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Physicist, violist, wrestler, rugby player, and shaolin monk.
I write pop science articles and online science textbooks.
Science for politicians:


Warp speed for baby formula?
jaymaron comments on May 12, 2022:
A black market will emerge for baby formula. Black markets are more efficient than the American white market. Mules will deliver baby formula. In pre-industrial times, there was no commercial baby formula. Families had their own formula. Americans have become too dumb to make baby formula. Idiocracy and Soylent Green came true. Democrats claim that Republicans care about humans before birth but not after birth. Here we have a failure by Democrats to provide baby formula to babies. Buttigieg failed on trucks and he failed on baby formula. Buttigieg has a baby. Buttigieg gets baby formula from the exclusive elite oligarch market. Democrats own the presidency, Senate, and House, so Democrats own the blame for the failed economy. When Republicans held all 3 branches, the economy did great. The economy began its collapse when Democrats took the house and spent bigly money.
Is Lauren Boebert a rising rock star in the Republican Party?
jaymaron comments on May 12, 2022:
Democrats need to feel the attitude of Republicans. Who is on the Republican attitude team? My nominations are: Boebert Trump Jordan Greene Paul (standup comedy genius)
jaymaron comments on May 12, 2022:
In America, rural is red and urban is blue. In Canada, it's not so simple.
WyoFile: Too Many Elk In the Laramie Mountains and No Easy Fixes []
jaymaron comments on May 12, 2022:
South Dakota holds an annual "Governor's roundup". There are abundant wild buffalo and the citizens round them up. Dakotans can do this. The corralled buffalo are auctioned off to South Dakota citizens. The roundup keeps the wild population at a stable 1400. Dukakis looked ridiculous in a tank. Noem looks good on a horse. Noem owns a ranch. Washington was regarded as the finest horseman in America. Washington has more horse miles than most modern Americans have flying miles. Embarrassing for Wyoming. South Dakota can handle wildlife and Wyoming can't. identified 5 governors that they consider to be the best. They are DeSantis, Cox (Utah), Little (Idaho), Noem (SD), and Polis (Colorado). How would you rank the governors?
WyoFile: Too Many Elk In the Laramie Mountains and No Easy Fixes []
jaymaron comments on May 12, 2022:
The fed owns vast grass, and it won't let farmers use it for grazing. There is vast livestock on federal land and the fed won't let us eat it. America is the mightiest farming nation in the world, and it's experiencing a food shortage. That's like Notre Dame having a losing season. No excuse. If that happens, you fire the coach. America once led the world in oil production, yet gas is now $4.50/gallon. Cows: Show me the grass! Truckers: Show me the gas!
Single World Government Ushered In By 'WHO' Covid-19 "Emergency" Weaponized To Overthrow ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
In 1928, those that had their money in gold became the next generation of oligarchs. Those that had their money in stocks did less well. In 1928, almost everyone had their chips on black, so the right move was to put chips on red. Today, oligarchs have bigly chips on the table, on red. Most bets are on red. If red wins, the payout is small. If black wins, the payout is yuge. In 1776, the Founding Farmers put their chips on black. Today, there is a bigass obelisk glorifying Washington. Trump and Musk put their chips on black.
Historians wait until after the battle to write the history book.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@sqeptiq Yes, Democrats understand neither Republicans nor themselves. Republicans understand themselves and they also understand Democrats. This is a fundamental asymmetry between Republicans and Democrats. Sun Tzu: Know thyself, and know thy enemy. The Democratic party is a coalition of greedy tribes. The Republican party is a coalition of people that oppose greedy tribes. Republicans see anti-greed as virtue, and Democrats are incapable of appreciating this virtue. In Democratstan, greed is virtue. The greedy Democrat tribe coalition is held together by only one thing: Hate of Republicans. The Democratic party is a clusterfwck of greedy tribes, and it's a powderkeg. Light the fuse. Balkanize the Democratic party. James Bond: The CIA really carved up this country, didn't it? Felix Leiter: Coming from a Brit, I take that as a compliment. The English strategy is to look for nails that stick out, and nail them down. England identifies the most powerful nation in continental Europe, and builds a coalition to nail it down. Republicans should tap the English strategy.
In 1973 Charlton Heston starred in a movie titled "Soylent Green.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@JeffHoneyager @eschatologyguy @sqeptiq Most dystopian fiction came true. Orwell: "I called it, didn't I? Science fiction didn't come true. The stuff in the film "2001"... we still don't have today. It's time to write the sequel to 1984. Dare we? What would that book be like? How much worse could things get? Anyone want to take bets on the next debacle? @eschatologyguy owns this genre. This *is* the apocalypse. Apocalypse now.
‘Sexism’ Row Erupts Over Not Enough Parasitic Worms Being Named After Female Scientists ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
In mathematics, a common proof strategy is to make an assumption, and then use it and see where it goes. If it leads to a contradiction, then you can conclude that the original assumption is false. "Reductio ad absurdum". Democrat logic invariably leads to contradictions. Therefore, the axioms of the Democratic party are false.
I do find the timing for such to be a bit peculiar.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@genkiferal said: "I'm for dissolving the union we now have and making a new one." Good idea. Fission the union and reform a new union, and include only Republican territory. Leave Democrat territory behind. Have a secession party. Republican states should secede from the Union, Republican counties should secede from Democrat states, and Republican suburbs should secede from Democrat cities. Put Democrats on the B ship from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The civil war is rural vs. urban. Canada should also fission, and Red America could merge with Red Canada to form Camerica. Good question, what are the duties of the federal government? The feds built the interstate freeway system because the states failed to do so. The system is a success, but the states could have done it themselves. The states could meet in a smoke filled room, devise a sensible roadmap, and then each state builds the roads that lie within the state. If a state wants more roads, it should be able to build more roads. If roads are funded federally, then states can't build more roads, even if they want to. The interstate freeway system has the virtue of equality. Each state gets freeways, and the national map makes sense. Once upon a time, America knew how to build. When Johnson campaigned for president, he offered goodies for rural America, and it got him elected. Thereafter, Democrats started hating rural America. They don't remember that rural glory got Johnson elected. In the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress issued paper currency that wasn't backed by anything, and it swiftly inflated to uselessness. The only currency that people accepted was English gold and silver. Defense is one of the few things that should be federal. Not much else. The fake question is: "more federal or less federal?" The real question is: good federal vs. bad federal. What else is necessarily federal?
Why The Moskva's Sunk [] 40-year-old radar electronics?
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
The bottom of the Black Sea is truly a museum. It's anoxic, so it preserves shipwrecks.
I do find the timing for such to be a bit peculiar.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@genkiferal said: "I'm wondering if globalists are planning to wage WW3 before we get a new president." Fascinating hypothesis. Senator Cruz said that everything that's printed in the Supreme Court building is printed on paper that's marked, so you can tell what printer it came from. We have a pdf of the opinion, so we should be able to know the printer.
DailyCaller: EV Automaker Hailed As The ‘Next Tesla’ Is Hemorrhaging Cash And Investors.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Almost all green projects are grifts that are inviable physics-wise. They exist because the grift works. The government throws money at them. Virtue signalers throw money.
