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Hi guys I’m new here. I used to be a devout liberal. That all changed in the last year. As many of you, I’m tired of the identity politics and liberal agenda of populism, intersectionality, and pathological political correctness. I work as a surgeon and medicine is fully infected with this radical leftist agenda that Jordan Peterson and others are raising awareness of. I recently saw an article published in the New England journal that cited rampant sexism in surgery because only 31% of surgical articles are written by women. The author failed to elaborate that only 15-20% of all surgeons are women so what this means is that women are actually FAVORED in the publishing process. It means their articles are disproportionally published at a higher rate than those of men. And because of quotas promoting equality of outcome many male surgeons are losing their ability to get good jobs and are not analyzed based on merit. Women have always and always will be less interested in the field because of arduous hours, high emotional stress, and near inability to have children especially during training.
How is it that all these pseudointellectuals that pass garbage like this off can make such claims with ZERO secondary or tertiary level of analysis and get their propaganda published into the most prestigious media outlets in the world? Why is it that everyone is catering to them? Are they afraid of rejecting them and being labeled as sexists and homophobes etc themselves? Or do they truly agree with them? And this article is by no means an exception. I would say 30-40% of all abstracts at any scientific meeting or in any medical journal are regarding racism as a barrier to access to care or women being discriminated against because of curbing third trimester, or even beyond, abortion. These people are controlling the public narrative with anyone with descenting opinion being shouted down as a racist homophobic mysoginist that should be censored. I mean it’s all incredible to me but I also have faith in the fact that people like JBP, Ben Shapiro et al have a strong following of people with common sense!
Prior to about a year ago, I was asleep taking the figurative medication ie the blue pill the left has been slipping into everyone’s drink for decades. I bought into Obama and the lot but Peterson woke me up. I was always thought of myself as a critical thinker which is proof of how easily corrupted into the leftist agenda one can get before you wake up and smell the truth. Now that I have a taste of the truth I can’t get enough of it. It’s as if every view I’ve ever had has been challenged in the last year and while that can be difficult to your identity and your sense of grounding in the world, it is truly a transformative, transcendental experience for which I will always have Jordan Peterson to thank. I am very grateful for the IDW and people who are promoting strength of the individual. I guess the pathology of the left is best evident by the ABCQanda program in Australia when Jordan Peterson posits “I guess what I’m saying is you should be very careful to go around changing the world before you have your own affairs in order” which was met with headshaking and disgust by the arrogant SJW who asked the question. I used to be so afraid. The left kept me afraid like it does many and especially minorities... of things like climate change and mystical racism. The demand for racism is far greater than the supply hence the creation of it by people like Smollet and Ellen Page. Nonetheless, I was nihilistic. I couldn’t have a sense of right and wrong. I was devoid of moral virtue. How Muslims lead their lives and treat those around them and their women etc. was just a different perspective and how could I possibly have an opinion on issues involving African Americans because I am a white straight man? These are the tactics they use to censor people. I wouldn’t dare dream of telling a black man that he can’t have an opinion on matters relating to me because he’s not white. But they use such racist rhetoric to restrict my own views. I am tired of the leftist agenda of purporting that being a straight white male is basically a crime in 2019. It’s not what we should be teaching our men or our children boys and girls included. We should be teaching them to THINK and not indoctrinating them with intersectionality, socialism, victimhood, and entitlement. I guess the sliver of hope is that the more the left has been trying to censor people like JBP, by such acts as banning his book in NZ, the more popular he and others will continue to grow. God bless everyone out there!

mh123 4 Mar 23

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Welcome, I am new here myself but not new to IDW. It is reassuring to meet people who are on a similar path and fed up with what they see around them. Your experiences as a surgeon are very interesting/disturbing, proving Peterson's observations and warnings. I live in UK and censorship seems to be growing by the day here. As someone born under communism, I am starting to feel very uneasy about things. Let's hope that together we can have some influence.

I'm from a socialist/communist country too and share your concerns.

