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Physicist, violist, wrestler, rugby player, and shaolin monk.
I write pop science articles and online science textbooks.
Science for politicians:


Parallel Societies
jaymaron comments on Apr 22, 2022:
Yes, we need an independent economy. Bongino mentions this every day, and he's an investor in Rumble.
The worst president in US.
jaymaron comments on Apr 22, 2022:
Dumbass Democrat voters. Democrats are trying to claim a Mulligan with Biden and Hillary. But the harsh truth is that Democrats have no alternative. Harris is worse. Biden's failure is a failure of the Democratic party. Wikipedia is too chicken to include Biden in the president rankings. They ranked Trump the instant he assumed office, and gave him an unfair biased ranking. Obama's ranking is fraudulently high. Carter had the virtue of being pro-American. He ran he ball in the right direction, though he didn't gain many yards. Biden is running the ball in the wrong direction. Biden is anti-American.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
The oligarchs realized that Canada is easier to tyrannize than America. Trudeau acted tyrannically, and Canadian leftist voters supported him. Trudeau took Canada much further toward tyranny than American Democrats have taken America to tyranny.
Kamala has now covered the whole of the space—time continuum.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
When Pence was VP, every chance he got to speak, he delivered cool Republican talking points. Republicans *have* cool talking points. Democrats don't. They have to fill their speeches with fluff. Palin had charm, and she had the sincere MAGA message. Drill baby drill. But she didn't have intellectual firepower. Trump has the firepower. Palin was right about drilling, and she's lording over it. Pence destroyed Kane in the VP debate. Not only is Pence a good speaker, he also has a mighty poker face. His poker face at State of the Union addresses is epic. Harris has a weak poker face. She bursts out in cackling.
Netflix GETS WOKE GOES BROKE, Stock Drops Nearly 30% In Major Collapse Elon Musk Blames On Woke ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Netflix market capitalization is now so low that Musk could buy it.
Face real facts folks! The only way Canadians will have real freedom.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Once upon a time, government insured bank deposits. Now it steals them.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Agree, that it's about control. What a dumbass hill to die on. Democrats love courts if the court is on their side, and they hate courts if it isn't.
Killing the paedophilic, trans advocating, metastatic tumor called Disney
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
The governor of Colorado is delusional. He's trying to coax Disneyland to Colorado. Disneyland is autonomous. It has its own private police force.
Killing the paedophilic, trans advocating, metastatic tumor called Disney
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Democrats invade Republican territory, by installing leftists DAs and school board members. There needs to be deterrent. Florida has Disney by the balls. Oligarchs want to bully companiess into going woke, even if the stock price goes down. Establish a stock index of non-woke companies. People will take their money out of the woke companies and invest in the un-woke companies.
Netflix GETS WOKE GOES BROKE, Stock Drops Nearly 30% In Major Collapse Elon Musk Blames On Woke ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Musk could create his own streaming service, and drop 1 billion dollars on creative content producers. Produce legit family entertainment. Produce non-woke superhero films. Involve Gina Carano.
Kamala has now covered the whole of the space—time continuum.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
@Edgework @timon_phocas @eschatologyguy Harris has a speechwriting staff, and this is the best she can do. It may be that Harris is writing her own speeches. Democrats created a Frankenstein monster with Biden, and the monster busted loose and is out of control. Biden speaks extemporaneously. Democrats are horrified. They have to walk back what Biden says. Then they have to walk back the walk backs. They deployed an Easter bunny to shepherd Biden. Democrats don't circle back. They walk back. Decisions are made in a smoke-filled room. If you're not in the room, you lose. Oligarchs are making the decisions in a smoke-filled room and then they give orders to politicians. Biden is not in the room. Democrat voters are not in the room, and they have zero say in executive policy. If Biden does something that Democrat voters don't like, there's not a damn thing they can do about it. Nice job dumbasses. Democrats think Trump is a tyrant, but Trump is transparent and flexible. Trump can make deals. Trump invites Democrats into the room. Onto his golf course. The current administration is a dictatorship, and we don't know who's giving the orders.
Exclusive: Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at Portland hospital OHSU, has been revealed to ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Build a searchable database of all dumbass things that leftists have said. This is fair game. Democrats make databases of things Republicans say.
Killing the paedophilic, trans advocating, metastatic tumor called Disney
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
State wars! Winning! What else could Republican states do to sting Democrats?
Kamala has now covered the whole of the space—time continuum.
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
The past year has confirmed that Biden is brain dead and that Harris is dumb. Dan Quayle is no longer America's dumbest VP.
Ted Cruz obliterates WOKE Yale Law student for accusing him of racism []
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Put Ivy league colleges in the dunk tank. Shame the word "ivy".
Libs of TikTok creator provides update on her safety after being doxxed by Washington Post- ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 21, 2022:
Democrats often quote Republicans out of context and mangle the meaning of the Republican. The fact that they do this means they're jerks. They can't win with honest objective logic. LoTT quotes Democrats with full context. It posts the videos that libs posted themselves. No deceptive editing. Not necessary. Libs look dumb even without deceptive editing. deceptive-edits-audio-contradicts-piers-morgan-shows-he-warped-trump-interview-ending-in-promo/ It's not about free speech. It's about power. Democrats want to exert power over Republicans in all ways possible. It's about the ability to tell truth to power, without having to fear that the government will destroy you. If Musk takes over Twitter and makes it into a free speech platform, the government will go after anyone that dares tweet truth to power. They'll find a way to hurt the tweeter. We need twitter to expose government tyranny. We need to make the tyranny backfire on the government, with overwhelming tweet firepower.