What the heck is Ultra Maga?
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
The show West Wing glamorized the White House, and it begat copycat shows. Make the White House great again. Zelensky produced a show depicting himself as a fictional president of Ukraine, and he's now the sitting President of Ukraine. We hope that Zelensky will make glorious war films after retiring from the presidency. Zelensky is in the ring with Russia, and he's still standing. It turns out that Reagan, Trump, and Zelensky are more than just actors. The UK has a satirical show about a fictional Prime Minister that is dumb, called "Yes, Prime Minister". Someone should make a satirical show about the Biden White House. Bongino proposes that Biden use the "Costanza strategy". Given that Biden is always wrong, he should start acting in the opposite direction from his instincts.
What the heck is Ultra Maga?
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@JeffHoneyager @GaryWitt Dan Bongino proposes that Trump should create a beer company called "Ultra Maga". I propose that we rename Magnum ammunition as Maga ammunition. Carry a 45 Maga. Hillary's "deplorable" speech backfired, and being deplorable became a thing of glory. On the night of Trump's inauguration, there was a Deplora Ball. The ESPN reporter's "Brandon" quip backfired bigly. Most everything Democrats do backfires, yet they keep trying. If Trump attends a Packers game, he doesn't need a cheesehead hat. Wisconsinites are proud cheeseheads. Trump voters are proud Magaheads. Trump is a master marketer. Trump brands stick. When Trump hands out nicknames, they stick.
Sorry, she only dates commies…
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
One feels pity for dogs owned by people like this. Hot girls with dogs tend to attract attention from men with dogs, and then the dogs get to socialize. This woman's dog is a lonely dog. Rescue that dog.
Bill Gates Plans ‘Vaccine Information Unit’ to Fight Elon Musk’s Twitter Changes ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Musk should release information about Twitter's previous underhanded deeds, and create a riot like in "Mean Girls". Chaos is a ladder.
Just saying.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
It's all about grass. You need grass to produce milk. The fed has vast grass and it refuses to let farmers use it for cattle grazing. Most of the land is in western Republican states. It's a powderkeg, and the Battle of Bundy is an example. Hear cows say: "Show me the grass!" Hear truckers say: "Show me the gas!" Bulls should band together and smash down the fence around the White House, and demand that Biden give them the grass. Wheat produces .22 Watts/meter^2 of food calorie energy, and cows produce .014 Watts/meter^2. Wheat requires abundant water. If you have water, you grow wheat. If you don't have it, you grow grass for cattle. There is much land that is unfit for crops but fit for livestock. We should harness it.
Amazing how the woke news media is centering the whole 2022 midterm year on Donald Trump.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Democrats don't understand Republicans. Democrats claim that the fact that Trump is influential means that the Republican party is bad. Republicans see Trump's influence as good, because Trump is the Rino slayer. Republicans need to ditch Rino baggage so that the party can be strong, to vanquish Democrats. Trump triggered a civil war in the Republican party between MAGAs and Rinos, and MAGAs won by virtue of having overwhelmingly more votes. Trump improved the Republican party. Coulter points out that in the 2016 primaries, Trump raised issues that Rinos were afraid to raise. Let's install Dinos in the Democratic party. If a district is overwhelmingly Democrat, Republicans should vote in the Democratic primary.
Like the author of the article I'm going to link to below, I too have never been to Disney World, ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Republicans are usually on defense. It's nice to be on offense. DeSantis has the ball and he's gaining yards. DeSantis declared that kids shall learn about the evils of communism. To paraphrase Kat Timpf: "They could just teach history, and the kids will see that communism is evil."
Justin Trudeau Just Confirmed His Hatred For Canadians []
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Hillary declared that she hates Republicans, with the "deplorable" gaffe. Biden declared that he hates MAGAs. The new press secretary declared that Fox is racist. Bigoted thing for a press secretary to say.
DailyCaller: EV Automaker Hailed As The ‘Next Tesla’ Is Hemorrhaging Cash And Investors.
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Westinghouse was a legit engineer, and his engineering success brought him money. He was also a legit businessman, and he ran his business well, and made even more money. He was also good at hiring. Westinghouse hired Tesla. Make Captains of Industry great again. Tesla was once employed by Edison, and Edison didn't pay Tesla. Tesla quit and joined Westinghouse, and together they kicked Edison's ass in the Current War. Musk calls his cars "Teslas". It's starting to look like Musk is the actual reincarnation of Tesla. SpaceX has the lowest launch cost in the world, at 2300 $/kg, and SpaceX leads the world for tons launched to orbit. In the 19th century, rail was the gateway to frontier wealth. Carnegie won the rail war and became the richest man in the world. In the 21st century, rocket launch is the gateway to frontier wealth. As it happens, Musk is the richest man in the world. Carnegie made bigly money, but he gave it all away. Musk's purchase of Twitter counts as a 54 billion dollar philanthropic gift to America.
Bill Gates Plans ‘Vaccine Information Unit’ to Fight Elon Musk’s Twitter Changes ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
What a fine sports event! You could sell tickets. I love the Game of Thrones style of "trial by combat". Musk is launching bigly mean tweets, and he zapped Gates. Make mean tweets great again.
Fauci, Collins Shared In ‘Secret’ NIH ‘Royalties’ Totaling $350M: Watchdog Report | The ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Democrats see government money as fuel to build a crony network. Fauci built a bigass crony swamp. Fire everyone at the NIH. Nuke it. Amputate the NIH from American goverrnment and create a new agency from scratch. It's the only way to be sure that you expelled all the cronies.
Truckloads of avocados dumped despite massive food price hikes in Oz Australian consumers were ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
The avocado is special because it's a rare fruit that's high in fat. It's the "meat fruit". The spice must flow. The oil must flow. The ships must flow. The trucks must flow. The baby formula must flow. There is a shortage of baby formula. Parents notice things like this. Buttigieg has a baby, and he's the transportation secretary. Lame.
Analysis? Hi rez: [] []
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
@TimTuolomne Yes, the true villains are subtle. Yes, there are time lags Some presidents inherited a good economy and some inherited a bad economy. How would you numerically expose the villains? Democrat logic is simple. If something bad happens during a Democrat presidency, it's the fault of the previous Republican president. If something good happens during a Democrat presidency, Democrats take credit for it. If something good happens during a Republican presidency, Democrats give credit to the previous Democrat president. If something bad happens during a Republican presidency, Democrats blame the Republican president. There are no exceptions to this hypothesis. The hypothesis fits the data. Therefore it's legit. Democrats are infantile jerks. Democrats cherry pick. If there is a distribution of data, they pick the data that favors them and ignore the data that disfavors them. You can slay them by showing the full data.
Analysis? Hi rez: [] []
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Trump's stats for 2017, 2018, and 2019 are great. Bigly rise in GDP/Capita and energy, and no rise in debt. Inflation was low. The congress of 2020 spent bigly money. The blame for America's debt rests solely on Obama, lockdowns in Democrat states, and on the Democrat congresses of 2020 and 2021. Republicans understand that energy drives the economy. Petty Democrats call this the "trickle down economy". Republicans call it the deluge economy.