I am an American citizen now but my parents were political refugees in the 1980’s escaping communism in Poland and the military state that was threatening to wipe them all out. That was back when American politics were aligned with taking in refugees who are ACTUALLY victims of violence or potential violence. It seems that anyone who isn’t white now is labeled as a persecuted refugee. This of course floods the system with people who make it harder for the actual refugees to gain entry into the country and escape their problems.

I am deeply disturbed by the ideologies of Europe over the last two decades. Do you think that Brexit would be beneficial for the UK to distance themselves from the EU’s increasingly radical leftist politics? Or do you think this is just ryling up the leftist crazies and giving them more of a voice?

@mh123 Hi, sorry for the very late reply! We are in the midst of the Brexit crisis and it's quite disturbing. It's all the more complex as Brexit goes across parties, so it's not purely a right or left project. Different people voted for Brexit for totally different reasons. I think that if we do manage to pull away from the EU, it should hopefully give Britain some control over its borders, as well as more autonomy. The trouble is that a lot of damage has already been done and the multicultural/leftist ideology is firmly in place here, in politics as well as in universities. If Corbyn ever comes to power, we'll be in real trouble, even with no extra immigrants to boot.


Welcome to the Other Side. It's not so bad over here. I went through a process much like you describe, except I hadn't heard of JBP yet. I had been a registered Democrat for over 20 years, but was jolted awake in 2008 when my family and peers in the Dem party informed me of how racist I must have been to want to vote for any candidate other than Obama. My hero of the day became Andrew Breitbart, also a brave and outspoken man, taken from us far too soon. He taught newborn conservatives the art of becoming righteously indignant. I've also been a Ben Shapiro fan since those days as well. I walked away from the Left and never looked back.

Now along comes the great JBP, whom I discovered by accident while scrolling through Youtube. I'd watched a few of his lectures on Genesis and the Abrahamic stories, then found out he was creating quite the stir when he spoke out about that recent compelled speech law enacted in Canada. I've followed him ever since, perhaps thinking there is a glimmer of hope for a Revival of Reason in this world. He is doing and saying great things - things that far too many people are afraid to say. I may not agree with him one hundred percent on politics or religion, but at least he is out there willing to take the slings and arrows needed to let people know how far off of the beaten path we've gone.

This forum seems to be smaller, but growing. It's nice and cozy that way. Facebook and Twitter are far too noisy and impersonal. Enjoy.



Welcome aboard. Most of the left's narrative comes their insecurities about themselves. Never be afraid of who or what you are or what you stand for. Other's opinions of you only matter if YOU let them.

Amen. Totally agree but I am concerned that what crazy leftists and SJW’s think matters if they use it to ruin your career. Basically anything of descent to their opinion is labeleled as fascist, racist, homophobic even if it contains nothing pertaining to those issues. We all know these are simple, immature cencorship tactics but how can we speak our minds when these people can ruin careers? At the hospital I work at they recently created rules that removed biological sex on patient wristbands. So now there is the sex that they identify as listed. They also have forced physicians to ask at every encounter whether their preferred pronouns are still what was last listed in the medical record. So even if you’re treating an 80 year old man who doesn’t even know what a transgender person is let alone the entire pronoun ideological brainwashing going on in society, you have to ask him if his pronouns are still him/his! I can’t even tell you all how many medical errors will be caused by removing biological sex from wrist bands. The wrong people will get the wrong surgery etc. medical record number and age are not enough to rely on. When nurses and doctors are tired they are more prone to mistakes. And if you put intentionally misleading sex information on identification wristbands it WILL lead to errors. But hey all in the name of not offending someone and letting people live in a mystical fantasy world devoid of any stress or conflict. Every employee of the hospital was forced to watch a 40 minute training video on proper interactions with transgender people and then had to take a graded test on it to demonstrate compliance. The video showed 46 different preferred pronouns including zim zer pim per which we have to abide by or we would be forbidden from practicing in this hospital. In the video it took the actress physician 18 minutes to settle the preferred pronouns before she could continue with her medical interview. I am already crushed by the burden of increased demands on effciency, an aging population with more and more health problems, computerized documentation, and shorter appointment times dictated by the hospitals. I don’t make any more money for this increasing workload. They want me to spend 18 minutes with every patient discussing pronouns while others are dying and need help?! Do these people live in the real world or do they just have so little insight that they just don’t care?! I can tell you all that this is the dominant narrative in healthcare and NOTHING disagreeing or even questioning these deeply virtue signaling ideas is allowed. It will lead to termination and possibly even revocation of your medical license. I became a surgeon to help people not assist them in their rejection of reality and be complicit in forwarding a political agenda being shoved down our throats by pseudointellectuals who don’t contribute to society. I can tell you that me and some of colleagues are repulsed by these policy changes. But what can we do about it other than sit silently and put up with it and vote come election time?

