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Marine Corps becomes first military branch to grant religious exemption to vaccine requirement

19 vaccination mandate policy, thereby becoming the first and, thus far, only military branch to grant religious exemptions since the requirement took effect over the summer.

During its weekly COVID update, the Marine Corps said it had received 3,350 requests for religious exemptions and had processed 3,212 of them, adding that two of the requests had been granted. No additional information was offered about the details of the requests or why they were granted.

The exemptions are the first to be granted by the service in the last decade.


Garsco 8 Jan 15

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I knew the Corps would adhere to the Constitution. It just took the brass a little time to remember their oaths.

Still very little allowed but maybe a start?


The problem I have with this is the very idea of a gov't "granting rights" that the citizens already have and which are unalienable by the tenets set forth in the US Constitution. The gov't has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY OR RIGHT to deny those Constitutional Rights either by Executive Mandate or by the processes of legislative action.

Right On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its a start, back to the rights we had before this scare.

How about back to DEMANDING the Rights WE had before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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