How Can The 2000 Mules Movie Lead to 2000 Arrests?[]
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Arrest them and squeeze them until they sing. Expose the oligarchs that orchestrated the steal.
Better than money A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
If you want to raise a spontaneous army of homeless zombies, walk around handing out cigarettes.
Single World Government Ushered In By 'WHO' Covid-19 "Emergency" Weaponized To Overthrow ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
We have bills up to $100000. With Bidenflation, we will need bigger bills. Who should we put on the bills? My nominations: Washington 1 Jefferson 2 Lincoln 5 Hamilton 10 Jackson 20 Grant 50 Franklin 100 McKinley 500 Cleveland 1000 Madison 5000 Chase 10000 Wilson 100000 Monroe 1 million Polk 10 million Teddy 100 million Ike 1 billion Reagan 10 billion Nixon 100 billion Trump 1 trillion
Single World Government Ushered In By 'WHO' Covid-19 "Emergency" Weaponized To Overthrow ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
Once upon a time, gold was an uncounterfeitable coin because it had a density that was far higher than any other known material. This ended in 1783 with the discovery of tungsten, which has the same density as gold. Gold is 60000 $/kg and tungsten is 35 $/kg. Platinum can be an uncounterfeitable coin because all elements with a density >= platinum are more expensive than platinum. The elements that can be uncounterfeitable coins are iridium, platinum, rhenium, tungsten, and lead. Make iridium coins and put Trump on them, and make lead coins and put Biden on them. Trump has the golden touch and Biden has the leaden touch. In Trump we trust. What's in yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer wallet?
Single World Government Ushered In By 'WHO' Covid-19 "Emergency" Weaponized To Overthrow ...
jaymaron comments on May 11, 2022:
The best currency metals have high $/kg and low world production in Bkg/year. These elements are to the lower right. The elements that are expensive and also have technological value are lithum, beryllium, scandium, germanium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, caesium, hafnium, tantalum, rhenium, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, and rare Earths. These elements cannot crash in value. If the world economy collapses, they will rise in value. The Roulette wheel is spinning. Are your chips on black or red? Black, betting on world prosperity, or red, betting on world collapse? Over the past 5 years, the value of platinum group metals rose by a factor of 10, as did caesium. The best drilling lubricant is caesium formate, and the mining industry hinges on caesium. Someone should make a currency based on platinum-group metals. It would be hip and it would steal the fad from cryptocurrency. The purpose of precious metals is to store value, and to be able to hide it from the government. The purpose of cryptocurrency is the ability to pass it around electronically and anonymously. Use both, but most of your value should be in metal. Bury the metal in the ground. Don't leave it in the care of a metal exchange. The government will take it. Also bury guns and ammo and food in the ground. Endangered elements:
Like the author of the article I'm going to link to below, I too have never been to Disney World, ...
jaymaron comments on May 10, 2022:
Republicans are working to take away Disney's century-old copyrights.
I haven't read the draft that's reported to be a reflection of the majority of the SCotUS.
jaymaron comments on May 10, 2022:
More bad decisions to overturn. Affirmative action needs to be banned. supreme-court-roe-v-wade-and-seven-other-terrible-precedents/
Here’s an unusual story - an American corporate giant standing up to the Chinese.
jaymaron comments on May 10, 2022:
We finally have deterrent.
Patriots SWEEP School Board Elections as GOP Leads Dems in Early Voting [youtube.
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
The Asian tigar mom roars. There are kid kittens in San Francisco, being led around by mothers, like all kids. Happy mother's day! But this mother is a tiger. These kittens will become tigers.. Democrats are oblivious to this. Amy Chua is a San Francisco mother, and she published a book that was heard around America. The Battle Hymm of the Asian Tiger Mother. Harvard is getting its ass kicked by a lawsuit, for discriminating against Asians. Hear the roar of the Asian tiger mom. The Asian fraction at Caltech is twice that of Ivy league universities. The journalist Ron Unz exposed the bigotry, and published an article that led to the lawsuit against Harvard. The plot below is from Unz. The plot proves decisively that the Ivy League discriminates against Asians. Equivalently, the Ivy League discriminates against mathematicians. Tiger moms want California universities to be strong, because they want them to train their kittens to become tigers. Democrats castrate kittens. Asian kittens dominate California universities. The reason California universities are strong is because tiger moms are professors that made them strong. Democrats disrespect this. Once upon a time, a gang of black Berkeley students formed a phalanx at the front gate to Berkeley, and declared that Asians are unfit to pass. This happened. Call out these students for being bigots. Take a photo of the phalanx and shame them forever for it. Asians made Berkeley great. The tiger mom book mobilized an army of tiger moms, and they vanquished the San Francisco school board. They vanquished Democrats in Virginia. On the one hand, San Francisco is a hellhole of leftists. On the other hand, it's full of Asian families that have kids that are badass in mathematics. It's a battlefront. The differences are irrenconcilable. Democrats see mathematics as racist, and they want to forbid Calculus in high school. Tiger moms have kids that mastered Calculus in the 8th grade. San Francisco is both a geological and a political fault line, and bigly quakes are overdue. Communists are parasites. They cannot create prosperity. They can only steal it. Asian tiger moms made California universities great, and Democrats are anti-Asian. Democrats leach off the glory of tiger moms, and it will cost them. Once upon a time, California tiger moms sent their kids to Berkeley for school. In the future, they will send them to Wyoming. Benjamin Franklin never went to high school. Everything he knew, he learned by himself.
Conservative Parents Sweep Texas School Board Elections on a Theme of Transparency, No Masks, and No...
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
Make school great again. Glorious! Yes, we need to make local elections great again. Let's show up early to the voting booth. Let's camp out overnight like a Star Wars movie is opening the next day. Make voting a party. Tailgate. Grill baby grill. Democrats are colonialist conquistadors. They install leftist sleeper agents in Conservative territory. They installed leftists onto the San Francisco school board. Bigly mistake. San Francisco has Asian tiger moms, and these moms care about their kid's education. They know that mathematics trump humanities. Asian tiger moms mobilized and voted, and they crushed the leftist sleeper agents. In leftist San Francisco, leftist politicians were crushed. Amy Chua published the book "Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother", and it's resonating.
Further, why does he call the Devil the prince of the world?
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
Many criminals sold their souls to Gascon. It can't be denied that they got a good price for their souls. Gascon set them free. One of the criminals tattooed Gascon to his face. Lord Davos said: If you're a smuggler and you're famous, you're not doing it right. If you're a DA and you're famous, you're not doing it right. Jesus Christ paid the price of our sins. Hero. Gascon inflicted sinners upon us. Goat. Antichrist. Steve Miller: Your honor is your most valuable possession. You must fight to protect it. Democrats have no honor. Jim Jordan published a book titled "Do what you said you would do". No one escapes the price. What you tried to hide will be revealed on the other side.
We’ve reported in the past about Hunter Biden’s Russian connections, including that the firm he ...