Florida Gov.
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
A tolerant leftists leaves Republicans be. An intolerant leftist can't leave Republicans be. They are conquistadors. They invade Republican communities and bully them with leftism. Leftist school boards attack Republican parents and try to steal their kids. That's not live and let be. Georgia passed an abortion law, and leftists used collectivism to bully Georgia. Tyranny of the majority. Failure to let states be. Leftists took the baseball all star game away from Georgia. Leftists have proven that they embrace state warfare. Republican states can fight back. Florida can ban grooming, and zap Disney for grooming. Competitors will emerge to Disney, and DeSantis will help them build cool tourist parks. Disney has a park in Florida, and they unleashed hate on Florida. Dumb.
- CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Watched CNN Make Fake News During BLM Riots, Jack GOES ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
From time to time, Dorsey makes a statement advocating for free speech. It's bull. Behind the scenes, Dorsey is always working to the max to kill free speech. This is typical of tyrants. They accuse the opposition of being tyrants, and use this as excuse to act tyranically.
”Smart enough! The owner of this electric car attached a rear-wheel-drive belt and a generator to ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
This is how leftists think the economy works. This is a metaphor for taxes.
WTF? Watch hardcore porn for 'education'!
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
Employers should demand a full transcript from job applicants, so see if they took dumbass classes. It shouldn't be about degrees. It should be about classes, professors, textbooks, and fellow students. People that took classes like this want their college debt canceled.
Four years ago Joe Biden believes U.
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
In 2020, Biden campaigned that he's a superhero, that he can vanquish all of America's problems. He promised to vanquish covid. When gasoline prices dropped by 1 penny over 1 week, Biden published a graph taking credit for it. Hilarious that Democrats think Trump is arrogant. Now Biden says there's nothing he can do, about anything. Gasoline, war, covid, inflation, etc. Biden's statement "For god's sake,, this man cannot remain in power" is one of the most dangerous mistakes an American president ever made.
Libs of TikTok creator provides update on her safety after being doxxed by Washington Post- ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 20, 2022:
Taylor Lorenz doxed LoTT. She investigated the families and friends of LoTT, and she doxed them too. Lorenz cries that she's being attacked. Lorenz is a jerk. Crybully. After Lorenz's crying performance, she continued to attack LoTT and incite hate against it. Most leftists are crybullies. Leftists want to attack Conservatives any way they can. They want to stop conservatives from building their own community. Jerks. Imagine if a database was created of every dumbass thing libs have said, indexed by name. This would destroy the libs. They will fight to the death to stop it. carlson-libs-of-tiktok-expose-obviously-an-intimidation-campaign-designed-to-shut-down-highly-effective-twitter-feed/ Once upon a time, American culture valued badassness. Wusses were disparaged. If someone was whining and you called them out for whining, they would stop whining, because no one wanted to be seen as a whiner. Today, leftists see wussiness as a virtue. There is no way to reach such people. Instead, virtue signal your badassness.
Maybe Elon Musk won’t be so great after all?
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Captain Archer said: The hallmark of a successful negotiation is that both sides are not fully satisfied. Democrats are selfish babies. They have to have everything their way. Mock them as selfish babies. The Andorian ambassador successfully coaxed Vulcans to drink alcohol. Any negotiation that leads to Vulcans drinking is a successful negotiation. Franklin was a mighty ambassador. Franklin's ambassadorship saved America's ass. Ambassadorship is a high art. Democrats are blind to ambassadorship. They are selfish babies.
Beyond cultural appropriation.
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Harald Fairhair is a legendary King of Norway. Trump Fairhair is a legendary King of America. When Trump attends a Packers game, he doesn't need a cheesehead hat. When Harald Fairhair attends a Vikings game, he doesn't need a helmet from the gift shop. He brings his own. And the horns are genuine ram horns.
USFL teams: Michigan Panthers.
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Who y'all rooting for? I'm a Badger. Badgers and Wolverines are rivals. But the Michigan Panthers are the only Midwest team in the league. I embrace the Panthers.
I am not alone any more
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
@1patriot @bobbo666 @sqeptiq Leftists don't use objective logic. They use emotional intimidation. They use fear. If you tell a leftist that you're not afraid of him, he melts down like a baby and gets even more bullying. He claims he's offended that you're not afraid of him, and that you must acknowledge fear, or he will continue to be offended. Tell the leftist again that you're not afraid of him. When you say it, look him dead between the eyes. Defeat fear with jealousy. Charm offensive. Outparty leftists, and make them jealous of your party. Leftists can't deny that they're jealous. Moving vans flow from New York to Florida, from California to Texas, from Washington to Idaho. I'd rather hang out with Fox journalists than CNN journalists. Fox journalists are cool. CNN journalists are babies. Leftists cancel conservatives. Conservatives can build their own independent economy and be impervious to cancellation. They will also be at liberty to cancel leftists. Disney lost bigly subscribers. Ask Marianne Williamson for spiritual guidance. She is beyond Republican and Democrat. She is human. She looks for emotional positivity, not emotional negativity. Tucker Carlson honored Williamson with a guest appearance on his show, and treated her with respect.
