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IS Slug deleting posts that do not meet their concept of political correctness? I will post a news item and return a few minutes to hours later and am unable to find it anywhere.

If deleting is occurring I will simply wander off to where patriots refusing to kiss leftist butt are welcomed.

Obbop 6 Apr 4

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I don't visit Slug really but I do believe it works like IDW community. As a user and member of either you can create your own group(s) and you can become moderator of your group.

You might have posted in a group that is moderated by a "progressive" or SJW type person. When posting and or commenting you sometimes see the short message - "your post/comment is submitted" - I believe this means that a moderator can decline or "not approve" of your content which means it will be lost. You won't see it in the group.

It's not the admins or site owners to blame for your content being rejected. It is the person who moderates the group where you posted content.

Try posting in a different group or maybe creating a group of your own and post to your hearts content.
There is a leftist/progressive person here on IDW goes by the name WilyRickWiles - I know that several days ago he blocked someone elses post and related comments. (I know because I had commented on the post myself and the person who posted let me know her post had been deleted by WilyRickWiles)

He might be active on Slug as well. It would surprise me if he were not. Anyhow, you might check to see if he or someone like him moderates the group where your post was blocked.

I did not know the two groups Slug and IDW operate as separate sites.
I am always logged in to IDW and noticed big changes after the merge, but I thought they had become "one" combined site. My bad.


Depends on who "owns" the group you posted to. Check to see who the moderator is.


What you need to understand about Slug is that Slug itself doesn't censor content, but the moderator of the group you're posting in has that right. So if - for example - you go into a Christian-themed group and start posting anti-religious rhetoric, the moderator does have a right to shut you down.

So my suggestion to you is to either carefully consider what groups you're posting content into - some of us are very aware of certain groups that WILL shut down dissenting opinions - or create your own group and post however you like.

Exactly. Had that happen recently to me. I now no longer post to that group and also block the fucktard who controls the group as he will happily delete right-leaning posts. Censorship just shouldn't belong here IMHO


Mmm, I don't know I'd 100% agree with that. I mean, I agree in principle in the free exchange of ideas, even those we don't want to hear, but there have been a few members I had to block - something I never thought I'd do - because it was clear they were just out to be smacktards who antagonize people and I got tired of them derailing conversations with their bullshit.

@Alysandir Perhaps you misunderstood what I wrote. I did block the individual, a troll who hates any conservative views. This is my first and only block and was reluctant to exercise that option. I am always open to all discussion. I can on occasion have a problem with someone who pounds their opinion over and over again expecting you to capitulate to their view. To me its simple, state your views and accept not all will agree with you.

perfect explanation - I was pretty awkward and wordy trying to say the same thing you said in very concise fashion - well done


I think that may be the first time ever someone complimented me on being concise. ;-P


After level 6 you can approve or disapprove a post. Likely some level.6 or above disapprove your post

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