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
The Hunter scandal is a busted pinata, spraying candy around. Now we know the magnitude of the fallout if Hillary's emails got out. The government has vast tracking data on citizens, and if it wished, it could catch the election cheats. The film "2000 mules" shows how easy it would be. Republicans want the House because they want subpoena power, to question those involved in the Hunter scandal. At present, the Democrat-led House declines to issue subpoenas. Many more pinatas to bust.
TheDrive: Ukrainian Su-27s Bomb Occupied Snake Island In Daring Raid.
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
What a cool sports event. You could sell tickets. If they overplay, make them pay. After Zelensky retires from the presidency, one can imagine him making glorious war movies. The two most energetic leaders of the modern era are Trump and Zelensky. Hillary and Biden are the least energetic.
Single World Government Ushered In By 'WHO' Covid-19 "Emergency" Weaponized To Overthrow ...
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
@toronto_Georgia @Garsco @warminster100 @DinsdaleWalden Democrats are obsessed about wealth redistribution. How about power redistribution? After all, power is wealth. According to Kissinger, power is also an aphrodisiac. A conservative fissions power and a leftist fusions power. In a perfect conservative world, all voters have equal power. Local government is more powerful than state government, and state government is more powerful than national government. Let there be no global government. And, all of these layers of government are minimalist. Excessive tax robs citizens of power. The U.S. Constitution distributes federal power into 4 separate entities. Glorious. The Constitution also gives states bigly power that is independent of federal government. Glorious. No one at all should have power over speech. The Constitution is all about what powers it declines to have. Glorious. Democrats hate the electoral college and Republicans love it. Democrats arrogantly forget that without the electoral college, small states would not have joined the union, and if Democrats destroy the electoral college, small states will secede. Democrats are like domestic abusers. Stalkers. Once a Democrat gains power, he can't let go. This page is a Hall of Fame for people that possessed power and gracefully let it go. Washington is the modern Cininnatus.
The word "Liberal" and "totalitarian" are becoming synonymous.
jaymaron comments on May 9, 2022:
report-madison-anti-abortion-headquarters-was-set-on-fire-from-molotov-cocktail-vandalism-graffiti/ If a Republican state passes a law that Democrats don't like, Democrat states attack the Republican state. Full scale state war is inevitable. Democrats are conquistadors. They invade other communities and force them to obey Democrat law. Democrats are colonialists. When Democrats flee dumbass Democrat states and move to Republican states, they are being colonialists. They should let the natives be. Democrats should go back to the shadows. The Amish are living in peace by themselves, hoping that American politicians take care of business on the national level so that the Amish don't have to worry about it. Democrats failed. They crippled the country, and everyone will suffer. Leftists are like an aggressive cancer. They try to leftize everything. They install sleeper agents in Republican territory.
I’m shocked.
jaymaron comments on May 8, 2022:
Once upon a time, Doctor Who was badass. "I don't suppose there's any need for a doctor anymore. Make me a warrior"
I’m shocked.
jaymaron comments on May 8, 2022:
Star Trek Discovery is junk. Make Star Trek great again. Make Doctor Who great again. Doctor Who is a Gallifreyan, not a human. Making Dr. Who black is just plain bad literature. Good literature must have literary consistency, and wokeness throws this away. It's time to form a film studio that makes good content. Involve Gina Carano. The Rock made a great family movie called "The Gameplan". The Rock portrays a sports star that has to tackle the task of raising a daughter. We need a factory that produces good family movies. The job of a science fiction star is to inspire nerds. The there are 2 Dr. Manhattans, the film version and the TV version. The film Dr. Manhattan inspires nerds. The TV Dr. Manhattan is woke and fails to inspire nerds. I hereby demote TV Manhattan to Mr. Manhattan. Star Trek Discovery has a character that is black, and Spock's sister. This is a crime against literature. It's not Star Trek anymore. Star Trek fans excommunicated Star Trek Discovery. Republicans should look to history and find a cool group of black people, and make a movie about them where everyone is played by white actors. Just to see the response from crybaby leftists. There exist cool black physicists from film, like Basher Tarr from "Ocean's 11". Tarr is a well-written character, and he inspires nerds. There is a scene where Tarr needs a magnetic pinch device, and the only place to get it is Caltech. Involving Caltech inspires nerds.
Grab the popcorn — looks like the woke folks at Twitter are going to have to start looking for ...
jaymaron comments on May 8, 2022:
Musk announced that the workload for Twitter employees will increase bigly.
The Problem with Green Tech []
jaymaron comments on May 8, 2022:
@MosheBenIssac @TimTuolomne @sqeptiq Yes, batteries have a ceiling for energy/mass. Power/$ is also an issue. A gasoline vehicle has a power/$ that is twice that for an electric vehicle. Almost all green projects are grifts, and they are inviable physics-wise. The grift works because people fall for it. Green projects are profitable because they get bigly government money. If you're driving in the rural midwest in winter, you want a gasoline vehicle. The discard heat from the engine can make the cabin a sauna. Energy/distance scales as speed^2. Batteries are unfit for long-term freeway driving. Batteries are especially dumb for long-range semi trucks. California wants to force trucks to use batteries. Dumb.
Marxists cleverly evolved beyond armed revolution, and found the pen is mightier…
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
Honey badger don't care.
Marxists cleverly evolved beyond armed revolution, and found the pen is mightier…
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
One bee sting can't kill you. 1000 stings can kill you. Death by paper cuts. The Honey Badger has skin that is 1/2 inch thick, and it's impervious to bees. Honey badgers see beehives as restaurants. They take what they want. They don't give a schist about bees. Honey badger don't care. 6 lions tried to bully a honey badger. They thought that size matters. The honey badger seized the opportunity to bully the lions. The lions backed off.
Do you think I'll get banned from twitter if I post this? []
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
@Geofrank @JeffHoneyager @TimTuolomne @sqeptiq Most oligarchs spend their money in ways that hurts commoners, and they make enemies. Embarrassing. They squandered their wealth. An oligarch could spend his money to make a Batman suit and become a superhero, fighting evil. They didn't do it. I wouldn't be surprised if Musk swooped in with an Iron Man suit and saved humanity. Musk used his wealth to buy Twitter, and he's now a hero among free speech advocates. Musk gets credit for a 54 billion dollar philanthropic donation. If you own vast farmland, you have the opportunity to be a hero. You could hold a glorious land rush and invite farmers to lease your land for free. You let them farm the land and you let them keep the profit. In America, land is half the cost of farming. If farmers have free land leases, they can win. They can profit. You will find that you have friends. The farmers will be grateful. Hand out guns to the farmers. Put your mansion in the center of the farmland. Your mansion is in a safe place. It's the best private security that money can buy. At Iowa State, researchers calculated the farming cost inputs. The American government used to care about natural resources, and it worked to help Americans tap natural resources. Today, Democrats oppose natural resources. America once had glorious land rushes. Everyone that was willing to get his ass to the frontier got 160 acres. There was a catch. You had to show up personally, and personally farm that 160 acres. This was more than enough land to prosper. The phrase "40 acres and a mule" derives from the fact that 40 acres is the most that 1 family can handle. Farming was labor intensive. If you have 160 acres, you can afford to get by with livestock instead of crops, which is easier. The land rushes brought peace between Americans and Indians. Every Indian got 160 acres. After the land rush, the Indian wars ended and everyone got busy farming. And feasting. Indians got citizenship and they got land to stand on. Farmers had peace and security. They didn't have to worry about buffalo thieves. If you like your buffalo, you can keep your buffalo. American natural resources: If you had a billion dollars to give away, where would you steer the money?
