 00
20.10.04,0711Su MASCULINITY IS EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY {Aristotle} Conclusion(s) made by Aristotle et al, that I don’t agree with doesn’t stop me from appreciating the full body of their works as a whole. I hope you feel the same way....
1914wizard FL Oct 4 Oct 4 00 TRAGEDY OR COMEDY, OR IS IT A TRAGIC-COMEDY? The Presidential election night of 2012 I sat locked up, at United States government expense, taxpayers expense, in a private institution. Watching with a combination of amazement...
1914wizard FL Oct 4 Oct 4 00
Gervais raised a valid point there.
SpikeTalon PA Oct 3 Oct 3 22
The things we find hard to balance – individual freedoms versus the group, accountability versus blame, science versus personal beliefs – are centuries old and deeply human. And scapegoating - it must be the one of the oldest tricks. It ...
Naomi Oct 3 Oct 3 11
The U.S. will probably try to escalate the situation and to make it more complicate for Russia. It is likely silently telling Turkey to increase its involvement in the war. Russia will likely only intervene if either side makes some significant ...
lawrenceblair OR Oct 3 Oct 3 00
Geller Report: Joe Biden Hires Facebook Executive for Transition Team Joining Twitter’s Public Policy Director who also recently joined the Biden Campaign Complete collusion between tech giants and the totalitarian Democrats. There is no...
warminster100 Canada Oct 3 Oct 3 11
Like we should be surprised over such... 'I hope they die': Leftwingers react to positive Covid diagnosis for President Trump and FLOTUS-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 2 Oct 2 11
This 2A referendum could have a big impact on the US Senate...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 2 Oct 2 00
A bicycle's worst nightmare... I hope antifa and the proud boys show up. If the cops are going to look away anyways...
cRaZyTMG Canada Oct 1 Oct 1 00
Video: "Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Escalating. The History of the Tension in The Caucasus" - The Young Turks As a U.S. citizen, I do not know much about this particular conflict. This is the first time I'm hearing about it. You can watch the ...
MiracleFaith GA Oct 1 Oct 1 00
4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America: The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating ...
parsifal AZ Sep 30 Sep 30 11
LINK American Bandstand 1968 -Top 10 - Young Girl, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap - YouTube
Leader1776 IL Sep 30 Sep 30 11
Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler had some stupid self serving press conference and Nadler rushed to end his part. he stops to try and squeeze one out and shits his pants and waddles away with tiny little baby steps so the shit doesn't fall down his pant...
farmerguy56 PA Sep 29 Sep 29 11
Here is one of my own contributions to "The University of the Uninformed & Doomed Millennial" Case Study of a Painting: Liberty Leading the People, 1830 Case Study: Liberty Leading the People Liberty Leading the People (la ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 28 Sep 28 11
(admin) I hope this one is accurate.
ajhilder WA Sep 28 Sep 28 00
I've joined SLUG as I believe in free speech and am deeply concerned at the increasingly censorious attitude to Big Tech and legacy media. It is crucial that we support platforms dedicated to allowing free speech and I hope to share my videos here.
DavidVance UK Sep 28 Sep 28 44
Louisville lawmaker back on protest line after rioting arrest; police probe fiery blast outside church
RAZE AZ Sep 27 Sep 27 11
"Purpose" provides Friends "community" healing me by providing mental health "stability" and stable food, water, shower, laundry are the pillars to support a shelter.
V40-Martin Canada Sep 27 Sep 27 11
New pro-life movie challenges the soul of America Breaking Christian News is promoting a Pro-Life movie that will be available on various digital video formats available for viewing October 2 on TV, PC, Smart Phone, etc. Is an unborn child a ...
JohnHouk OK Sep 26 Sep 26 00
Hope healed me. Hope is the single most important thing to have. Without hope there’s nothing. False hope is dangerous. False hope is so dangerous it can be one of the deadliest mental health injuries.
V40-Martin Canada Sep 26 Sep 26 11
I been thinking about this 5 years, today I finally put a place on the importance of purpose Purpose is only second after hope A purpose can give a Community, a community can lead to stability, stability can provide food water shower laundry and a...
V40-Martin Canada Sep 25 Sep 25 00
FBI Still Corrupt? What’s Up Wray? If Americans actually elect the perpetuation of Obama/Crooked Hillary/Biden corrupt government on November 3, 2020; those Americans deserve the despotism that will be in their future! Trump should win if ...
JohnHouk OK Sep 23 Sep 23 00
"“I think they should wait until the next president and let the next president pick.”" Pres.. DJ Trump, in an interview with Good Morning America re: supreme court nominations in 2016
TheMiddleWay OH Sep 23 Sep 23 33
Two Massachusetts parents and their teenage are facing criminal charges in connection to a party that sparked coronavirus concerns and led the town's entire school to delay in-person learning.