@mhans I do understand your frustration. You have spent a great portion of your life and I cannot imagine the sacrifice s you have made to get there
. I guess the best question I could ask of you is this. Is the anxiety and stress you face daily to conform to these conditions worth continuing on where you are?

@JB313 the answer is undoubtedly yes. Because as JBP would say the purpose of life is derived from responsibility. The meaning comes from taking upon you the most burden of responsibility you possibly can. Don’t get me wrong, I know I wrote mainly negative aspects but I love what I do. It is extremely rewarding. I get to help people. Many of the people I help are he very self entitled pricks that are on the left side of the aisle but it doesn’t matter to me. I took an oath to help everyone regardless of what the believe in and I take pride in that. I won’t quit because then they win. I will continue to work and do my job well and try to raise awareness of the problems form within. I do think many of my colleagues would echo my sentiments.

@mh123 My hat off to you then. Finding purpose where you are is admirable. Keep spreading the truth.

@mh123 thank you for sharing your reality, yuck! None of us know, how we are going to shake off this radical social shift. Whats happening is pure madness. But am hopeful still, even when at times I despair. Think many people are waking up, men and women alike. People like Peterson, Shapiro, Owens etc.. reaching out to our young ones and showing them how to cultivate their own feelings of self worth. Showing them they have value as individuals, this is how we will prevail ultimately, imo.


I hear you. Thanks for sharing your stories and welcome to our community 🙂. Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro are the first few IDW members who play an important role in my wakeup journey. I'm also fed up with the injustice the SJWs preach and their ideologies are based on a false assumption that all demographic disparities are caused by discrimination. May I recommend an interesting article I read recently from Quillette:

Lies, Damned Lies, and STEM Statistics

Thanks for the recommendation! I will give it a read and will report back with thoughts.

Update: great read. STEM fields being dominated by men is one of the biggest lie being force fed to the public. In medicine the vast majority of physicians are female and still because a few niches like surgery are still more filled with male doctors, they cry injustice! So they institute quotas eliminating highly qualified applicants in a field where you CANNOT afford to lose talented surgeons. Our health depends on it! But no one is calling for quotas of men in fields like dermatology because if a field is majority female it’s jsutice and hard work but when it’s the inverse it’s bias and sexism! You don’t hear anyone calling for more female oil rig workers or instituting quotas for more female auto mechanics. These people only want quotas for high paying jobs which have traditionally been based on merit. They want to make it easier to ascend to the top of highly competitive fields while excluding qualified men especially white men citing the need to fight historical racism and mysoginy. These are the things I didn’t see until recently. They of course have been happening for much longer but taking that blue pill really does make you content skipping around in this world of fighting the patriarchy and men being criminals solely on the basis of possessing a Y chromosome. I have many female colleagues whom I respect as much as any of my male colleagues. These are genuinely hard working intelligent people. And ironically they would be the first ones to tell you that there is no sexism in the profession of surgery. That if anything it is sexist toward males now. But feminists will tell you no they’re just saying this because they are afraid of displeasing their male colleagues. Fuck identity politics and the intersectional pyramid. Fuck it.