Easter Bunny rescues a 'confused' Joe Biden after he 'wanders off'[]
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or the man in the bunny suit. It's like a sheepdog.
Tom Brady has a sense of humor.
jaymaron comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Joy Reid is a hateful bigot. msnbcs-reid-tucker-carlsons-hyper-masculinity-flex-is-blatant-fascist-posturing/
LIFE IMITATES ART: I recall a Monty Python skit about a feminized Military.
jaymaron comments on Apr 18, 2022:
Life imitates the Bee.
No media opposition.
jaymaron comments on Apr 18, 2022:
brazile-gop-running-on-fumes-democrats-are-running-on-the-economy-thats-roaring-back/ After the 2022 red wave, it will be fun to cite this article and shame Brazile.
Tom Brady has a sense of humor.
jaymaron comments on Apr 18, 2022:
@MosheBenIssac Yes, Carlson is a warrior for the canceled. The left will cancel someone and think they can get away with it, and then Carlson brings that person onto his show.
The corporate media not only favor censorship but desperately crave and depend on it.
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Point the finger at investment funds that are controlled by leftists. If Republicans withdraw from the fund, the fund collapses. Leftists funds want to buy Twitter shares. Force these funds to sell shares to cover investor withdrawals. Start a fund that is explicitly weaponized against leftists.
The vortex of hatred continues to swirl in Ukraine, which may lead to further Nazification of ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
MSM flipping the Hunter Biden Laptop Narrative? Could an Indictment Be Coming | ZeroHedge
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Once upon a time, journalists sought scoops. Journalist merit was measured in scoops. The holy grail was to uncover a new scandal. To discover a new "gate". It didn't matter if the politician that got stung was a Republican or Democrat. Journalists were hungry for scoops. Biden's first 2 attempts at the presidency were sunk by journalists. Today, journalistic merit is measured in burying scoops. Once upon a time, journalists reported. Today, they make stuff up.
SpaceNews: Using the Far Side of the moon’s as a new astronomical site. []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
The article is pure grift. Pure dumb. The article wants us to believe that they've discovered something new, and they want us to worship them for it. They did not discover anything new. Even worse, they whiffed. The best place for telescopes is L2, and they say differently. That's a whiff. Shame! The article takes you away from good solutions. It takes humanity backwards, not forwards. The whiffed again. There is a place on the Earth that is better than the far side of the moon, and it hasn''t been harnessed. This is the true scoop. They whiffed on the scoop. The scoop is the center of Antarctica. High altitude. Zero wind. Cold air. Still air. No H2O in the air, and H2O blocks infrared. The best place for a telescope is L2. The next best place is the center of Antarctica. The far side of the moon is a bad place. The article touts the far side of the moon. This is a whiff. They missed out on better places. And, the far side of the moon is a *poor* place. It has the negative of gravity, and it has no plusses. The article is junk.
This Will Make You Think Differently About Catholicism... - YouTube
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
The movie "Angels and Demons" trumps the issue. It's a cool movie. Cool actors, cool soundtrack. It's easy to judge. Judgemental people feel powerful because they judge. Wrong. Judgementalism is a sign of weakness, not strength. The film Angels and Demons doesn't judge. Instead, it delivers great art. It digs into the technical details of Catholicism, in a respectful way. It invites us to study. The film teaches history. Give thanks to the film.
and he's right!
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
@1patriot @DinsdaleWalden Almost every celebrity has political opinions. Almost every celebrity would happily seize an elected office, if the opportunity arose. But they can't. They don't have the game, and they know it. Trump was a celebrity, and he stood out. Trump has game. Trump achieved the presidency. Before Trump ran for president, he was apolitical. Trump was obsessed with towers and golf courses. Trump stands out for not indulging in political posturing, prior to 2016. Trump spent less money than Bloomberg, and Bloomberg got nowhere. There's more to it than money. There's more to it than being a celebrity.
CNN is Dying! []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Imagine if Musk bought CNN. Don't fire the leftist anchors. Instead, let them talk, and hang themselves. Use the ownership power to force the leftist anchors to have Republicans as guests on their show. Force them to be polite to the Republicans. If you're polite to Republicans, you keep your job. If you're impolite, you're fired.
SpaceNews: Using the Far Side of the moon’s as a new astronomical site. []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
The best place for telescopes is the Lagrange point L2. Zero gravity. At this location, it's possible to block out light from the sun, Earth, and moon all at the same time, and this is critical for making the telescope cold, for infrared sensitivity. Webb is going to L2. We should ditch automated telescopes and instead build a manned base station at L2, using lunar ice to support it. At the station, assemble colossal segmented telescopes on site. It's easy to align segments in zero gravity.
Let us NOT forget that nanotechnology has been successfully used to treat some cancers.