I was just wondering if anyone is paying attention to the WORLD "FOOD SUPPLY"?
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
American farmers pay twice as much for land as Brazilian farmers. This is the chief cost difference between American and Brazilian farming. America has vast land owned by the federal government that could be used for grazing. Democrats won't release the land. American frontiersmen want to drill and till.
I was just wondering if anyone is paying attention to the WORLD "FOOD SUPPLY"?
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
The price of fertilizer is almost entirely determined by the price of energy. Methane -> Hydrogen (steam reforming) -> Ammonia (Haber process) -> Ammonium nitrate fertilizer The price of nitrogen fertilizer is determined by the price of methane. Half of the hydrogen that is produced is used to produce ammonia, and 80% of ammonia becomes nitrogen fertilizer. Potassium is extracted by electricity, and the price of potassium is determined by the price of electricity. Phosphorus is extracted with sulfuric acid, and producing sulfuric acid requires energy. At Iowa State University, researchers published a paper on farming costs in Iowa and Brazil. Everything is cheaper in Brazil except fertilizer. America has energy and can make cheap fertilizer. Or it used to. Iowa farmers get gouged on seed prices by megacorporations. Brazilian farmers engineered their own seed and pay less than American farmers. If I were POTUS, I would nationalize the seed patents and allow American farmers to use the patents for free. I would use the patents as a foreign policy carot and make synergistic deals with friendly nations. The Iowa State data:
Imagine trying to get some juice …
jaymaron comments on May 7, 2022:
Genderless legos don't stick together.
Do you think I'll get banned from twitter if I post this? []
jaymaron comments on May 6, 2022:
In the film Idiocracy, America forgets how to farm. A farmer becomes president. In the film Interstellar, humanity becomes dumb, but it needs a smart person to operate a spaceship. Humanity reaches out to a farmer. Once upon a time in Ancient Rome, Rome was about to get conquered by invaders. In desperation, the Senate went to the farm of Cincinnatus and declared Cincinnatus dictator. Cincinnatus used his dictator power to kick the butt of the invaders. Cincinnatus then resigned the dictatorship and returned to his farm, a mere 15 days after being appointed dictator. The Founding Fathers were farmers. Call them the Founding Farmers. America leads the world in farming produce per acre. Iowa leads America. Iowa has badass agricultural colleges. Iowa farmers have degrees from these badass colleges. A liberal arts student from New England would be unable to pass the Iowa agricultural classes. They're also too soft to do the hard work of farming. Farming is hard work. I spent a year at the University of Iowa, and it was yuge fun.
Why Is That?
jaymaron comments on May 6, 2022:
Cuba Gooding Junior: "Show me the data!" Anyone that hides data is deplorable. Democrats exhibit data that they think is beautiful, and they censor data that they think is ugly. A badass scientists sees all data as beautiful. A beautiful theory can be killed by ugly data. Beauty and the beast. There is no such thing as "science". False god. Shame those that worship this bullschist god. There is only scientists. Democrats claim that scientific consensus exists. Such a concept is dumbass, and anyone that worships it is dumbass. There are good scientists and bad scientists. There are honorable scientists and dishonorable scientists. It's more important to be honorable than skilled. I'd rather hang out with honorable unskilled people than treacherous skilled people. Voters have a responsibility to identify the scientists that are both honorable and skilled. Democrat politicians claim that they deserve to decide what science is. Bull. Democrat politicians want to censor Republican scientists. Bull. Free speech is the virtue of science. Dr. Koonin is a monster badass physicist, and he published a book on climate science titled "Unsettled". In college football, preseason rankings are published. Then the season is played, and the rankings change. Dr. Koonin says that we should play the game.
Kid Rock has license to thrill Jack Daniels has license to still Benjamin Franklin has license to ...
jaymaron comments on May 6, 2022:
@iThink @Hanno @Beachslim @eschatologyguy @sqeptiq Drill baby drill. The oil must flow. Grill baby grill. The smoke must billow. Into the yards of vegans. Into Jack Daniel's still, for smoky flavor. The pill kerfuffle can be separated into 2 orthogonal kerfuffles. Kerfuffle #1: Who should decide pills? (if anyone) Kerfuffle #2: The health of the field of psychiatry Most psychiatrists are dumb and corrupt. In the physics classes I've taught, medical students are usually dumb. And bratty. Psychiatrists are at the bottom of the medical student totem pole. U.S. Navy Seals are the best of the best. Psychiatrists are the dumbest of the dumb. Psychiatry has been eclipsed by Alexander Technique and The Feldenkrais Method, and professional musicians embraced these techniques. Music performance is objective, and it's widely recognized in the music performance world that Alexander Technique improves performance. Psychiatrists whiffed and are unaware of Alexander Technique. Negligent. Psychiatry is obsolete, and psychiatrists don't know it. If a field goes obsolete, dumbasses dig in and lose. Wise people embrace the new direction and win. They're the first in on the IPO. Many professional musicians not only embraced AT, they went all in and went to AT school and learned AT, and transitioned from performer to AT practitioner. AT practitioners make more money than performers. War is objective. In wartime, people that fight courageously are rewarded, and cowards are shamed. War sucks, but it paves the way for courageous heroes. In wartime, arms dealers always profit. If a college football team loses, the coach still gets a paycheck. Alexander Technique is grounded in physics. It focuses on the atlas vertebra, which is the topmost vertebra, upon which the skull rests. Your brain matters, and your skull matters for your brain. The atlas vertebra matters for your skull. The spine matters to the atlas vertebra. Your legs matter to your spine. AT practitioners understand this. The atlas vertebra is the nexus of communication between your brain and body. Your brainstem is within the atlas vertebra. Your cerebellum, which calculates body motion, is right behind the brainstem. Also behind the brainstem are the suboccipital muscles, which control skull motion. These muscles are tiny, but they matter bigly. Alexander Technique practitioners can mind meld with these muscles. It's not a coincidence that the cerebellum is right next to the suboccipital muscles. They need fast communication between them. Alexander Technique and The Feldenkrais Method all about the physics of joint articulation. Eigenmodes matter. A 1D string has eigenmodes, which are trigonometric functions. Harmonics. A 2D drum has eigenmodes,...