@mh123 , yes fuck identity politics! I'm worried that once it infiltrates science and academia further, we will end up with incompetent doctors and scientists everywhere. BTW, have you watched this Dave Rubin interview: A Massive Hoax Exposes Social Justice in Academia

@Naomimi Thanks. Will definitely watch this tonight. Haven’t seen this episode yet. I’m not sure academia and science can handle much more leftist indoctrination. It’s already so pathological that it’s risking collapse and public loss of trust as a result. Trump and many conservatives severely curbed funding to the NIH and rightfully so. When they’re funding more and more studies on things like transgender surgery aka gender confirmation and less funding for cancer research I’m not surprised they want to decrease scientific funding. The ironic thing is that most doctors are conservative because they are educated and have money and don’t want to get taxed out the ass. But now that medicine is being taken over by progressives and the older generation is returning it is definitely becoming totally leftist. We are absolutely losing real talent to industry and other fields because these people just don’t want to deal with the politics of medicine and are losing the ability to go to medical school where female students make up 78% of students. 78%! It’s bit that men aren’t applying it’s that these schools have quotas for not just women but minority women etc. men are being told they are criminals and supporting rape culture just by enrolling in school.


Welcome to the real world young man. Pull up a stool & grab a cold one. You'll like it here.


Welcome to the community! Never forget to alway look for information every place possible. We can learn from everyone!


Great to see your post! With ALL social media platforms controlled by leftists we’d better push back any way we can.
I’m hoping this will help get more people away
from Facebook, Twitter Instagram & allow us to
Hear & support conservative voices. We are being drowned out & losing the culture war!

Agreed. I will say however that I think that conservatives have done an admirable job of keeping calm and waiting for Election Day and making their voices heard more effectively than anyone on any social media platform can. I think that the impact that social media has on people’s opinions is overstated. The real concern I have is their censorship of conservative pages and channels. If that were happening to an indoctrinated feminist page people would be grabbing their pitchforks and marching to the Facebook campus. Nonetheless the culture war wages on!

Just wondering if you have heard of DR Steve Turley he debunks the myth that Leftist SJWs are winning. Highly recommend him to you and your conservative friends

@fisherman0707 I actually have not heard of him. Is there a particular article you could direct me to? I would love to take a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

I agree in that even though the leftists and even moreso the radical left is controlling the narrative I don’t think that they are winning at all. Even traditional leftists are being censored by the radical left. These people are even pissing people off that agree with them. When the Starbucks CEO said I don’t see race or color of skin I judge the individual HE HAD TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE for this statement. His statement in the eyes of the radical leftist is racist. They forced him to revise his statement to race is extremely important and we should note what race someone is and treat the oppressed races with more respect and dignity than the non oppressed races. When I heard this story and his apology I almost fainted. MLK would truly be disappointed in what is going on. Arguably The Godfather of their movement, he was fighting for equality, not destroying caucasians and attempting to censor and avenge slavery. Interesting times these are.
Nonetheless I don’t think the left is winning as seen with the previous election. They might be the loudest and they are the loudest whining enraged pathological crybabies the world has ever seen, but they aren’t what most people think. All Trump has to do is point to the 2020 contenders and say is this what you want? And he is guaranteed victory. While the left outflank themselves further left, he needs to just be quiet (which we all know is an absolute certainty that he won’t) and say if not me then you get the radical left. Even Bernie who is by all metrics a radical leftist isn’t far left enough for the increasingly radical leftist base. He now has to appeal intersectionally by talking about his Jewish heritage. That is what the voters on the left want to hear. They want the oppressor oppressed narrative. It’s the lense through which they view life. That’s another reason why Biden won’t be popular amongst the radical base. He’s just not a black woman and he will lose many votes because of that.

The only solution to all this is what the CEO of Starbucks said and what JBP and all the others on the IDW have been advocating for: to judge one another by their competence, individual character and ability, and their ideas and not the group they belong to or the color of their skin. I am a white straight male and it has nothing to do with the fact that I dislike Bernie a white straight man, but would vote for a black woman whom I agreed with. I’m hesitant to even say I’m a white straight male because it’s basically criminal to be one in 2019.