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Once upon a time, physicists realized that a Playstation is a cheap supercomputer, and they bought vast numbers of Playstations and wired them together into parallel supercomputers. Sony sold Playstations at a loss, because they make money on games. Playstation games only run on Playstations. The Playstation is a device designed to enslave. To get you hooked on the Playstation game ecosystem. They goose the process by giving you the supercomputer Playstation for cheap, and it's a legit powerful supercomputer. It's like hooking someone on drugs. Physicists bought bigly Playstations but they didn't buy any Playstation games. Sony was taking a loss. Sony put booby traps in the operating system to obstruct physicists, to make it hard to do computational physics with them. Once upon a time, companies made devices that were badass, flexible, and durable. Not today. Today's devices are deliberately crippled. There was a hurricane in Florida, and Tesla drivers drove to escape the hurricane. Their batteries ran out. Tesla sent out an operating system update that enabled the cars to extract more energy from the battery and keep driving. Why didn't the cars have this option all along? With a gasoline car, you can push it to the max. It damages the car, but if you're in a life-or-death car chase, you want to have this option. EV operating systems come with crippling controls that restrict speed, and prevent you from overdriving the battery. With a gasoline car, you can push the tachometer past the red line. With an EV, you can't do the equivalent thing with the battery.
Let us NOT forget that nanotechnology has been successfully used to treat some cancers.
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
@Bay0Wulf makes a great point about the sacredness of the end user. I had an iPhone, and Verizon ceased supporting the operating system. Phone useless. The money invested in the phone is gone. The phone carrier is an asshole. There was an episode of Blacklist where a company that made medical implants went bankrupt, and the people with the implants got screwed, because there was no company to support the implants. Evil corporations can make your device go into update mode, and you can't stop it. This is bad news if the device is an aircraft. Once upon a time, America had a glorious Do It Yourself culture. You bought raw devices and assembled them in a modular way to make a creative custom device. Today, there is little that is modular. Once upon a time, Radio Shack was filled with raw electronics components, and nerds could use them to build their own ham radios. Ham radio nerds had the power of cell phones long before muggles did. Today, Radio Shack doesn't sell components. It sells fully-assembled phones. It's easy to make an EV modular. It's easy to decouple the battery from the rest of the car. It should be possible to buy a car and a battery separately. But evil corporations make this impossible. This is why batteries are overpriced. Corporations don't give a damn about empowering the end user. The devices they sell are designed to enslave the user.
Leftists refuse to hire conservatives.
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Business schools are bull. They want us to believe that a company needs a CEO, a CFO, etc., and that each of these executives should be highly paid. Fire them all. Don't hire people with MBAs. Don't hire teachers that have teaching degrees. Hire teachers that have real degrees.
Finland training with their guns in preparations for war- []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
@SpikeTalon @timon_phocas @DinsdaleWalden Good point, that after WW2, Russia conquered Eastern Europe but not Finland or Norway. The reason for bombing Hiroshima was to end the war fast, because Russia was defeating Japan in Manchuria. If we had not stopped the war fast, Russia would have taken all of Manchuria. They took Sakhalin Island. Social media cancellation of Russia has proved more powerful than economic sanctions. There is a painting in a London museum titled "Ukrainian Dancers" that used to be titled "Russian Dancers". Russia was kicked out of the soccer world cup, figure skating, hockey, Formula-1, rugby, NASCAR, and hopscotch. Saddam committed an error by invading Kuwait, because he was 1 year away from having nukes. The invasion backfired and cost him the nukes. I predict that China will not invade Taiwan. It would backfire. The Fabian strategy is to avoid direct battle and instead outfarm your foe. In ancient times, food won wars. Today, energy=gold=wealth, so energy wins wars. America should play the Fabian strategy and maximize energy. WW2 was a fuel war. General Sherman: Tanks don't win wars. Tanks with fuel win wars. The trees of Finland provide great cover in a gunfight.
Washington Post fact-checker declines to give Biden ‘Pinocchios’ for blaming 70% of inflation ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Biden needs to show a calculation. Voters should be discriminating. Voters should demand calculations.
Russia warns US to stop arming Ukraine, sends formal letter warning | World News | WION (12:26) ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
In the show "Blacklist", the U.S. government has a roster of criminal organizations that they work with in secret, to supply arms. In the film "Lord of War", the arms dealer operated under the protection of the U.S. government.
Finland training with their guns in preparations for war- []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Ethnic hate is an issue in Ukraine. When making a TV show, you have a choice of using Ukrainian language or Russian language. Russian language has a wider audience, but Ukrainians hate Russians. This was an issue when Zelensky was an actor producing TV shows. That was a year ago. Today, the hate is stronger.
Finland training with their guns in preparations for war- []
jaymaron comments on Apr 17, 2022:
Russia's home field advantage is cold weather, and Finland can handle cold weather. Germany can be submitted because they need Russian fuel. Finland has infinite trees and a small population. There is likely much ethnic hate between Finns and Russians.
Anyone remember when...?
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
I remember when your social media wall was an actual wall, on your dorm room door.
What ya buying today, Mr Musk?
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Trump obtained the White House with an impressively small amount of money. Bloomberg spent more than Trump and got nowhere. Musk could take the Presidency. Musk made Twitter an offer they can't refuse. Musk could make an offer to a state that the state can't refuse. Musk could say: I'll move all my businesses to this state, if you elect me governor. Musk is worth more than Wyoming. That would be a big deal for Wyoming.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
In WW2 battles, Germany tended to lose 100,000 men and Russia tended to lose 1,000,000 men. Germany couldn't afford to lose the men.
Hard to deny these differences. 😆 No personal offence.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Some colors have formal definitions. These colors are equally spaced in frequency. Brown is dark crimson.