B1967 NY Sep 22 Sep 22 11
Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back After GOP QAnon Supporter's Crude Swipe At Her Intellect
B1967 NY Sep 22 Sep 22 33
Breaking Dissent MusicLegend VanMorrison releases Protest songs against the Lockdowns and removal of Freedoms
YellowPill Canada Sep 21 Sep 21 11
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-09-21 A CHANGE IN OUR VERY ESSENCE “You were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as of light” (Ephesians 5:8) Ephesians 2:1-3 ...
warminster100 Canada Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-09-21 A CHANGE IN OUR VERY ESSENCE “You were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as of light” (Ephesians 5:8) Ephesians 2:1-3 ...
warminster100 Canada Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Equality Without Anarchy Equality without anarchy; can it exist? Think about something; even if you’re too young to remember (as I am), undoubtedly you can at least imagine this. The last time that a race-related issue was raised and people ...
MostlyInMyHead GA Sep 20 Sep 20 11
Too soon? But this is funny.
ramzpaul OK Sep 20 Sep 20 22
By now, it turned out that it is very easy to prevent and cure coronavirus with natural substances, but I noted that at MGTOW or the mens right movement, nobody seems to know about this (I did a homepage search at some of the main homepages). ...
medicineman9 Germany Sep 20 Sep 20 00
For what it's worth I support Trump and plan on voting for him--in person--this fall. Yet, I perceive a slight problem with us conservatives/moderates. We can't expect one man...nor government in rescue us from life. In the end we ...
REN777 IN Sep 19 Sep 19 33
September 18, 2020 - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87 Just days before her death, as her strength waned, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: "My most fervent wish is that I will not ...
DRrightRD Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 11
LINK Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, champion of women's rights, has died at 87
Aztex2020 NM Sep 18 Sep 18 00
BREAKING NEWS IN THE US: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at age 87-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 18 Sep 18 00
If someone if someone makes fun of , hates,jokes on, or Is dismissive of your Race Sex Sexual orientation Place of birth Or disability They are doing this based on the least interesting things about you. So can we treat it as such?
Jonnkilgore777 AL Sep 18 Sep 18 33
Black Lives Matter approval is falling across the nation-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 18 Sep 18 33
Outing The Evilarchy The GOP Grand Ol' Pedophiles - Anthony J Hilder
ajhilder WA Sep 15 Sep 15 00
Gun rights activists hope to capitalize on gun sales boom- One big topic this year in the gun world is the boom on firearm sales. For months, gun stores all over the country have been slammed and guns are getting a little ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 15 Sep 15 33
Gun rights activists hope to capitalize on gun sales boom- One big topic this year in the gun world is the boom on firearm sales. For months, gun stores all over the country have been slammed and guns are getting a little ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 15 Sep 15 33
Just found this group thought i'd drop a greeting and a namste to everyone hope all is well in your world
Dana-Leigh GA Sep 15 Sep 15 11
“Postmodernity means the exhilarating freedom to pursue anything, yet mind-boggling uncertainty as to what is worth pursuing and in the name of what one should pursue it.” ― Zygmunt Bauman As early as 36, incidentally, George Orwell first ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 13 Sep 13 11
OUR MOVEMENT, WE CAN WIN" Says Piers Corbynhttps:
ieuan UK Sep 13 Sep 13 00
“We Hope the Btch Dies!” – BLM Chants Against 31-Year-Old LA Police Officer and Mother After She is Ambushed and Shot in the Head — Try to Breach Hospital!(Video)
RAZE AZ Sep 13 Sep 13 11
The upcoming second lockdown of the UK bring to mind the death throws of an injured deer on the road side where you wish for it’s recovery although you know the decent thing to do is put it out of its misery am I brave enough or do I hope for a ...
CHFandango Sep 12 Sep 12 11
Haha, Things you find in the classroom.
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 11 Sep 11 44
Wanting to get as many tales as possible I am posting this in multiple categories, hope you don't mind, expcially when you belong to the same groups and see this more than once. Something I would like to ask. Around here stores have notices at ...
KCSantiago TX Sep 10 Sep 10 44
Wanting to get as many tales as possible I am posting this in multiple categories, hope you don't mind, expcially when you belong to the same groups and see this more than once. Something I would like to ask. Around here stores have notices at ...
KCSantiago TX Sep 10 Sep 10 00
The world needs to do this
1patriot Canada Sep 10 Sep 10 00
“It was not Marxism that made Lenin a revolutionary but Lenin who made Marxism revolutionary.” ― Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924 “Without Revolutionary theory, there can be no Revolutionary ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 10 Sep 10 00
Crickets From The Lamestream..
2peros CA Sep 9 Sep 9 11
Every person has three needs, to be accepted, to feel secure and to be significant. All these needs are found in Christ. Who I Am In Christ - Accepted (Victory Over darkness – Neil Anderson I have direct ...
warminster100 Canada Sep 8 Sep 8 11
OK, Did I piss off someone???? My comments are no longer showing up and I can not see my "ALERTS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serg97 SD Sep 7 Sep 7 11
Hungary got rid of gender studies. There is hope.
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 7 Sep 7 11
And why is that? Seems the rotten few, regardless of where they come/ came from, would rather destroy something great than let others enjoy it.
Haraldson Sep 6 Sep 6 11
Study: America Hit By Roughly 550 Violent Demonstrations In Three Months
RAZE AZ Sep 6 Sep 6 00