Also side note: the fact that Michelle Obama by all indications got Jussie Smollet off is pathetic. I hope she goes to jail. That is the real obstruction of justice. And want to talk about an ACTUAL privilege, let’s talk about BLACK PRIVILEGE OR GAY PRIVILEGE for that matter. It doesn’t fit their ideology that a black gay man could be evil and he is truly evil, so the only way to disperse this conflict is to MAKE him innocent. It’s a process called REPRESSION which in medicine is classified as an immature defense mechanism.

@mh123 or Dr Steve Turley on YouTube highly recommended


Finally an awake member of the surgical establishment, how refreshing! Welcome! I'm new here too, but I've been on the otherside of the knife and here we are on IDW. Racism, I believe is the catalyst to the leftest movement. The Socialist understand that capturing the black, the LBQT, the youth, and other minority voters including wemon, using hatered towards the bigotry of the movment is essential. By creative means the media has used political correctness to craft an all out war on the white male educated or not. You have realized that is the truth and it sickens you. Feeling criminal to state your opinion even fearing reparations in your career for speaking out. Myself living in Seattle area, I feel like im living amongst leftists zombies who would as soon kill you for any political view other than extreem left. I have even been afraid of going under the knife after making too conservative of a statement or showing any support for our POTUS to my surgeon or anestisiologist. OOP'S I made a mistake. Same thing with food servers, police officers, judges anyone with power over my life and this is an unspoken thing we all live in the political shadows. This ought not be in the land of the free and the home of the brave and I decided the only way I can strike back is to cast my vote. Thats what Americans, true Americans have been reduced to, a single vote.

Thanks for having me! I look forward to being on the side of truth and it is the truth. I would say that a minority of surgeons control the narrative and unfortunately these are the leftists. Most of my colleagues voted for Trump and are conservative. Some for lower taxes but many because they loathe political correctness and intersectionality. I would say healthcare as a whole and especially nursing and the physicians who possess public health degrees are the truly indoctrinated. I would venture to say that healthcare is even worse than academia. At least in academia adopting the outrageous trans pronouns was a debate. In healthcare it’s hey we fear lawsuits and losing patients so you’re going to use these pronouns or be terminated and good luck explaining that you quit because you refused to cater to the transgendered at your next job. It’s all insane because I rarely even treat these patients. I’ve seen maybe five in my career and we never had any issues.
I personally don’t think your fear of surgeons is justified. Not just because most are conservative but because trust me we have to treat many people we disagree with but we do it because we have empathy, it’s our calling, and we are under insane scrutiny of malpractice. You should always feel safe under the knife but perhaps Seattle surgeons are further left of center than the average. That is crazy that they made you feel that way. I’m sure your feeling wasn’t unjustified. I guess I’m trying to restore your faith in my profession because when it comes down to it I think we re one of the few glimmering hopes in healthcare that haven’t been completely lost to radical leftism even though the narrative is completely lost to it as I described in my OP.


You have now taken red pill welcome aboard

Ha, no pill I’ve ever taken tastes simultaneously so sweet and so bitter.


Yes everybody is afraid of being labeled as an "ist". Having their livelihood and social standing destroyed. Speaking out here is great but we all need to be doing this in the real world. You will be surprised how many are thinking the same things but have been afraid to say it. Often they only need to see one example of courage to bring them out of the shadows. We all have a duty to future generations to speak out against this. We have been entrusted with the greatest civilization the world has ever known. We didn't build it, we inherited it, and it is not ours to piss away. You are going to take some hits coming out against this nonsense, but we know where this road will have us in 10 -20 years. You have nothing to lose.

Agreed. And herein lies another purpose and responsibility to bear. Another responsibility to take on and a means to live meaningfully.

I do agree that we have a responsibility and there is much work to be done to resist the neomarxist SJW’s who are controlling the narrative but I disagree with the impending sense of doom that many people on this site and more widely in society share. I don’t think these people have the power to destroy our society “within the next 10-20 years”. I’m not saying this as an excuse to inaction, but rather because that feeling of fighting a losing battle and living in paranoid fear is not the right way to live. That is the creed of the SJW’s. We are not afraid of anyone not even people with a lethal ideology like socialism. We will stand up and fight but we shouldn’t be afraid.



Welcome! I'm new, too. I appreciate what you've said, and I look forward to future exchanges with you.