It's official! Russian Central Bank announces that the ruble is tied to gold! 5000 rubles per gram.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
@1patriot Cool analysis. Quadaffi built an aqueduct to tap the Sahara aquefer and deliver water to Tripoli, and he incurred no national debt. Nice job. Quadaffi informed the U.S. about the secret nuclear network between North Korea and Pakistan. Libya was also part of the network. Quadaffi voluntarily dismantled Libya's nuclear capability, and reported it to the U.S. The U.S. assisted in removing nuclear material. The government that Hillary installed fell to civil war immediately.
People that demand that their college debt be canceled are plantation slaves, and they did it to ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Everyone in the country should go to college, take out a government loan, and then demand that it be canceled. If Democrats make college free, then every Republican should go to college, including the elderly.
People that demand that their college debt be canceled are plantation slaves, and they did it to ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Psychology is a failed field. Psychologists are nevertheless arrogant. Psychologists are in denial that physics impacts psychology, and this is holding back psychology. Many psychologists hate quantitative people, and blanket label them as having a mental disorder. Most psychologists are incapable of logic, or of convincing anyone of anything. If someone disagrees with a psychologist, the psychologist labels that person has having a mental disorder. Psychologists are lame.
A handy sheet so you can keep track of the current cause of inflation. Please update as needed.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Inflation: Trump 2017 2.1 2018 1.9 2019 2.3 2020 1.4 Biden 2021 7.0 2022 6.1 (first 3 months) Trump averaged 1.9%, and Biden will average much more.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
More of it.
Professor Harassed by 'Woke' University over Pronouns Wins $400,000 Nicholas Merriweather has ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
We need wins. We need deterrent. Oberlin still refuses to pay the bakery they destroyed.
Twitter Adopts POISON PILL To Block Elon Musk Hostile Takeover, Corrupt Establishment ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Yes, it may be that Musk has a secret platform in reserve, to rival Twitter.
StrategyPage: Russian Black Sea Fleet Disaster.
jaymaron comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Missiles matter. Ships don't matter. In WW2, instead of making battleships, they should have made a vast number of small gunboats and torpedo boats. Make them faster than a battleship and blitz.
LILLEY: Musk's Twitter offer shows American progressives prefer a Saudi prince to an immigrant ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Great sound bite!
Before the 2016 election, Democrats thought they would win.
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Musk said that free speech is necessary for civilization, and for a free economy. Praise Musk for taking a courageous stand. We need free speech, and we also need courageous people like Musk to exercise it. Civilization needs Trump's mean tweets. Most oligarchs hate free speech, which means they hate civilization and a free economy. Musk cares about cars and rockets. He truly cares. Behold how his cars and rockets outperform his competitors. He realized that this isn't enough. In classical America, Ford made a good car and prospered. He didn't need to own the U.S. government to do it. He didn't need to be an asshole oligarch. He did it with manufacturing intelligence. Ford invented the assembly line. Westinghouse and Tesla kicked Edison's ass, and they did it with superior physics. Musk realized that in modern America, making a good product isn't enough. You must also fight to defend free speech. Musk put chips on the table. He put money where his mouth is. Musk pledged to sacrifice car and rocket stock to gain free speech stock. That's courage. Shame Democrats for creating a dumbass world where politics is necessary for manufacturing. Manufacturers shouldn't have to worry about politics.
Before the 2016 election, Democrats thought they would win.
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
True. Democrats hate each other more than they hate Republicans. Democrats will happily sacrifice foreign power strength if it gives them a chance to hurt Republicans. Democrats are insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. Tribal politics inevitably leads to tribal warfare. Fuel the internal Democrat tribal war, and let them self destruct. The Democratic party is a powderkeg. Light the fuse.
Canadian entrepreneur running his pickup truck on fuel that costs 25¢/L - YouTube
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
@WorldSigh @Letemdangle That being said, if ammonia is cheaper than gasoline, then use it! Praise the inventor for seeing the opportunity, and for engineering a solution. Praise inventors. If ammonia is cheaper than gasoline, that means that the government crippled the gasoline industry. That should never happen. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon, and ammonia is produced from a hydrocarbon (methane). Ammonia should never be cheaper than gasoline. Ammonia is way preferable to hydrogen or methane as vehicle fuel. Ammonia is a convenient liquid, like gasoline, and engines work best with liquid fuel. A gasoline engine has a much larger power/mass than a coal-fired engine. Gasoline can fly and coal can't. Hydrogen and methane are gases, so they must either be liquefied (inconvenient), or stored as compressed gas, in which case the containers weigh 10 times as much as the fuel that they contain. Also, since hydrogen and methane are gases, they are maximum volatile and maximum explosive. If your vehicle crashes and it's powered by gasoline, you have time to get out of the car and get away before the gasoline explodes. Not so with hydrogen or methane. Leftists hate Brazil for turning rainforest into sugar cane farms. Brazil converts sugar into ethanol, and Brazil leads the world in ethanol production. Many Brazilian vehicles run on ethanol. Brazil and Bolsonaro deserve praise. Venezuela has infinite sun and water, like Brazil, but they produce no agricultural output. It's because it's run by a leftist dictatorship. The plot shows how liquid-fueled engines rule for power/mass. A coal-fed steam engine has a power/mass too low for cars, but it's good enough for trains. For trains, mass doesn't matter.
There are different kinds of love.
