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Bill Mahr said once that rural people want to be like the urban people. That rural people in the "flyover states" are envious of the leftist urbanites. I live where I live because I don't want to deal with those urbanites. I live in a state that is mostly agrarian, has Constitutional carry, and wouldn't move to California for even for an endowed chair at Stanford. How about the rest of you rural dwellers? Are you envious of the big city lifestyle?

Buflineks 4 Mar 19

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Bill Mahr holds and expresses many Elitist loonbat beliefs . Never underestimate his ability to impersonate a verbal toilet .


No and hell no.
I love my 5 and 1/2 acres. Gunshots, dirtbikes and chainsaws are my preferred ambiance. You couldn't pay me enough to move across the Puget Sound to Seattle.

What is it about chainsaws? My old man loves them

@ladykd151, everything. The power, the smell of the exhaust, the fresh cut wood, the sound of a tree falling, the danger, the childhood memories of the same.

@Truth_Casual you sound like my husband ?

@DeplorableMe, Must be a guy thing lol

@Truth_Casual I like the wood smell too but the noise is partner is getting deaf because he won't wear ear protection


While I am largely a city boy, in a few years I plan to move to the country and build a home.

I grew up on a small farm and now live on one. We are in the process of buying a place farther out than we are now and can’t wait to get there. Once you’ve lived on a farm, there is no going back. ?

@MADcHATTER How many horses? We used to have six, but are down to two. Both are QH that love splashing in the mud...


Apparently Mahr has never talked to anyone outside of his leftist, urbanite bubble.


Not one shred........It has become a war they have waged on rural America


Can’t stand city or city life. Zero sense of reality, community, or nature.


Bill Maher is a stooge......what is to envy?
Dirty air, unclean water, crowding, noise, no nature, human feces on the sidewalks, traffic jams high prices, vapid empty lifestyles......


Lived in London for 20 years, moved back to north Devon (one of the most rural parts of England) in 2001. Go back to the 'smoke' to see friends now and again and in recent years it has become a real hell hole; everywhere is so crowded with public transport at its limits and the pollution regularly exceeding safe levels I can only stand it for a weekend and I'm desperate to escape back to civilisation

i have a question how did your government trick your people in to giving up your right to defend your selves

@mason1380 I don't know that we ever had that option! We aren't allowed to defend ourselves even verbally these days as everything is considered a hate crime!!!

@ladykd151 that’s a shame. but even in the united states we have a large part of one of our political party’s trying to take that very right from us fortunately i live in one the states that will not accept this

@mason1380 There are always those who think more intervention from the state seems attractive but there is a higher price to pay for it than just taxes...the loss of personal liberty is very real here.On the surface we are a caring society but if for any minor reason you find yourself at odds with a govt organisation such as social services or police it is impossible to oppose them


I live at 6, 750 ft because in California that's how far you have to go to get away from the urbanites

Fortunately they are afraid of weather like snow & ice

So human feces on the sidewalks aren’t your thing, eh?

What the left has done to CA is absolutely disgusting. I would love to move back to my birth state, but only after leftism has utterly destroyed itself.

@DeplorableMe Sadly, a good friend of mine wants to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower and I don't have the heart to tell her it's like 'Frisco

' Frisco has a paid poop patrol


Unbelievable isn’t it? The left literally destroys everything.


Mahr lives in an elitist bubble like most of tinseltown.

I'm sure he lives a wonderful life in the city... In one of several walled properties with armed guards posted around the perimeter.

What's not to like? 😉


City Life is no life for me. Loud, Dirty, full of assholes with no manners, I.e. Bill Maher. I would much rather be in the suburbs or in the mountains.


We live where we live (a rural area outside of a city with a Big Ten University) because the county is Conservative Republican and the City is Democrat. We like being close enough to the University to enjoy all of the amenities it provides without having to live with the annoying spend and tax nfrastructure of the city planners. My has been a federal employee his entire career, we have lived through shutdowns by presidents from both parties. Neither party owns the moral high ground, but the Republicans at least are trying not to tax us into the poorhouse.


The city was fun and exciting when I was young but as I got older I wanted to be near my family and friends, nature, own a house, a cat, step outside my door and go for a walk in the woods. Still, I miss the big libraries, museums (where I worked) continuing educational opportunities, quilting guilds, needlework guilds, used bookstores and used clothing stores. As much as I enjoy my house, cat, boyfriend, family and the opportunity to reconnect (after 40 years) with many of the people I went to school with, I don't think I would stay in the country if I didn't have Internet with Netflix and all the sites that cater to my hobbies, especially books.

I live in a fishing community of 8,000 that is all-white, all-Catholic, all-French (Cajun) and when I was young I couldn't wait to leave to explore a world of different peoples and cultures. I enjoyed it all and both my boyfriend (Bostonian) and I look forward to visiting NYC and DC again along with all the major cities of the world like Paris. the end we want to live with clear skies, trees, no traffic jams, no high costs of living and people of our own culture.

BTW, everyone thought I was crazy and SO BRAVE when I moved to Halifax, about 300 miles away. I only knew a handful of people who wanted to leave the community. My experience has been the opposite of what Bill Mahr said; people live in the country because they want to (and can't imagine living anywhere else) and they live in the city because of work and can't wait to retire in the country or near the ocean. I have a feeling that the only people who really enjoy living in the city are young and/or rich.


I grew up in Las Vegas. Won't go back. Town I live in now, pop. 800.


I've lived in all types of areas, from big city down to farm country. The idea place for me is small town areas. Towns with 10k or less people but still have good places to eat and shop with a night club or two. I like having places to go but at the same time I like to be able to jump in the truck and hit the back roads of the countryside or mountains. I prefer mountains but anywhere u can get out and enjoy nature is good to me.


Bill Mahar has obviously been a nutcase for decades, and from experience I can tell you that I don't know of one rural person who is envious of the concrete jungle lifestyle. Its not a healthy way to raise a family.


Oh dear God no!!!


I agree 100%. I have no desire to live the big city life where all you hears is horns, traffic, hustle and bustle. No rest for the soul in such environment. And that is precisely is what is wrong with a lot of people, they don’t rest the mind, soul and heart. Thus confusion, inability to look at things in a clear and practical way.


Lol. I grew up in rural/farm town setting. Live in a city now. Cant wait to move back lol.


Tbh, i like both, there are pros and cons for each.


No. He is an absolute ego maniac to suggest such nonsense. How does he explain the mass migration going on now from California and New York to the flyover states?


I grew up on a small dairy farm in MN. It has always astounded me how so many people in large cities could live so close to and on top of one another. And the traffic and pollution is horrendous. I have lived in big cities out of work necessities, but give me fresh air and room to spread out every time.


Wrestling college national championships:

Oklahoma State 34
Iowa 23
Iowa State 8
Oklahoma 7
Penn State 6
Minnesota 3
Everyone else: 1 or less

The foundation of wrestling power is balance.
The more time you spend on rugged terrain the better your balance is. Rural America is rich in rugged terrain.

City folk spend their lives on smooth pavement.

This is why rural people kick the ass of city people at wrestling.


I don't wanna be like them. I just wanna fuck their daughters.

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