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Both sides of the aisle pedophilia charges:


toronto_Georgia 8 Mar 25

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I don't think it is a controversal site, it has news that we are probably looking for and other articles on things like DIY projects and Native American remedies, and stuff like how herbs used in the 1918 flu can be relevant today.


I clicked on it as well, got the "Page Not Found" blurb but then noticed I could also still see the top banner and the word "Home", so I clicked on that and it opened up!


clicked on your link and got "page not found"

I'll see what else I can find

I am still able to load the page. Perhaps you have different blockers. When I did a general search though, all the sites that came up are what I would call deep conspiracy sites. I am not prone to extreme sites so unfortunately it is only those which show this material. Sorry for posting a controversial listing.

@toronto_Georgia why are you sorry? not your fault. the link took me to"amg archives" but the apparent article you are steering us toward is "page not found". So apparently the article itself has been scrubbed from their archives?

@iThink Hahahaha.. you'll never break a Canadian's habit of saying sorry. Nope, I was more "sorry" for leading anyone to what appears to be a conspiracy site.

@toronto_Georgia You are not a true Canadian until you apologize for saying sorry!


I've been accused multiple times of being a pedo, there was one honeypot that used her girls as bait, ... so I decided to become one: THE PEDO FILES - []


Both sides of the Same bird


Thanks, I had such an idyllic childhood I have trouble processing this information.

Sad reality for far too many.

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