Welcome to the community.


Welcome to the group! I just joined myself and I so happy to hear you have finally seen the light!
If you are serious about learning the facts far before the msm tells you the 1/2 truths I suggest you seek out one of the finest Conservative leaders left in the nation,
Mark Levin. He is a true constitutional scholar and really breaks down the problems like an expert should. No spin, no lies just good information.

Hey there thanks for the warm welcome and for the pro-tip. I will be sure to seek out his words. Thanks!


Beautifully written. It's refreshing to read your thoughts and encouraging to know that another free-thinking individual has made a choice to make a change. I"m sorry, but not surprised to hear that the medical system like universities has a strong left arm. You ask why are lies allowed to be printed as in the New England Journal about woman surgeons. I don't have an answer, but I do feel strongly that there are people who control the narrative not only in the mainstream media but in academia where they decide what is broadcast and often by whom. The power runs deep and flows strong and don't get too close, or else. What is it that Voltaire said?: "If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not supposed to criticize." Stay strong and continue to be the wonderful doctor that I'm sure you are. Charlotte.


Whoa....Welcome aboard. I wish you well and continued growth and learning.


Apart from the surgeon bit, I could have written the exact same thing about myself!


Same here!


Welcom brother, to the (seemingly small) Club of truly thinking people, glad you could join us.


I agree, your post was perfection, I had an argument with a lady ( i didnt argue, i just agreed, then went for the jugular, lol ) she stated that "things won't get better till woman and men are paid the same." I asked, who, and where are these woman who arn't paid the same as men. It's against the law, i said. Who is it? Taxi drivers, nurses? She actually brought up actors! I asked why she was so concerned with multimillionaires? Why? Seriously, really? O thinking ability!

Im worried though, this all sounds communist . That's what it feels like, communism. A deep dank world where some are better then others. Communal living, no private property, carreers are ruined because your the wrong colour or sex. it's so sad!

Thank you for your message. I agree in that socialism and communism are ideologies stooped in jealousy, contempt, and greed. These people pretend that their idealogy is based on moral virtue but it is not. That is why socialism ALWAYS is contempt for either the wealthy as seen in the Russian Revolution or the Occupy Wallstreet movement or in contempt for the majority ie white people. It seems to me like the current resurgence of postmodern socialism is based on jealousy and hatred of caucasians and calls for minority supremacy. It’s simple, they’re using racism, which lets be honest no one with any sense thinks is a good thing, as an excuse to basically destroy western culture and undermine the majority and but also the wealthy. It is a “moral” attack on Judeo-Christian values and wealth itself. These people aren’t moral virtuosos they’re ANGRY and vengeful and while they’re denouncing race they’re actually racists themselves moreso than the mystical ubiquitous racists that they’re denouncing and using as a tool to achieve their end: socialism. These people are jealous of the accomplishments of others, the education of others, the success of others, the wealth of others etc and on the back of denouncing racism they’re coming for your success and wealth and achievements.


Your thoughts are not without company! #WalkAway 😉


Same happens in Law

Which is simultaneously outrageous and frightening.


Great to have you!


Welcome... Your post is like a breathe of fresh air. I hope your message spreads. Hope to hear more of what you've got to say.


Welcome. You’ll probably end up finding this place your rock in the raging storm. At least I do, and I find myself checking in, whenever I need some reassurance that I haven’t completely descended down the rabbit hole.

The left is narcissism, personified. I can’t even say that “left” is appropriate terminology anymore, honestly. I’ve known plenty of left-leaning people in my life who weren’t toxic, lying, hate-fueled, psychopaths. These people are truly a species unto themselves. I’m convinced they’d eat their young, if it earned them 15 seconds on CNN or 100k “likes”.


And the blind man shall see...Welcome.

Ha I mean I really feel like a blind man experiencing a return of vision. And not just that, it’s as though I am seeing colors I never knew existed. It’s funny because others told me these other colors existed but I just wasn’t looking. I was saying I know they exists and I don’t like those colors, while keeping my hands over my eyes (to belabor a metaphor).



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