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Didn't old Joe have a plan? Biden says there's 'nothing' the U.S. can do to counteract COVID 'in the next several months'....

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TheRightNews 6 Jan 24

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the #IllegitimatePresident's intention, supported by his lefty media, supporters was to steal the election.
CrazyNancy said, when she refused to pass the stimulus bill on Oct 2020, was there will be another president aka #IllegitimatePresident & administration. They knew voter fraud would occur & hence her comments.
The #IllegitimatePresident was told what to say - he's a demented old fool - and won't see a term - CrazyNancy will be presurred into the 25th Amendment, declare #IllegitimatePresident mentally unfit, which we all know he is, and that low-life nonAfricanAmerican loser will be elevated to the "role" of #IllegitimatePresident


I think the plan was to steal the election and get Trump out now that it worked he wants to reprogram Trump supporters and from there he can't remember.

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