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
@1Patriot @Noone @RobD1 @sqeptiq Trump is the master dealmaker. In his book "Art of the Deal", he says that you must possess the option of walking. Of withdrawing from the deal. In a town hall forum, a citizen asked Musk if he has a plan B for if his Twitter takeover fails. Musk said: Yes The citizen asked Musk for what plan B is, and Musk declined to answer. It would be hilarious if entities like Vanguard launched a bidding war for Twitter stock, driving up the price, and then Musk sells his original shares for a profit. Vanguard is left holding the bag. Musk made money and Vanguard will lose money, because Twitter is weak. Twitter is in market decline. Then Musk will launch a free speech platform that will outperform Twitter, steal Twitter's users, and drive Twitter to bankruptcy. When facebook launched, Myspace and Friendster died fast. It's a harsh Darwin world. Companies can die. New companies can form. But only if backed by Galt. By Musk. Littlefinger: Fire burns proud oaks, leaving space for new trees to grow. Musk owns a physics degree from U. Penn, and Musk was invited by Stanford to be a grad student in materials science. The Force is strong in Musk. When Trump blustered into the Presidential race in 2016, few understood that he had a deep plan. Gingrich and Coulter understood. They wrote books about Trump, explaining Trump's depth. Count on Musk having a deep plan. Gingrich knows how to win. He won The House. Gingrich: Trump solved problems that I didn't think could be solved. Trump knows how to win. He won The Presidency. DeSantis, Abbott, and Yougkin know how to win. Biden doesn't know how to win. Kirk: I don't like to lose. Musk knows how to win. Bet on the physics horse.
Let us NOT forget that nanotechnology has been successfully used to treat some cancers.
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Modern manufacturers are not concerned with making a good product. All they care about is using their product to control the market and the people, and to make money off of the control. Mike Lindell makes a good product, and his pillows don't contain mind-control devices. If Google manufactured a pillow, it would be full of mind control devices. Lindell's pillows are full of high-quality fill. Lindell is the fillmaster.
Zelensky thanks biden for 800 million more in funds to support the UAF war effort.
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they took away all guns from citizens. Australia and Canada took the guns of citizens, and both governments went dictatorial. American Democrats state openly that they want to take the guns of citizens. They state openly that they want concentrated federal power, and they openly work to undermine local power. Democrats feel that they have the moral high ground with their anti-gun stance. Whenever they try to justify banning guns, laugh in their faces. I'm laughing at their superior morality. Once upon a time, Americans had guns, and England sent an army to take them. The Americans said no, with the shot heard around the world. The battle of Lexington was on. It's a given that Democrats will try to take the guns of citizens by force. It's a given that we will re-enact the Battle of Lexington.
BAD HOMBRES 😎 Hey Dems!!! You work so hard for foreign illegals, why don’t we send you ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Democrats are whiny babies. U.S. Customs and Border Protection whines that Abbott is sending illegals to DC, and they demand that Abbot coordinate with the CBP before taking action. The CBP dumps illegals in rural Republican communities in secret, and doesn't tell the communities. Jerks. Democrats are whiny babies.
Elon Musk surprised with his decision to turn down a coveted seat on Twitter’s board of directors;...
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Democrats are babies. Democrats whine that Musk is trolling them by buying Twitter. Yet Democrats troll Republicans all the time. Babies.
Canadian entrepreneur running his pickup truck on fuel that costs 25¢/L - YouTube
jaymaron comments on Apr 15, 2022:
Hydrogen is produced from methane by the process of steam reforming. Ammonia is produced from hydrogen by the Haber process. Half of all hydrogen produced becomes ammonia. 85% of ammonia becomes nitrogen fertilizer, usually in the forms of ammonium nitrate or urea. Energy is lost in the conversion of methane to hydrogen, and more energy is lost in the conversion of hydrogen to ammonia. For energy, It's more energy efficient to use hydrogen than ammonia, and more efficient to use methane than hydrogen. The most efficient thing to do is to use methane to produce electricity, for EVs. Ammonia is a middleman. Cut out the middleman.
Zelensky thanks biden for 800 million more in funds to support the UAF war effort.
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
80 billion given to Afghan terrorists, and only .8 billion to Ukraine. Shame.
Elon Musk surprised with his decision to turn down a coveted seat on Twitter’s board of directors;...
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
Bongino analyzed this in today's podcast. He said that the SEC is full of leftists and that they hate Musk, which is why Musk wants to take Twitter private, where he will be untouchable by the SEC.
Why am I getting govt/MSM vibes out of this?
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
There's a video game where you play a mischievous goose.
President Biden’s Mental Fitness: The SERIOUS Conversation America MUST Have [youtu.
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
Reagan's speech was in 1992, a year after the fall of the Soviet Empire. Reagan said: I'm old. I've seen the birth of communism, and the death of communism. The audience gave this a standing ovation.
Sounds like that'll be quite a blow to Russian Government pride, lol.
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
Big hunks of metal are big radar pings, and easy missile targets. It's over for big hunks of metal. Start designing Iron Man suits.
President Biden’s Mental Fitness: The SERIOUS Conversation America MUST Have [youtu.
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
4 years after the conclusion of Reagan's presidency, Reagan gave a speech at the RNC that was sharp and funny. Reagan was still fully functional. The instant Biden's presidency ends, you'll never see him again.