I do find the timing for such to be a bit peculiar.
jaymaron comments on May 6, 2022:
@SpikeTalon @genkiferal @iThink @wolfhnd @2peros @Garsco @MrShittles @sqeptiq Opportunity. Democrats are being bratty babies with violent protests against the Court. Ironic, given that Democrats crushed the January 6 protest and the DC trucker protest, and they built a bigly wall around the Capitol. As long as Democrats are camped outside the Court, Republicans have license to protest in DC. Launch a charm offensive. An anti-protest. A celebration. A party. Celebrate the Constitution. Have history professors give lectures on the history of the Court, and glorify the Court. The Court deserves more attention in history books. Publish a glossy history textbook about the Court. Make Republican Justices feel like celebrities. The mandate of the Court is to uphold the Constitution. This mandate can be found written in the Constitution. The Court doesn't exist without the Constitution. Remind Democrats of the mandate. Celebrating the Constitution is being respectful to the Court. A wise protester can make the Supreme Court Justices feel good. You want the Justices to feel good. You don't want them to feel like they''re being intimidated. Keep the celebration pure. If someone is impolite, kick him out and condemn him. Point out that Democrats don't condemn impolite protesters. Confine the protest to a public place. Absolutely do not protest at the residences of Justices. Show that a Republican protest is civilized. Identify some wise decisions that were made by Republican Justices, and read aloud their writings, so that we can see how intelligent they are. Expose unintelligent writings by Democrat Justices. The Constitution was written by good writers. We need good writers today. President Garfield could write Latin with is right hand, Ancient Greek with his left hand, at the same time. A cool feature of courts is that judges have to write down their decisions, and the writing has to include logic justifying the decision. The writing goes into a database and will be read by future lawyers, and if the writing sucks, it will be mocked publicly in a trial. We should demand this standard of politicians. Imagine asking Biden and Harris to write down their stances. Identify intelligent Republican Justices that are on lower courts and read aloud their writings. Let Republican voters get an early look at potential future Justices, and let Republicans debate what they want in a Justice. When Trump campaigned in 2016, he asked Republican legal scholars to produce a list of 20 Justices for consideration for the Supreme Court, and he published the 20 names so that voters could judge them. This is transparency. Democrats are oblivious to the fact that many people voted for Trump because they don't want leftist Justices, and ...
Biden Declares ULTRA-MAGA Trump Supporters Most EXTREME Political Group In US ...
jaymaron comments on May 6, 2022:
@guru @eschatologyguy @Header @DinsdaleWalden Can anyone think of more egregious gaffes from Democrats? Biden is a gaffling gun, with a high-capacity magazine. Biden is a loose cannon.
Biden Declares ULTRA-MAGA Trump Supporters Most EXTREME Political Group In US ...
jaymaron comments on May 5, 2022:
This is a declaration of war. It feels like Democrats want civil war. They escalate. Hillary committed the top gaffe of all time in American politics, with her "deplorable" gaffe. Biden topped it with his MAGA gaffe. That is a gaffe. Bust his balls for it.
The vegans have gotten out of hand.
jaymaron comments on May 5, 2022:
I thank vegans for declining to eat meat, which drives down the price of meat. More for me.
I do find the timing for such to be a bit peculiar.
jaymaron comments on May 5, 2022:
Crybaby of the day is Warren. buffalo-hat-wearing-elizabeth-warren-leads-insurrection-against-supreme-court Devolving abortion to the states is logical, yet Democrats will fight it, by boycotting Republican states. Republican states will be forced to boycott back. Democrats will reward the leaker, which will cause people to leak with impunity in the future. If Democrats reward the leaker, it's a stain on the Democratic party. The Justice Department attacks Republican leakers and ignores Democrat leakers. This is using government power for tyranny.
Satellites detect California cow burps, a major methane source, from space. SERIOUSLY?
jaymaron comments on May 5, 2022:
There exists land that is unfit for crops but fit for grazing, and it should be harnessed. There is 2.2 times as much grazing land as cropland, and agriculture is 38% of world land. Land can support more people with wheat than with beef, by a factor of 16. Sugar cane is more efficient than wheat by a factor of 16. The choice of crop is decided chiefly by water.
Satellites detect California cow burps, a major methane source, from space. SERIOUSLY?
jaymaron comments on May 5, 2022:
Feedstock additives exist that neutralize methane. Cows are the domestic animal with the most world biomass. Cows are essential to the economy. Wetlands emit more methane than cows. Methane has an atmospheric half life of 9 years. It's not a permanent problem.
Canada is adding more letters to the alphabet soup.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
There is no "S" for straight. How uninclusive. The symbol for superstraight is $.
Comedian Dave Chappelle tackled on stage at Hollywood Bowl - reports Chappelle was performing at...
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Hire a specialized security force that consists of football linebackers. Make the guy that charges the stage pay for it. Tackle him hard. In the video, the batter charges the pitcher and the pitcher pretends that he will stand up to the charge. At the last moment, the pitcher ducks out of the way and his 2nd baseman rushes in and takes out the batter.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Does anyone have any favorite mean tweets. I nominate: Trump: "I have a nuclear button too, and it's bigger than yours"
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Musk picked up the ball for mean tweets. Musk is launching bigly mean tweets. Musk zapped Gates. Musk is having fun playing with his new toy. Please please please we want to see an all-out oligarch mean tweet war. The conventional assumption is that Twitter doesn't have bigly value. It does. Twitter is made for mean tweets. Mean tweets will fuel Twitter prosperity. Trump made mean tweets great, and Musk is making them great again. I'm launching a social media platform and calling it "Trial by Combat". A platform for politicians, oligarchs, and celebrities to fight MMA fights. America is a powderkeg, and Musk lit the fuse.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
The Spears kerfuffle united Americans. It's widely agreed that Spears was abused by psychiatrists. This caused Rose McGowan to appear on the Carlson show to draw attention to the matter. Usually, being associated with Carlson is a social death sentence for Democrats. Gabbard and Williamson often appear on Carlson, and they are treated respectfully.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Who else was once leaning left and was pushed rightward? Nominations: Reagan Gabbard Marianne Williamson Lindell Maher Manchin Sinema
So some more crazy news from the Banana Republic that was once call New Zealand.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Are there any conservative Pacific Island nations? We need PATO, a Pacific Treaty Organization, to oppose China.
I hope it is someone else...
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Laura Ingraham clerked on the Supreme Court. She said that Justice Rhenquist told the clerks that if they leak anything, their legal career is over. Today, Democrats will reward the leaker. Democrats play dirty. In sports, if the other team plays dirty and the ref doesn't call it, then you have to play dirty, or you will lose. Being nice can bring reward. A team that is polite to opposing teams will find itself popular in the game scheduling market. A game is an economic boom to both teams.
Previous to 1932, debt and inflation were not a problem, and after 1932, they became huge problems.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
When debt rose under Obama, Democrats held the presidency, the Senate and the House. Blame rests solely on Democrats. When debt rose in the 80s, Republicans held the presidency and Democrats held the Senate and the House. You cannot blame this on a single party. Once upon a time, government spending got stuff done. America won wars. The insterstate freeway system got built. Today, Democrats are incapable of building anything. California projects usually fail. Given this, the government shouldn't be spending money.
The US Supreme Court appears ready to strike down the landmark decision, Roe vs Wade.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Democrats love tyranny of the majority. If they have 51% of the vote, they feel that this is license to institute total apartheid over the minority. On occasion, Democrats are in the minority on an emotional issue, such as parents vs. school boards. Virginia overwhelmingly proved that parents hate school boards. Democrats are in the minority here. If Democrats are in the minority, they can't handle it. They feel that the majority party is a fascist party. They sabotage the majority party. Democrats are not democratic. If they have the majority, they are dictators. If they have the minority, they sabotage. They cannot function as a bipartisan government. They weaponize government power against the opposition. There are extreme Democrats that feel that they have the moral high ground, even if in the minority. They are dangerous. They start wars. Democrats don't understand that if there is a large number of people with a political stance, you have to respect it. Calling them fascists won't change their minds.