Gutfeld: Will the Left listen to Bill Maher and admit it's gone too far? (8:17) []
jaymaron comments on Apr 14, 2022:
Maher: If what you're doing sounds like an Onion headline, you've gone too far. "Land of Lincoln cancels Lincoln" It happened. Illinois took down statues of Lincoln. The Rogan podcast with Gabbard is also great.
Let us NOT forget that nanotechnology has been successfully used to treat some cancers.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
Smartphones are great. But it's impossible to buy a secure phone, with an open-source operating system that you can control. Your phone is controlled by Google or Apple. Nanotech could be great, but it's given that oligarchs will make it impossible to install nanotech without a booby-trapped operating system. In the film AI, oligarchs inserted a robot into every house, and then implanted an evil operating system in the robots. The same will happen with nanotech. Google is re-enacting the film, and dumbass Democrats fall for it. We need secure electronic devices, that we have total control of.
Once upon a time, schools taught legit physical fitness.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
I'm a sumo wrestler. At the North American Sumo Open, we were blessed by an appearance by Akebono. Akebono taught us deep sumo secrets. Akebono is cool. At the party after the tournament, Akebono was a fun fellow. Akebono is large. Akebono dwarfs Tyrus. A petty Democrat would fat shame Akebono. But Akebono's job is to win sumo matches, and he gets the job done. It also made him a celebrity. We were thrilled to be graced by the presence of Akebono. There's a market for battles between large men. Sumo sells tickets. Though Akebono is large, the ladies lavished attention upon him. There was a moment when there were 4 ladies sitting on Akebono's lap. Akebono has a large lap. Akebono kicked the butts of the other heavyweights in sumo, and then in the drinking contest, he kicked their butts again. Akebono can outdrink a college fraternity. When Akebono flies, he buys a row of 3 seats. At the tournament, we built a custom chair, large and sturdy enough to accommodate Akebono. When you become a sumo wrestler, you adopt a sumo name. Akebono was formerly known as Chad.
If a hypothesis fits the data, it warrants consideration.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
In 2016, Trump stated that he is badass, and that he can win the presidency, and that he can do a better job than Democrats. Democrats attacked Trump for being arrogant. Democrats are arrogant. AOC published a comic book depicting her as a superhero. Stacy Abrams was depicted by Star Trek as President of the Federation. That's arrogant. Democrats are arrogance apartheidists. They feel that Democrats are entitled to be arrogant and that Republicans are not. Every time a Democrat calls you arrogant (for standing up for your beliefs), rebut with: No. You're being arrogant. And you're an apartheidist. An arrogance apartheidist.
Psaki slams Gov.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
She's trying to get out. She's trying to get a posh university position. Democrats are babies. You're *supposed* to protect the border.
Common Sense is Coming Back!
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
Excommunication only works if used sparingly. Disney excommunicated a big chuck of America by hating on traditional family values. If you excommunicate too many people, the people you excommunicated will form their own protestant church, and excommunicate *you*. Cancel Disney. Cancel the NBA.
If a hypothesis fits the data, it warrants consideration.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
He who follows fact checkers will never make an original discovery. Muggles use fact checkers. Wizards check facts themselves.
WesternJournal: Texas Officials Say Gov.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
Finally, a successful convoy protest at a capitol. Let's convoy all 50 million illegals to DC.
SpaceNews: South Korea hires SpaceX to launch five spy satellites by 2025. []
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
In 2021, South Korea launched 0 tons to orbit. Japan launched only 8.
A handy sheet so you can keep track of the current cause of inflation. Please update as needed.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
In poker, you have to put chips on the table to play. If you raise, others have the option of raising back, and if you lose, you lose the chips in the pot. Democrats raise recklessly, and when they are proven wrong, they never own up to it. Pin the tail on the donkey. Make them own up to it. Take the chips. In sports, if you commit a foul, the other team gets a free penalty kick. Democrats owe Republicans a penalty kick. For years, Democrats bullied Republicans emotionally, and now they've been proven wrong. Remind them of their bullying.
Twitter: Bernie Sanders wants affirmative action for government astronauts against SpaceX.
jaymaron comments on Apr 13, 2022:
SpaceX outlaunches NASA. Blue Origin launches nothing at all. The glory belongs to SpaceX. Bernie is a player hater, and an opportunist. He's only saying this because there are knucklehead leftists backing him. He wants to put leftism everywhere. Not many whites in the NBA. Let's have affirmative action for whites in the NBA.
Common Sense is Coming Back!
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
Once upon a time, Disney and Pixar dominated through their CGI supremacy. Today, Prometheus ripped the CGI from the gods and now the tools of CGI are available to anyone. Anyone could use these tools to make a movie, and combine it with a legit family script. Such a movie can outsell a Disney film. Involve Gina Carano in the film.
StrategyPage: Ukraine Has A List April 11, 2022: Ukraine is asking for and usually receiving new ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
In the Revolutionary War, Vermont had an army of "Green Mountain Boys", who could melt into a forest and were untouchable. General Marion, the "Swamp Fox", could melt into the Southern swamps, and was untouchable. The Britts at Yorktown were touchable. The Britts were elitist cityfolk. They were only found in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. The rest of America was rural farmers. Today, rural America needs to be untouchable. Cities are quite touchable. Quite fragile. Ancient cities were built with siege in mind. They had walls, water reservoirs, and food larders. Today's cities have none of these things. Plus, if they lose electricity, water, natural gas, gasoline, and sewage treatment, they're toast. Modern cities are fragile to siege. Modern cities require tourism to sustain themselves. They can be sieged with a tourism boycott. Cityfolk don't know it, but they should be kissing the asses of ruralfolk.
Once upon a time, schools taught legit physical fitness.
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
We've always had fat positivity. For more than a century, we glorified football linemen. Wrestling and MMA have weight classes. There is a lightweight class and a heavyweight class. It's sporting. Equality of opportunity has been achieved for both lightweights and heavyweights. Leftists can get over themselves. And we have golf. Pelosi broke a political rule by fat shaming Trump. Pelosi did it fragrantly. Turns out Trump is ranked by Golf Digest Magazine as the mightiest golfing president. Trump has a golf handicap of 3. In golf, anyone can prosper. Lightweights, heavyweights, youngsters, and fogies. Basketball is unsporting. Basketball doesn't have height classes. Basketball is height supremacist.
PJMedia: Democrats Chase Ghost Guns While the Real Bad Guys Get Away. []
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
A 1776 blunderbus is easy to make and load, and in many cases, it gets the job done. The Bond film "Man with the Golden Gun" features a master machinist that makes precision custom guns. He said: Here you will find quality and craftsmanship. Mass production... I leave to others. A crossbow equipped with pulleys, carbon fiber, kevlar, and a battery-powered winch can rival a 50 caliber rifle. Hawkeye and Rambo carried bows, and they had arrows tipped with explosive shells. From the show "Riptide". They have 20 riflemen. But there might as well be 200 of them, because one of them has an RPG.
StrategyPage: Ukraine Has A List April 11, 2022: Ukraine is asking for and usually receiving new ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
America's job is to be a force multiplier. An elegant way to project power is by proxy. Give lots of low-tech weapons to other nations, and back up those nations with our high-tech weapons. Anyone that reads Clancy understands this. Democrats don't. Giving Ukrainians tanks won't help much. Tanks are targets. Same for manned aircraft. Ukraine needs artillery, missiles, ammunition, parts, and machine shops.
SHOCKING RESULTS: University Study Reveals Google's Gmail System in 2020 Election Had ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
Bongino points out that Google infiltrated most aspects of our lives, and is like an out-of-control cancer. He tried to de-Google his life and found it was difficult. Bongino emphasizes the importance of creating an independent economy. Google is in egregious violation of common carrier law. They muscled their way into every aspect of the economy, to the point where it is impossible to function without Google, and then Google weaponized the information it collects about people to hurt Republicans. Evil. Whenever a small company tries to compete with Google, Google buys the small company and kills it. Meebo was a great utility that unified all the chat platforms (AOL, AIM, Facebook, Google, Skype, etc.). Google bought Meebo and killed the utility, and didn't replace it with anything. Evil. Google owns a monopoly because they destroy their competition by treachery, and because they infiltrate their way into our lives in a way that makes it impossible to detach from them. Teddy Roosevelt would have busted up Google.
Long range shooting []
jaymaron comments on Apr 12, 2022:
In my physics class, I make each student do a presentation for the class. One of the students was ROTC and had served a combat deployment as a sniper. He did his presentation on the physics of sniping, and turns out there's much physics. It was a badass presentation. The student said he has the dimensions of common objects memorized, such as the height of a beer can. He lines up the object with a ruler embedded in the telescope and calculates the distance to the target. Then he calculates the gravity drop. It's all physics. He also scans the bullet path for vegetation, to judge the wind. It's like judging the slope of a golf green. He said that snipers can *see* air. This is the kind of thing that schools should teach. Not wokeness. Another ROTC student was on the polo team, and his presentation was on the physics of horses. In the Revolutionary War, horsemanship was important. Washington was regarded as America's finest horseman. Washington has more horse miles than most modern Americans have flying miles.
Biden to Rename 660 Mountains, Rivers to Remove 'Racist' Word 'Squaw' []
jaymaron comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Democrats are trying to establish a precedent that will enable them to rename anything they want. They won't stop with mountains. They'll go after everything.
Is Obama about to legally slither back as president? []
jaymaron comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Not through his descendants he won't. Nor will Biden, Clinton, or Bush. Their descendants are less than mighty. These are dead dynasties. Trump's descendants are mighty.
StrategyPage: Ukraine Has A List April 11, 2022: Ukraine is asking for and usually receiving new ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Biden says that it will take time to deliver weapons. Bull! The job of America is to be able to project power worldwide, and fast. The job Ukraine is easier. Defense. Home field advantage. But they need weapons.
Dracula destroyed by science:
jaymaron comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Reflecting telescopes outperform refracting telescopes in all categories, but reflecting telescopes can't see vampires. Refracting telescopes can.
Cue the Twilight Zone theme music..
jaymaron comments on Apr 11, 2022:
Shapeshifters. They shift into whatever identity is most convenient at the moment.
Crew Argues Over The Best 2024 GOP Candidate, Trump Or ...
jaymaron comments on Apr 10, 2022:
@guru @bobbo666 @sqeptiq Bench Biden Bench Harris Bench Pelosi Bench Schumer They all struck out. Put Trump in as Pinch President

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