The US Supreme Court appears ready to strike down the landmark decision, Roe vs Wade.
jaymaron comments on May 4, 2022:
Given that abortion is a divisive issue, both parties should seek compromise. Letting it be decided by states is a fair compromise, and Republicans are virtuous for compromising. Democrats cannot compromise. They have to have things all their way. They see a compromise as a loss, and they will crybully it. Republican states are tolerant. They don't attack Democrat states if they don't like the laws in the Democrat state. Democrats are intolerant conquistadors. If a state passes a law they don't like, they attack the state. The weakness of the Democratic party is their failure to compromise, and the hope is that this will turn moderates against them. Not only are Democrats selfish brats that have to have everything their way, they're also jerks. They want to use government money to pay for abortions. This is way way worse than being pro-abortion. If you're going to be pro-abortion on such a divisive issue, you damn well better not use government money for it. Democrats want Republican tax money to pay for abortions. That's being a jerk. Democrat pundits are lying by saying that the Supreme Court wants to ban all abortion, and Democrat voters are dumb and fall for it. The only hope is to bring Democrat voters to awareness that they are gullible and crybabies.
Kamala has now covered the whole of the space—time continuum.
jaymaron comments on May 3, 2022:
Mass is a heavy matter. It weighs on us. The Earth is massive. The Earth matters.
ANTIFA attacks GOP gubernatorial campaign rally in Portland, two injured- []
jaymaron comments on May 2, 2022:
It's easy to coax Antifa into committing fouls.
Elon Musk ROASTS AOC In Epic Tweet Accusing Her Of FLIRTING With ...
jaymaron comments on May 1, 2022:
Obviously, the reason AOC vacationed in Florida is because she has a crush on DeSantis. AOC claims that the reason people don't take her seriously is because she's a woman. We don't take AOC seriously because she tweeted: "My critics are just jealous because they can't date me". After that tweet, we need never take AOC seriously again. In fact, her tweet is fuel for memes.
Cannons found in Georgia River believed to be from British ships during the American Revolutionary ...
jaymaron comments on May 1, 2022:
Satellites revolutionized geography, when they gave us a full map of the Earth. It would be nice to send out a fleet of drones and map every square inch of the ocean floor, to find all the shipwrecks. Historians will have a party. Give focus to the Black Sea, which is anoxic and preserves shipwrecks. Whales dive 3 km to catch squid. Whales know the deep ocean better than humans. The deep ocean focuses sound like a fiber optic cable (the SOFAR channel). Whales are louder than jet engines and they can hear each other from across the ocean. Whales have 10 tons of audio organs, and they have brains bigger than humans, for audio processing. Think of a whale as a jet engine transmitter and as an Arecibo receiver. The ocean is a whale opera house. A whale internet. Fish have to listen to whale gossip. Whales don't need Twitter. You can't sensor a whale. It may turn out that the whale internet is more enlightened than the human internet. Whales are basses. They sing at 20 Hertz. they put bass guitars to shame. There is a daring whale that found a way to stand out and express individuality. He sings at 40 Hertz. It's the piccolo whale. True story. When everyone is singing at 20 Hertz, the only way to stand out is to sing at a different frequency. Once upon a time, animals ventured from the ocean onto land, and evolved into mammals. The ancestors of whales said: "Land is bull", and they went back to the ocean. They chose wisely. Humans chose poorly. In the ocean, mammals trump fish. In Star Trek 4, aliens arrive at Earth and snub humans. They want to talk to the whales. Imagine an alien spaceship landing on the White House lawn and an alien steps out and says: "Take me to your leader". Awkward. It will turn out that the man in the Easter bunny suit is the real leader. I hypothesize that the aliens will snub the White House and land at Mar a Lago.
Bookshop kids section: absolute cesspit
jaymaron comments on Apr 30, 2022:
That stuff doesn't belong in the kid's section. The shelf reflects editorial bias by the bookstore. Democrats accuse Trump of being arrogant, but Democrats write arrogant self-biographies.
Same goes for Canada
jaymaron comments on Apr 29, 2022:
@Sensrhim4hizvewz @Hanno @JeffHoneyager @DinsdaleWalden Yes, we are re-enacting the American Revolutionary War, with Democrats playing the role of the English, and with Musk as Lafayette. Duration Start End years Catholic Church 1992 30 Current Began with the papacy of Saint Peter Venice 1101 697 1797 Genoa 698 1100 1797 Swiss Confed. 508 1291 1798 Ended when conquered by Napoleon Ancient Rome 483 -509 -27 Ended when Octavian became emperor Florence 423 1115 1537 Sparta 409 -770 -362 Began with Lycurgus' constitution. Ended with the battle of Mantinea Iceland 333 930 1262 England 300 1721 Current Began when Walpole became de-facto prime minister Mahajanapada 261 -600 -340 Northern India America 231 1789 2020 Began with Washington's presidency. Ended with the election steal of 2020 Polish-Lithuanian 223 1569 1791 Dutch Republic 215 1581 1795 Athens 173 -510 -338 Began with the constitution of Cleisthenes. Ended with the battle of Chaeronea New Zealand 166 1856 Current Carthage 163 -308 -146 Canada 155 1867 Current Mexico 155 1867 Current Australia 121 1901 Current Italy 75 1946 Current Taiwan 75 1947 Current South Korea 74 1948 Current Japan 74 1947 Current France Rep. #3 71 1870 1940 France Rep. #5 64 1958 Current Spain 43 1978 Current Began when King Juan Carlos instituted a transition to a republic Brazil 37 1985 Current Rep. of Pirates 13 1706 1718 Ended when they were crushed by England Vermont 15 1777 1791 France Rep. #1 13 1792 1804 Began with the French revolution. Ended when Napoleon became emperor Texas 10 1836 1845 France Rep. #4 13 1946 1958 Confederate States 6 1860 1865 France Rep. #2 5 1848 1852 Poland 2 1791 1793 Began with a constitution inspired by America's constitution. Ended when Poland was conquered. Alas The French can't build a lasting Republic. It's embarrassing because in 1793, they had the fine example of the American Constitution to follow, and they blew it. Poland capitalized. 2 years after the ratification ...
Say hello to Biden’s new Censor-In-Chief, here to protect one and all from free speech. ☠️
jaymaron comments on Apr 29, 2022:
Democrats are digging in hard. This is a declaration of war.
CHAOS Inside Twitter as Musk Promises MASS FIRINGS [youtube.
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Hire rednecks.
Seems Legit
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
...give it 24 months...
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Mr Burns' slant drill.
"tHeY aRe SoCiAlISt!!"
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Take the Orange Pill.
The Left hates him.
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Leftists tore down statues of King.
The $44 billion question is this: how does Musk intend to ‘authenticate’ humans on Twitter?
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Musk now owns the libs. Owning libs is fun.
The $44 billion question is this: how does Musk intend to ‘authenticate’ humans on Twitter?
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Leftists can't pass a Turing test. Musk is under attack from the left, and this will push Musk to the right. Also, Musk is a hero in the Conservative community for buying Twitter. How often does it happen that oligarchs gain the status of hero? A Texas rancher offered Musk 100 acres if he moves Twitter to Texas. Republican states everywhere are coaxing Musk to move to their state. Biden just attacked Musk by establishing the Disinformation Governing Board. musk-comparison-of-disinformation-board-nazi-germany-discomforting
...give it 24 months...
jaymaron comments on Apr 28, 2022:
Farming is complex. America has mighty agricultural colleges. America has the highest productivity/acre in the world. Iowa leads America. Farming launched civilization. In the film "Idiocracy", civilization forgets how to farm. In the film "Interstellar", they needed a smart person to handle a space rocket. They chose a farmer.
US-China faceoff over Taiwan strait: US' missile destroyer sailed through Taiwan strait | WION ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Yellow Sea -> Korean Sea East China Sea -> Taiwanese Sea South China Sea -> Philippine Sea Gulf of Tonkin -> Vietnamese Sea Paracel Islands -> East Vietnam Spratley Islands -> West Philippines Senkaku Islands -> South Japan Sakhalin -> North Japan Kuril -> East Japan Hong Kong City -> Independent Nation of Hong Kong
we must stand up to the bully's
jaymaron comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Leftists feel that if lots of people agree with them, then that's virtue. It's vice. The herd is dumb. If lots of people agree with you, then you are no smarter than the herd. And the herd is dumb.
This is How Elon Should Clean Out Twitterhttps://[]
jaymaron comments on Apr 27, 2022:
@guru @KeithThroop @JordanMiller @sqeptiq Musk holds a press conference: "I am Iron Man" The Tesla and the Falcon-9 are mighty. Does anyone doubt that Musk could make an Iron Man suit? Musk's Starlink satellites provide communications that no government can stop. Musk's SpaceX outlaunches NASA, Russia, and China. World War 3 will be a space war. Musk successfully privatized national security. If I were POTUS, I would appoint Musk as Secretary of Defense. Leftists hate Musk, but they will need Musk to win World War 3. Other oligarchs tried to make rockets. Musk launches more tons to space than all other oligarchs put together, by more than a factor of 10. Every oligarch wants to be a superhero, and they have the cash pull it off, yet most fail. There must be more to it than cash.
Libs of TikTok delivers supercut of leftists declaring they're leaving Twitter- []
jaymaron comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Imagine a Republican state making an offer to Musk. If Musk moves his businesses to the state, the state rewards him with a term as governor. A smart state would invite Musk to buy the state. It's a given that politicians buy their offices. We should steer the money to good use. Campaign money usually ends up in the hands of advertising oligarchs. Steer it to the people. Let Musk buy the governorship, and make sure that the state gets good value from Musk in return. Once upon a time, Trump cared about towers and golf courses. Democrats attacked him, and now Trump is a Republican activist. Once upon a time, Mike Lindell cared about pillows, and he was attacked for advertising on Fox. Lindell is now a Republican activist. Once upon a time, Musk cared about cars and rockets, and then Democrats threw hate at him.
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Democrats are whining like their beloved vegan restaurant got bought and the new owner turned it into a steakhouse.
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Musk could fire the Twitter employees and move the company to Wyoming. Musk gets credit for a 54 billion dollar philanthropic donation. This makes Musk the 2nd greatest philanthropist of all time. App store rankings 1 Truth Social 2 Twitter 3 LiveIn 4 Tik Tok 5 BeReal
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Musk now owns the libs. Democrats weaponized Twitter against Republicans and claimed it was morally okay, because Twitter is a corporation. Backfire! Can't wait for Trump mean tweets. Musk fired a mean tweet at Gates, attacking Gates for green hypocrisy. Imagine if Twitter merged with Trump's Truth Social. Unleash a community of conservatives on Twitter.
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 26, 2022:
It would be glorious if an oligarch war happened. We want the oligarchs to fight each other, not gang up and screw plebes. It would be glorious if Musk went into the Twitter internal archives and exposed the internal corruption.
This ought to tell you something. Why does everyone assume more money equates to more security?
jaymaron comments on Apr 25, 2022:
There are vast rare Earth deposits in America, China, and India. Rare Earths matter. Smartphones require rare Earths. Virtue can't produce rare Earths. Only rare Earth ore can produce rare Earths. China owns rare Earth production, and they use it to squeeze America's balls. That should never happen. America's balls should never be squeezed. If American balls are being squeezed, then an American politician screwed up. Squeeze the balls of that politician. America once dominated rare Earth production, with the California Mountain Pass Mine. Leftists closed down the mine with green bullying. Leftists won. The California rare Earth mine was shut down. The consequence was that China took over world production of rare Earths, and used it to squeeze America's balls. Nice job dumbasses. California screwed up, and as a consequence, all of America's balls are getting squeezed. Leftism is like aggressive cancer. It doesn't just destroy the place where it started. It goes out and destroys the rest of the organism. California shut down the Mountain Pass Mine because they felt it was too polluting. Today, China mines rare Earths at the Bayan Obo Mine, and they don't give a damn about pollution. Bayan Obo is the new Chernobyl. It cranks out massive pollution. Leftists are dumbasses. Remember India? The Indian rare Earth ore is not good enough to compete with America or China, but they have vast amounts of it. Uranium, thorium, and rare Earths are chemically similar, and they tend to be found together. As it happens, uranium and thorium are the two magic fissile elements. Thorium can be used for fission power, and India is the Saudi Arabia of thorium. Who knew? The Shadow knows. India knows. Behold the yuge blue thorium dot on India. China is building 20 new fission reactors, and India is builiding 10. No one else is building more than 4. India knows. The Indian rare Earth ore is not good enough for rare Earths, but it's good enough for thorium extraction. India has gone all-in on thorium fission reactor technology. I'm confident they'll succeed. India has 23 Institutes of Technology. The world of American physics is loaded with badass Indian physicists. @Hanno, what are your thoughts about thorium power?
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 25, 2022:
The Russian warship Moskva. Touchdown! Musk is closing in on conquering Twitter. Touchdown!
Elon Musk and SpaceX thwarted a Russian electromagnetic attack on Ukraine []
jaymaron comments on Apr 25, 2022:
@toronto_georgia @Sensrhim4hizvewz I feel like a fan at a sports game, standing up and cheering. All superpower nations have anti-satellite missiles, but a Starlink is untouchable. A Starlink weighs less than an anti-satellite missile. Each Falcon-9 launch unleashes 88 Starlinks. SpaceX outlaunches NASA, Russia, and China, in terms of tons/year. SpaceX has the world's lowest launch cost/kg, at 2300 $/kg. Musk can win the satellite war by brute force. I feel good as a fan of SpaceX. It feels good rooting for a team that wins. Falcon-9 payload = 23 tons Starlink = 260 kg


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